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Greetings from Columbus


Good afternoon folks. I am coming to you from a practically balmy downtown Columbus, two days from the big USA-Mexico World Cup qualifier. The U.S. national team will be holding practice later on this afternoon so you will have to wait for after 5pm for updates from U.S. training.

As is a quasi-tradition on SBI, I want to hear from you, SBI readers, for suggestions on things to do and places to go here in Columbus. Now I've been here more than a dozen times but it would still be good to hear some suggestions on places to eat and drink and sight-see, especially considering how many U.S. fans will be visiting Columbus this week.

Share your suggestions on places to go in Columbus. I will check back in throughout the afternoon with any other developments (as well as the winner of the SBI Banner contest).


  1. Columbus is my home town. I love Cbus.

    German Village is just south of downtown and Thurmans is definately the place to go. Its a little hole in the wall with Natty Light plastered to the ceiling and the biggest, sloppiest burgers you have ever seen.

    Short North is fun to…just depends on what you want to eat. Marcellos is good Italian, Japanese Steak house is great etc etc.

    Hope you enjoy it….Beat Mexico!!!

  2. If you are there before or after the match, check out the schedule for Shadowbox cabaret. The shows are very good with live acts and band. It is located in Easton Mall north of the city and the stadium. No soccer but definitely fun!

  3. from a columbus native living in london now, addicted to your every word about the US team…hit up tip-top lounge on gay street or park street tavern for a solid drinking hole. go ‘merica.

  4. Old folks soccer pratice Tuesday at the Sportsbarn.

    Bluejackets V avanache Tuesday (Redwings Friday)

    For all those who aren’t impressed with our options in Columbus… well now you know why the Mexico game is so important to us.

  5. Ives–

    Go to Jack & Benny’s for some delicious breakfast. It’s owned by a Peruvian who is banned from Crew Stadium.:D

    Tell ’em Freddy sent ya.

  6. Go to US Team practice and see if Ching or Wynne can string together more than 3 touches in a row.

    Posted by: faced | February 09, 2009 at 03:11 PM

    hahaha classic!

  7. Go to Ruby Tuesdays a REAL soccer bar and not a chain like Fado. It is maybe the coolest place ever if like getting some drinks in before a big game. Maybe hit up a Blue Jackets game as well

  8. As already posted, Thurmans and Schmidts are musts.

    Bodega in the Short North is my place for drinks when I go back to visit (1044 N High St). Great beers, greasy food, but maybe not the friendliest service.

    The friendliest bar in town is Gresso’s in German Village (961 S. High St.) – that’d be my second recommendation. The owner makes rounds at times and chats up with the patrons. Great beer and food as well.

    Stauf’s in Grandview is one of the best coffee houses I’ve been to. Definitely worth the small trek.

  9. Tuesday- AM Showers High of 57

    Wednesday- T-Storms/Wind high of 58(low of 36) I bet it’ll get down into the 30s by the end of the game.

  10. Good suggestion on the Warhol exhibit. It quite a few film exhibits so I’d give it a good 1.5 to 2 hours if you do make it over.

  11. Ives, If you’re staying downtown, El Arepazo is a great little Venezuelan place for lunch (47 N. Pearl St., btwn Gay and Broad St), and yes, Ale Moreno has eaten there. I’d also reccommend a new Whiskey bar, Barrel 44 on High St in the Short North, the food is as good as the Bourbon selection. The Tip Top is a great late night watering hole downtown, 73 E. Gay St. Ohio themed drinks & menu, & it’s where Blanco drowned his tears after the Conf. Championship game in Nov. According to Shawn Mitchell, you can order The Blanco there now. Jeni’s Ice Cream in the Short North is a can’t miss. The Wexner Center is still running it’s Warhol exhibit if you’re looking for that kind of culture. Plenty of things to do…

  12. All you Mafia Members heading to Columbus –

    As soon as you get to your hotels, open the window and turn on the AC. It looks like Mother Nature isn’t going to cooperate creating the ice box we had hoped for.

    58-36 degrees Rain / Thunder / Wind

    Gonna be a sloppy one!!!!

  13. You should do what every self respecting person that visits Columbus does. Drown yourself in a fifth of vodka and pray to the airline gods that you are able to get an early flight out.

