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Great games galore on international matchday

Robinho (AP) 


United States vs. Mexico.

The World Cup qualifier between the two countries is all American fans can think about, but while the battle of the CONCACAF heavyweights is sure to be the most important game of this 41-match FIFA international fixture, there are still other high-profile games on the slate.

Today's main event pits Brazil and Italy in a re-match of the 1994 World Cup Final. Dunga will be without the services of Kaka, who suffered an injury in AC Milan's 1-1 draw against Reggina this past weekend. But Dunga will have the likes of Ronaldinho, Robinho and Alexandre Pato to choose from to lead the Selecao's attack against the Azzurri's stingy defense.

This won't be the last time these two teams play each other in 2009 either. The two teams, which combine for nine World Cup titles, will play again in the Confederations Cup on June 21. This game might just serve as a taste of what is to come this summer, when there will be more than just bragging rights on the line.

If you won't be in Columbus on Wednesday there will be a pair of high-profile friendlies on display to help you kill time before the U.S.-Mexico match. Spain plays host to David Beckham and England while Diego Maradona's Argentina (yes, it still sounds awkward) gets its first big test of 2009 against France.

Here is the full list of games for today and tomorrow as well as which games can be seen on TV:


  • Brazil vs. Italy (FSC and FSE, 2:30 pm)
  • World Cup Qualifier: Korea DPR vs. Saudi Arabia
  • Cyprus vs. Serbia
  • Angola vs. Mali
  • Slovakia vs. Ukraine


  • World Cup Qualifier: United States vs. Mexico (ESPN2 and Univision, 7:00 pm)
  • World Cup Qualifier: Iran vs. South Korea (FSC, 11:00 am)
  • Germany vs. Norway (GolTV, 2:30 pm)
  • France vs. Argentina (ESPN2 and ESPN Deportes, 2:55 pm)
  • World Cup Qualifier: Japan vs. Australia (FSC, 5:00 am)
  • Spain vs. England
  • Egypt vs. Ghana
  • Nigeria vs. Jamaica
  • World Cup Qualifier: Costa Rica vs. Honduras
  • World Cup Qualifier: El Salvador vs. Trinidad and Tobago
  • World Cup Qualifier: Malta vs. Albania
  • World Cup Qualifier: San Marino vs. Northern Ireland
  • World Cup Qualifier: Ireland vs. Georgia
  • World Cup Qualifier: Uzbekistan vs. Bahrain
  • Colombia vs. Haiti
  • Morocco vs. Czech Republic
  • Latvia vs. Armenia
  • Greece vs. Denmark
  • Macedonia vs. Moldova
  • Austria vs. Sweden
  • South Africa vs. Chile
  • Libya vs. Uruguay
  • Switzerland vs. Bulgaria
  • Tunisia vs. Netherlands
  • Iceland vs. Liechtenstein
  • Belgium vs. Slovenia
  • Estonia vs. Kazakhstan
  • Israel vs. Hungary
  • Andorra vs. Lithuania
  • Portugal vs. Finland
  • Wales vs. Poland
  • Cameroon vs. Guinea
  • Venezuela vs. Guatemala
  • Turkey vs. Ivory Coast
  • Peru vs. Paraguay
  • Romania vs. Croatia

Which matches are you looking most forward to? Will you be looking to find a stream for any of these games? Any specific player matchups that pique your interest?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. The must-watch match here is definitely Japan-Australia. Yokohama International Stadium is sold out for it and this one will decide who the real giant in Asia is. I’m so getting up at 5 AM for this one.

  2. haha, Toni had a goal taken away because he tried to play a catch of the ball off as a chest trap.

    he wrapped like the entire ball up with his arm, it was classic desperation.

  3. ESPN 2 airing a friendly Soccer game and it’s not the US Nats? That’s a first. More people are now watching the beautiful game. Very nice.

  4. K1p you can stream by using ur laptop or a computer at work but getting or Justin I don’t know if u can uses internet on ur cell phone but those are the website u can used.

  5. WOW I can’t wait until Tomorrow, I don’t care if I get in trouble at work but I be glue to my computer set justin tv. start watching all my games, starting with Spain vs. England wow, then Brazil vs. Italia, Argentina vs. France messi will kill those frenchis. then jumb and drive home to watch USA vs. Poor Mexico. Honduras vs. Costa Rica. And EL SALVADOR vs Warners team Trinidad & a day of action and excitment.

  6. obviously us vs. mexico is the most important, but there are definately some good matches with some evenly matched sides that im interested in, like…

    romania vs. croatia… modric vs. chivu

    turkey vs. ivory coast

    egypt vs. ghana

    spain vs. england

    france vs. argentina… the battle of horrible managers

  7. Croatia-Romania for the return of Eduardo! Fingers crossed that every Arsenal fan’s favorite Cro-zilian doesn’t suffer a setback…

  8. I’ll be at the USA/Mexico game but Croatia/Romania will be a good game both teams ranked in the top 20. I am also a vatreni fan so. . .

  9. Any of the WCQualifier games. Especially the Euro ones.. gives me something to pay attention to when I come across a lil downtime at work.

    As for Asia, I was really hoping Uzbekistan would do something this round… last round they tore up their group. Not so much this time around.

  10. I am taking tomorrow off from work for the sole purpose of cathcing some soccer. Between Germany-Norway, France-Argentina and USA-Mexico it will make for a good day. Didn’t know the Brazil-Italy game was today, I thought it was tomorrow. I may try to sneak out early to go catch that one too.

  11. Note to self: Stop taking classes scheduled for Tues/Wed afternoon thus missing matches such as Brazil/Italy, Champions League dates and League Cups.

  12. The Costa Rica-Honduras game should be a very good one as well,setting the stage for an eventual ‘3rd’ Concacaf team to emerge, too bad its not being televised.

    I’m a little suprised England v Spain isn’t on a standard broadcast. The number one team in the world vs Beckham should draw good ratings.

  13. Brazil-Italy of course 😀 but where can i find it online? Spain-England tomorrow, Sweden-Austria and of course USA-Mexico. I’d love to see Egypt-Ghana. The 2 powerhouses of Africa.

  14. Japan/Australia will re-air multiple times this week on FSC. Should be a good match. I’ll tune into the France/Argentina to see how Maradona’s squad looks. US/Mexico is a given.

  15. For those with money to spend, the England-Spain match will be on Setanta PPV (via inDemand) for $20.

    I’m glad you posted this Gianfranco- I’ll have to call home and kindly request my woman set the dvr for Italy-Brazil today….

  16. I could care less about the meaningless friendlies, but will be TIVOing the two big Asian WCQs, especially looking forward to the Aussie-Japan matchup.

    Of course none of these live up to the big one…Uzbekistan vs. Bahrain…

  17. I’ve got Brazil-Itlay set to record to the dvr, and will be home from work by France-Argentina, and of course have made US-Mexico appointment viewing.

  18. I’ll probably check out Brazil-Italy, France-Argentina, and US-Mexico (of course). I wouldn’t mind seeing Japan-Australia if they show a replay on FSC…won’t be getting up at 5AM for that one.


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