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Keane returns to Tottenham, Chelsea lands Quaresma

Robbie Keane ( 

In a transfer window that already saw former Tottenham players Jermain DeFoe and Pascal Chimbonda make their returns to White Hart Lane, now comes the best comeback of all.

Robbie Keane has completed his return to the Spurs after a disappointing half season with Liverpool.

In other major transfer news, Chelsea has secured the services of Portuguese winger Ricardo Quaresma, who arrives on loan from Inter Milan.

These deals, along with the looming Arshavin-to-Arsenal transfer, were the headliners on a busy transfer deadline day in England.

Which of these deals surprised you the most? Which of today's transfers impressed you the most?

Share your thoughts on all the European transfer activities in the comments section below.


  1. Disappointed Newcastle failed to bring in more than Nolan, Taylor and Lovenkrands. For a club that badly needed to improve their depth it’s shocking that they would make a profit of 7m, nevermind the 12m they got for Milner at the close of the summer window.

  2. I am upset that Rafa didn’t give Keane a proper chance. I mean really did he think Keane would score like Torres? Feel like its been a waste of time and money for the club.

    I wonder how Keane will play against Liverpool on the last home match? Should be interesting.

  3. Tottenham now have Defoe/Keane as the prefered strike duo and Pavlyuchenko who seems to be struggling and Bent who more or less hits goals in streaks. And Frazier Campbell. If they could get them all on the pitch, they would win games.

  4. Good bit of business for Spurs, made over 5 million pounds for loaning the notoriously slow starting Keano off for the start of the season. Watch him now score at least a dozen goals for Spurs the rest of the way. For a while there, Spurs had sold Berba, Defoe, and Keane, and had signed only Pavs to replace them. Now with Defoe and Keane back, things are looking much better. The only problem is that Keane, Defoe, and Bent don’t work particularly well with each other, so Pavlyuchenko’s health the rest of the way will be very important, as he’s shown he can link well with Defoe and Bent.

  5. Keane has an average of 13 goals a season. That is pretty good for Tottenham who usually played UEFA Cup football but for Liverpool they desire a Torres type who can pop in 20 or more for the PL.

    But Keane is still great. Though his time at Liverpool taints his image.

  6. Dossena and Degen and Keane were big flops for Liverpool this season.

    Alonso, Gerrard, Reina, Riera and Kuyt were the saviors.

    If Torres can get back to supreme goal-scoring then Liverpool can go all the way.

    I can see him scoring 15-16 goals this season if he continues in his form.

  7. Liverpool have Torres as their primary striker. Much injured this season but 7goals in 13 matches.

    And they have Kuyt and Babel who play as wingers but could play as strikers especially Babel. N’gog is still at best a sub.

    Why did we get rid of Peter Crouch?

  8. Voronin was a pretty good striker and partnered well with Torres but got injuries right when Torres got in hot form and with rotation only had a bit of time to even show his skill. Shame though. But he’s much better in the Bundesliga.

    5goals and 3 assists in 19 league games ain’t bad. He was mainly supporting Torres or Crouch.

  9. Gooch is supposed to be heading to either Marseille or PSG this summer. So for sure he will be starting for a team playing either in the Champion’s League or UEFA Cup.

    But it’s good that he decided to stay with Standard Liege. They are close to winning the league again and might make it to the quarterfinals of the UEFA Cup. That will make his transfer much much higher.

  10. Rafa didn’t make the mistake, Rick Parry was apparently behind the signing of Keane (thus enraging Rafa who had wanted Gareth Barry instead and had been denied by Parry unless Alonso was sold). This explains Rafa’s freezing out of Keane despite the fact that he was having more success as of late (3 goals in his last 3 PL starts). Though all in all Keane was not an effective fit for Liverpool’s system and was never going to supplant Torres.

    The selling of Keane wouldn’t have bothered me, if they had made a move for at least a serviceable back-up for Torres, who as we all know has had a recurring hamstring problem. Saviola seemed to be a perfect fit for a short term loan.

    We will not win anything if we have to rely on David N’gog and Dirk Kuyt as our primary strikers (in the terrible event of another Torres injury). One positive could see Babel get more opportunities in his position of choice at striker.

    And where did you get 12 million Scott, everywhere else has 15 million…

  11. Keane had 5 goals in 17 appearances. Not too bad considering Kuyt/Crouch had similar figures but just like those he went several games before having a goal and missed several easy opportunities. Doesn’t help that his partnership with Torres didn’t gel. Liverpool is best with Torres as their only striker up top.

  12. I don’t know why Liverpool didn’t give Voronin a longer chance to build chemistry with Torres, anyone know if he’s still on loan or did he complete transfer to the Bundesliga?

  13. Wow… this is pretty shocking.

    I guess Rafa isn’t afraid to admit when he has made a big mistake. Kudos to him.

    I never really got the feeling that Keane was up there in terms of quality. Maybe if Liverpool wasn’t chasing a title this year, and were back in 3rd, 4th and 11 points back like Arsenal they would have kept him, but with the pressure on them right now, they can’t afford poor showings.

  14. Since I’m not 100% school’d in the art of Transfer Windows, and can really only use my Fifa video game knowledge… I thought you couldn’t be transferred twice in 1 season?? (i.e. Keane)

  15. Ives, any luck finding out the figures on how much the Spurs have spent since summer by buying Mordic and Pav, while paying so much back for Defoe and Keane. I feel terrible for Bent and Pavlyuchenko seemed like they were starting to hit form. And what about Fraizer Cambell? I bet he wants to end his loan move now…


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