  14. There’s an Abraham Lincoln’s 200th birthday celebration at the statehouse on Thursday, 10-3. Free cake.

    William Tecumsah Sherman boyhood home in Lancaster.

    Ohio Historical Society near the stadium.

  15. If you’re looking for a soccer bar, Claddagh in the Brewery District it is. If you’re looking for the best burger you’ll ever eat, hit up Thurmans in German Village (as featured on Man vs. Food).

  16. Short North Area is excellent.

    Go to Betty’s if you want comfort food and cheap beer (neat atmosphere.)

    Go to Hyde Park if you want a New York Style steakhouse with a great selection of wine.

    There’s everywhere in between along high street (Barley’s was a good selection from above.)

  17. Where is the US team practicing? I’m assuming they wouldn’t be open to the public? If they are at the Woody Hayes facility you could hit up Raising Canes for some chicken fingers. That place is hella good.

    Thurman’s is also good call.

  18. Ives,

    Do you know when Rolfe , Thorrington and Busch will return to the Chicago Fire for Preseason training?

    The team is heading to Chicago after their final preseason game against Toronto on Tuesday and I think they’re leaving for Mexico on the 15th. Do you think they will be with the team for that trip to Mexico?

  19. If your stomach is up to the challenge a Thurman burger is always good. If you have access to transportation, Salvi’s Bistro on the far west side has some interesting dishes, the Pasta Salvi is very nice.

    Sight seeing – Franklin Park Conservatory near east side. A replica of the Santa Maria is in the river near downtown, but no tours in Feb. North Market – 59 Spruce Street. COSI – 333 West Broad Street. Columbus Museum of Art – 480 East Broad Street.

    All of those are family safe.

  20. Claddagh Irish Pub
    585 S Front St # 100E
    Columbus, OH 43215
    (614) 224-1560

    Sam’s Army sponsored by Crew Supporters Union will be here Tuesday night and Wednesday before the game. There will be multiple shuttles to and from the stadium for Wednesday.
    Great Food and great service.


    Ruby Tuesdays (Bar not Restaurant)
    1978 Summit St
    Columbus Ohio

    American Outlaws sponsored by Hudson Street Hooligans will be there, among many other smaller groups.
    The home of the HSH during the Crew season it has the cheapest beer your going to find with $1.00 PBR (HSH member deal that we are giving to all USA Supporters for Tues/Weds only). Ruby’s has about 12 beers on tap and great prices on all drinks. We will have pizza being delivered throughout the day on Wednesday and a free band playing Tuesday night. merchandise along with other Supporters Merch will be at both locations.

    If your a Supporter I’d really try to make an appearance at one of these locations

  21. When I went to the Grenada WCQ we stumbled upon this Italian restaurant that I think was near the hockey Arena? All I know is you walked down into the place from street level and it had red/white vertical wallpaper and oh yeah the food was the bomb.

  22. The Short North is my favorite area of Columbus, it is High Street between Goodale St. all the way North to King (Just north of downtown to just south of OSU). To me it is a bit more “real” than the Arena District, which just sprouted up over the past decade. Mac’s (English bar – no soccer on tv though), Short North Tavern (Dive), Bodega (restaurant/bar), Surly Girl Saloon (rest./bar) and North Star (casual restarant) are all worth checking out.

    If you are there during the day check out The North Market in the Arena District for lunch.

    Campus area can be fun as well – $2 Guiness Pints (all drafts) at The Little Bar (High St just north of Lane) from 4 to 7pm…..

  23. Flight leaves from McCarran tomorrow at midnight and I’ll be in Ohio by 10 on Wednesday cant wait. Probably wont have alot of time to site see but with all due respect to all the Ohioites, it’s not like the game is in San Diego.

  24. O’Shaughnessy’s Pub on North Front Street in the Arena District. Great Fish and Chips and they pour a nice pint. It was the base for the US Supporters before the Mexico match in ’05.

  25. I recommend Schmidt’s as well. Also, Thurman’s serves a great burger and Easy Street (gyros) is pretty good as well. All three are in German Village just south of downtown.

  26. Hit up Barley’s on High Street. Good Beer and amazing cajun chicken linguini. On the West side of High Street, just north of downtown.

  27. Hey everyone, I will be going to Columbus on Wednesday and staying the night. My buddies and I are looking for stuff to do that night after the game if anyone has any ideas.


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