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Khano Smith to Red Bulls — OFFICIAL


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Khano Smith has been dealt from the Seattle Sounders to the New York Red Bulls in exchange for allocation funds, the club announced on Thursday. It was a trade SBI first told you about on Tuesday. New York fills a void on the left side of midfield after trading Dave van den Bergh to FC Dallas last month.

"One of our priorities before the start of the season was to add depth and athleticism to the left side of our midfield and we feel that we have accomplished this goal by acquiring Khano," Red Bulls sporting director Jeff Agoos said in a statement. "We think that Khano's pace, atheticism and experience will immediately help our club as we enter the new MLS season."

Smith spent four seasons with the New England Revolution, where he scored eight goals and had 11 assists in 85 games. His best season came in 2007, when he set career highs in games payed (29) and started (26), as well as assists (six) and shots (36). The Bermuda National Team winger helped the Revs reach the MLS Cup for the third straight seaosn and win the Lamar Hunt U.S. Open Cup in 2007.

Seattle was in need of allocation funds after giving $100,000 to Toronto FC in exchange for veteran defender Tyrone Marshall in a trade on Tuesday.

What do you think of the deal? Is the combination of drafting Jeremy Hall and trading for Smith an upgrade over van den Bergh? Share your thoughts below.


  1. Another NE fan chiming in: Khano did improve over the course of his time with the Revs. He isn’t a total embarrassment on defense anymore. He has also gotten a little less predictable on the attack.

    He is going to do some things that make you shake your head. Get used to it.

    A million years ago, I had Cosmos season tickets. They had a Brazilian player, Marinho, who liked to shoot from long range – his shots typically sailed 10+ feet over the crossbar. We called him Mezzaninho. Khano is your Mezzaninho!

  2. “One of our priorities before the start of the season was to add depth and athleticism to the left side of our midfield and we feel that we have accomplished this goal by acquiring Khano,” – Agoos

    Where do any of you sheep see the word ‘upgrade’ in the above quote?

    Khano is here to play a role. Not to put on a Dave VanDenberg suit.

    Read the articles. Think for yourselves. Do not be sheep.

  3. I’m a NE fan, so I will laugh at NY for this.

    Actually, he’s not bad in the last ten mins- he would make a good sub, because he’s fast when the three guys he always tries to dribble past are tired. But he’s never scored a goal before the 70th minute or something like that (when he does score, its the game-winner). Besides, he’s suspended for the first couple games for that dirty tackle on Gomez, isn’t he? Not exactly the cleanest player.

    If he’s a starter, you too may soon learn my “Khaan-no!” groan of exhasperation.

  4. I’m glad to hear someone else (shawn smith) sound a note of alarm at seeing Conway listed as starting keeper. He has good point-blank reactions, and he needs them because everything else about his performance is sub-par–his positioning is poor, his judgment on crosses is also poor, and his distribution is Neanderthal. Give me Cepero

  5. he was always one of my least favorite players in the MLS. i think i saw him have one good game (out of 5 or 6) against dane richards. all the other times he looked like a whiny little man.

  6. khano smith is a dirty s.o.b.Hes always attempting to hurt other players when things dont go his way.ive seen him do this on several occasions.i hope he injures himself next time he attempts this and ends his career!theres no place for guys like this in any professional sports league!!

  7. yeah this is an upgrade like me going from my bmw 330 to a ford explorer was an upgrade.. a european born in bred player where teach people how to play soccer and the strategy tactics and soccer iq is a great observation. the vdb is a solid player, it just sucks he already been cap tied to holand because hell never play again for them while with his wife being american could be a great asset. khano can cross ill give him that, can cross his heart and hope to die… that doenst even make any snese why did i say that.

  8. ummm Agoos is better than any guy that NYRB have on the roster right now other than Angel otherwise as a seattle fan I’m glad that we now are giving up our worst player and getting money for it, so for us it’s a win-win.

  9. Thanks for the downgrade from DVB, Agoos.

    Of course, if Agoos is comparing Khano to his own playing days, it’s easy to see why he’s impressed.

