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MLS Pre-season: Montero leads Sounders past Estudiantes


Colombian stiker Fredy Montero continued his torrid pre-season campaign by scoring two goals to help lead the Seattle Sounders to a 3-1 victory in a 70-minute pre-season match against Argentine club Estudiantes on Friday. The match was Seattle's first of its stint in Argentina.

Montero came on as a halftime sub and promply helped spark the Sounders attack into action. Estudiantes opened the scoring in the 20th minute, but Seattle responded with three second-half goals, the first coming from Nate Jaqua.

It's all good news coming out of Seattle lately, especially following word that the Sounders have already sold more than 20,000 season tickets for the 2009 season. That figure is easily more than any other team in MLS has, and is also more than the Seattle Mariners have heading into its season (The M's are projecting to sell 14,000).

What do you think of Seattle's pre-season victory? Is Montero starting to look like he could have a Juan Pablo Angel-like impact on the Sounders? Are you amazed at the 20,000 season-ticket mark?

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  1. Seattle Sounders look good. One problem might be that their three big name players may go bust, Ljunberg, Vagenas, and Keller. Keller may be the only one who contributes. It will be remarkable if Sounders can throw away a DP and first round selection and still make the play-offs.

  2. The hype of a new team will wear off when your team start losing. Let’s see how many season tickets you sell next year after a losing season. Then we’ll just how “classy” the fans are. It is an expansion team is all. I wouldn’t have really high hopes.

  3. just a question to throw out into the wind:

    for those of you who have been following MLS for at least the past 5 years, how different does SSFC really seem compared to every other team?

  4. NoName has been pissing against the wind. Who’s your team?… geez buddy don ‘t be bitter just get better. Look out everyone it’s the fun assassin. Prat.

  5. Great news for MLS. I wish the Revs, NY and DC will wake up. Oh, that’s right, they’ll have to when Philly comes into the league next year with a stadium and blows away most of the lame fans in those three markets. I know everyone’s excited for Red Bull Arena but a stadium doesn’t build a fanbase. Something the Bulls still don’t have with the exception of 101. I hope this year (at least the home opener) draws around 20,000. But it’ll more likely be a lame 14,000. That’s what happens when a sugar drink company tries to run a sports team. I’m still convinced their marketing is the worst in all major and minor league American professional sports.

  6. Qwest was designed with soccer in mind. There are no bad sight lines and the fans are right next to the pitch just like the larger european stadiums. Not to mention the stadium was designed to naturally amplify sound. should be a pretty exciting venue. Lets hope they open the whole thing up for game one. 60,000 easy. the place is going to be crazy. 10 of us have our tix, 15 rows up.

  7. seattle will finish in last or near last place.
    they have a couple aging stars, a couple young prospects, and then a vast middle made up of rejects, benchwarmers, and nobodies.
    they barely have a starting 11 right now that you’d be comfortable with.
    i think it’s gonna take months to figure out who works and who doesn’t.
    god forbid if any of the good players get injured… the dropoff in talent after the 6th or 7th player on Seattle is massive.


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