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FC Dallas set to sign Colombian playmaker

2008 018 

FC Dallas' search for a playmaker has led them to South America, where partner club Atletico Paranaense appears to have provided the Red Stripes with another player.

According to 3rd Degree, FC Dallas is set to sign Colombian playmaker David Ferreira. No word yet on details of the deal, but 3rd Degree is speculating that Ferreira will join FC Dallas on loan.

It will be interesting to see what the arrival of Ferreira does to the standing of midfielder Dax McCarty, who is enjoying a stellar pre-season after hammering out some differences with head coach Schellas Hyndman, differences that nearly led to McCarty being traded.

The Ferreira acquisition comes a day after FC Dallas shipped defender Adrian Serioux to Toronto FC for allocation money. Dallas had been approached by Houston and San Jose about Serioux, but ultimately dealt the Canadian-born defender to TFC.

What do you think of Ferreira as FC Dallas' playmaker? Disappointed the club didn't sign Walter Gaitan? Think Dax McCarty will stick around?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. I can speak with some authority about this. As a fan of Atletico Paranaense, I have been watching Ferreira play for years, including in person in Curitiba. This is a very, very good pickup for Dallas and it could be a great one. He is quick, a solid playmaker, works hard,and has excellent control of the ball. He also has tons of experience against top South American talent in the Brazilian league, World Cup qualifying, Copa America, and in the Copa Libertadoes. This is a real step up in class for Dallas and the MLS over their usual talent, and fans of the league should be looking for more players like him. Well done Dallas.

  2. Very interesting, I’d like to see how they play and how Ferreira brings all the pieces together in Dallas. Looks like they got the kind of guy they were looking for.

    I think McCarty will do what he does best — play as a 2-way box-to-box midfielder, not as an attacking mid. I think Dallas would look good with Ferreira supported by Dax and a d-mid, but I know they want to play the 4-4-2 diamond.

    TFC also dealt Dallas it’s 2010 first round pick for Serioux, in addition to allocation money. Great deal for Dallas, could even be good for both parties. Apparently TFC dealt it’s 2nd round 2010 pick to Dallas for Ibrahim last year, so now TFC doesn’t have a 1st or 2nd round pick in 2010?? A new frontier for Trader Mo.

  3. I’m with Joamiq. The players should be intelligent enough to half-way know that they aren’t wingers.

    Thank you Ives for harping on your petpieve. It annoys the heck out of me, too.

    Funny, as I’ve never played one of those video games I had no idea where it came from.

  4. SonicDeathMonkey
    nah, Seriouxs not going anywhere, he was traded before because he was out for 6 months with a broken leg AND we got Ronnie O out of the deal. Serioux is back for good.

  5. “Attacking central midfielder” is used primarily in discussing a 4-4-2 arrangement with two mids in the center. [There is no need for the terms “RAM” or “LAM” because there are only one of each – no need to specify.]

    As a coach, I use the term “defensive center mid” so the team is clear about that role: organizing defense and initiating the attack going forward. The “attacking center mid” is focused on offensive creative play making going at goal. Both are key play makers.

    Semantics, I suppose, but it helps developing players understand positioning.

    [Did I really get that term from video games??? That’s sad.]

  6. “Bringing in a Copa America winner will help the overall quality of the league.”

    Really? How well did bringing a World Cup winner (Denilson) help raise the overall quality of the league? Remember, even Jovan Kirovski has a Champions League Winners medal. It doesn’t mean squat.

  7. If FC Dallas has signed Gaitan I would have —- a brick. The guy is a great player and with DVB,Richetti,Cooper,Cunningham,Sala,and Shea would have made Dallas lethal.

  8. Adam, most players should also defend but you don’t call all 10 field players defenders, do you?

    Playmaker is an accepted term for an attacking midfielder. My problem with the phrase “central attacking midfielder” is that the term attacking midfielder is enough without central in front of it. It’s just a pet peeve of mine. I’m also a firm believer that the CAM term was derived from soccer video games and has now become a popular term among some fans (I have yet to hear a player or coach use it in my life. Still waiting).

    I’ll say it one more time. If there is no RAM (right attacking midfielder) or LAM (left attacking midfielder) then why is there a CAM? I can’t think of too many soccer people who wouldn’t know what position you meant if you said attacking midfielder, or playmaker for that matter.

  9. A question for Ives about terminology (this might be better suited for a Q&A, but it’s fresh in my mind now). You’ve gone on record and said that you don’t like the term “Central Attacking Midfielder” but isn’t this at least more descriptive than playmaker? Shouldn’t most midfielders and players on the field in general “make plays”?

  10. Looks great, and Dax will still get some PT as sub and spot starter when Ferreira is with Columbian NT. Or maybe they could do like Ray Burse and loan he or Avila to a USL team for extra PT.

  11. Good move for the league, assuming he has something left. Bringing in a Copa America winner will help the overall quality of the league

  12. This acquisition should help. As for Dax, has the qualities and determination that lets him be a effective player. I would hate to see him go. The more quality the better. GO HOOPS

  13. Ferreira does seem to be more of an orchestrator that Hyndman wanted, whereas Gaitan was more of a goal scoring attacking midfielder.

    Does the signing of Ferreira completely rule out signing Gaitan? Man, if Dallas got both, that’d be a ton of attacking talent and experience added to an MLS team.


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