  10. Khano Smith is a joke. That players like this even exist, nevermind start, in MLS, makes one wonder if the people at the helms of these teams have any idea of what makes a good soccer player.

    Khano Smith is an embarrassment; and now, he is our NY embarrassment.

  11. @CM If Conway is still with the club when his suspension ends, I pray that JCO has seen the difference that a good, young goalkeeper who can distribute the ball quickly and intelligently made on the team. Conway was struggling before the suspension and I have no reason to believe he deserves a shot in NY anymore.

  12. RED BULLS will not get even close to the final next year…Khano will help with that. Aside from the fact that he is a horrible player, he also is sulking baby…He is not a team player, and he brings a low level of energy. I don’t know why he doesn’t play up top, cause the only thing in his mind is “get the ball, go to goal.” He can’t pass or cross to save his life.

  13. He’s not coming to NY to start.
    At least I hope. He’s an awesome sub, sometimes. Like when we’re winning two-nil and he comes on to hack and kick attempted crosses into the upper tier at giants stadium, killing time and morale.

    Hope the allocation was no more than $30,000.
    As I typed that, it still seemed too steep.

  14. Like I said earlier, he seems like a good guy, hard working, fast, well liked by his teammates in NE, and every once in a while, scores brilliant goals. BUT, boy o boy, he can be inconsistent and prone to make really bad tactical blunders. Maybe a new situation and team will be good for him and for RBNY. I wish him well.

  15. You guys are so wrong…This is genius….Lebron’s favorite soccer player is Khano Smith, everyone knows that. This is just a case of some Big Apple love for the summer of 2010 NBA free agent summer. Look for the Knicks to add at least one more tall European guy in the next year in the hopes of drawing Henry from Barca. Its all part of the plan…

  16. I’m hoping that we didn’t give too much allocation money for him. But at $46k, I have no problems having him on the team and competing with Hall, Roth, Borman, etc. for the starting LM spot. Just hope he practices his crosses…now just bring Parke back.






    RBNY. Fast.

  17. No they are not adequate replacements for VDB, but this team is being built on sheer speed this off season. It will be interesting to see how it plays out on the pitch?

  18. Smith was by no means an automatic starter at any point in his Rev career, and played a lot of games (ineffectually) up top.

    He’s fast, but horribly inconsistent. He’s an upgrade over nothing. I don’t think there are many fans in the league – including NE ones – that rate him. He’s a hack and really not MLS-calibre talent. not in my opinion.

    Some of the trades in MLS blow my mind. I hope the allocation money was well under $50k as he’ not worh anything. Seattle were known to want to move him all along, I’m surprised they got anything for him. NY should just have waited until his inevitable waiving.

  19. Smith can play…are we forgetting he started on a very good New England team. True VDB was better but he was much more expensive also. NY still has alot of money to play with, I’m just wondering when it’ll be used.

  20. Khano’s an upgrade for you?!? Le Toux, Nyassi, and Zakuani were all ahead of this guy for us. I’ll take the two movie passes 🙂

  21. I don’t really care what RB fans or anyone else for that matter think of the trade. The fact is that we need depth since this is going to be the most busiest year for New York. Any depth right now is great. And people forget that you don’t always need great talents just players that can overachieve here and there.

    This team seriously does need an attacking midfielder to be able to control the game, and make good use of the speedy players we are getting.

  22. Right. I’m sure guys like khano smith will terrify defenses so much that they’ll just forget to mark JPA.

    RBNY seriously need to find somebody who can feed JPA the ball with DVDB.

  23. Ha – agree with Amit.

    Van Den Bergh’s greatest assets were his crossing, his soccer IQ, and his willingness and tenacity to defend.

    I know Khano doesn’t bring that – he brings speed and irregularity (sometimes great, sometimes terrible). And I know nothing about Hall (like all of us).

    So unless Khano or Hall turn out to be revelations, so far we’ve increased our athleticism but ultimately downgraded on the left side.


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