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Orozco’s red card saves San Luis

Michael Orozco (AP)


The image of Michael Orozco walking off the field after being red carded in the U.S. Olympic team's decisive loss to eventual silver-medalists Nigeria last summer is one American soccer fans won't soon forget. Now San Luis fans have their own Orozco red card to remember, only the feelings about this one are much, much different.

Trailing Cruz Azul, 2-1, Orozco's club, San Luis, looked desperately for an equalizing goal. In the waning moments of the match, San Luis pushed most of its players forward and it appeared to backfire in the 91st minute as Luis Angel Landin looked to put the game away as he made a run on goal.

Orozco, the last defender, sacrificed himself and fouled Landin to stop him from breaking free. The U.S. national team defender was immediately shown a red card, but his foul had given San Luis slim hopes of finding the late equalizer.

Those slim hopes turned into reality as San Luis went on to draw level two minutes later with a spectacular goal from Victor Lojero. Lojero's goal helped San Luis salvage a precious point in the standings, something that never would have happened had Orozco not made the game-saving foul.

What do you think of Orozco's red card? Smart move? Still not forgiving him for the red card in the Olympics? Wondering when Orozco will get his chance with the U.S. national team?

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  1. Michael Orozco is a proud soccer player his life if based on a soccer ball. Just like life itself you make mistakes and learn from them. This kid has potential and willing sacrify whatever to win a game.

  2. Of course I forgive him! He is a USMNT player! He makes mistakes like the rest of us. The results at the Olympics were not his fault. As someone earlier pointed at, we had card trouble from quite a few players and some stupid lapses in concentration (ex. Sasha jumping out of the wall) that sealed our fate.

  3. Everybody needs to get over his Olympic red card. Are you really losing sleep over it? If you are you should seek immediate counseling. As for this red card, it was a smart play; you have to try and keep your team in the game.

  4. goalscorer24 – Just in case you are checking posts here after your 3:36 PM comments – Wanted to make you aware of the fact that Pele was fouled unmercifully during his international (and probably club) career.

    That is why he is considered one of the greatest (if not THE greatest) player of all time.

    In one WC match he was fouled (when the referee actually blew the whistle) over 15 times.

    He was an AMAZING player…

  5. So, Ives, is your argument really that there is cause and effect? Take a red card and get a goal 2 min later? Is that the real issue? Orozco’s red card saved the team?? Get real. San Luis would have won the game by scoring 2 goals if Orozco hadn’t been ejected.


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