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Goal of the weekend: Fabio Quagliarella

While Fernando Torres' header goal to help give Liverpool its 2-0 win against Chelsea could be called the most important goal of the past weekend, my pick for the weekend's best goal takes us to Italy, where Udinese striker Fabio Quagliarella delivered some magic.

The Italian national team striker blasted a 25-yard side-volley past Napoli's goalkeeper during a quality 2-2 tie on Saturday. Let's face it, you don't normally see side volleys from this distance.


Feel free to share your thoughts on the goal, and offer your own candidate for goal of the weekend, in the comments section below.


  1. Quagliarella is from Naples, and that day was his birthday…

    Anyway, even Roma/Pizarro shot against Reggina was remarkable, if you consider the pool where they were swimming…

  2. The keeper didn’t move because he had no idea Quaresma was going to take that shot… No body decides to hit that. The ball was coming from behind him. Excellent vision and strike…

    The Johnson strike was a laser, but terrible defending again!

  3. i was gonna say the same thing guavaguy… its prob b/c of the track around the field like most italian stadiuims… (off the top of my head, same thing happens at Roma/lazio, Chievo, juve/torino, Udinese, and a bunch of serie b teams) but it def doesn’t happen at catania or atalanta! packed almost all the time!

    and there are a lot of ultras who use the upper deck (napoli, inter/milan, salernitana :p )

  4. Oog — The field-level deck at Napoli’s San Paolo Stadium isn’t used — everyone sits in the much larger second deck. I’ve no idea why. But I can assure you there are at least 40,000-50,000 people at that game.

  5. Nate, I agree that Johnson’s goal was at least as good as the side volley (which is also pretty sick). Anyone know where video of Johnson’s goal is? I saw it earlier (thought it was on YA), but can’t find it now. Definitely one everyone should see.


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