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Red Bulls Practice Report

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The Red Bulls held training on Tuesday, their first of two training sessions in New Jersey before departing for extended training camp in Argentina, and there was one glaring absence. Red Bulls head coach Juan Carlos Osorio wasn't there.

Osorio is in Central America on a scouting mission, with defenders at the top of his wish list. The club would not reveal where Osorio was, but the chances are good he is in Honduras or Costa Rica.

Here are some other notes from Red Bulls training on Wednesday:

Another player missing from training was David Roth, who sources tell SBI has been waived. A fourth-round pick in 2008, Roth saw his rookie season marred by a major knee injury.

Rookie goalkeeper Alec Dufty was the lone trialist from the team's January tryout to make it to this portion of camp. The other trialists, including Eric Brunner and Scott Palguta, are gone.

Khano Smith took part in his first training session with the Red Bulls since being acquired from Seattle in a trade for allocation money. The long-time New England winger is definitely the biggest field player the Red Bulls have now, at least until rookie Babajide Ogunbiyi shows up (if he ever shows up).

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  1. j1m and josh made me laugh. haha im so glad khano left the revs now he’s your problem red bull fans. enjoy watching him do everything josh mentioned in his post

  2. Ives, I know that Dufty hasn’t made the team by any means, but I’m just saying that with so many keepers on the roster already RBNY would be better off keeping players that could develop and potentially fill a need at other positions

    j1m – I agree w/ what everyone has said so far. That exchange was JCO and Agoos was priceless.

  3. If I were a RBNY supporter I would love where the team is going. Locking up your best player long term, moving into a beautiful stadium soon, making key acquisitions (with more right on the horizon). You guys are going to be good this year.

  4. I think RB should bring some Costarican to the team for example Alonso Solis(injured)Ther Goal keeper who would beat out evryone here Keylor Navas or even Walter Centeno the last Costarican player in NY was Pablo Brenes and before him was Roy Myers

  5. Sorry Red Bulls, but Khano Smith, as some of you may all ready know, is the dirtiest player in MLS.

    Don’t expect to see him on the field very often, as he will be serving time on the bench for:
    a) pushing opposing players into the boards
    b) maliciously tackling opposing players from behind
    c) yelling and cursing at the fans and officials
    d) all of the above. (Answer)

    I think he is a good player, but for a professional athlete, he is the immature person I’ve ever seen personally. I can’t wait until he comes to RFK so we can hassle him and light his short fuse.

  6. J1m,

    That had me rolling. Unfortunately I can see that actually happening. My RB have been so inept at times a situation like that would not surprise me.


  7. the visions of smith and angel connecting on goals this season is getting me very optimistic. hopefully osario can unearth another Maynor Figueroa (but someone who won’t turn down MLS)

  8. It’s obvious, isn’t it. I mean the conversation between Agoos and Osorio.

    Hey, Jeff, I’m at the airport, but cell service isn’t that good. You hear me?

    Juan, is that you Juan?

    Jeff, we need to discuss the trialists, Roth and Duffy! You hear me?

    Hellow Juan, you’re breaking up. All I heard was Roth and Duffy. Which one do you want to bring to South America, and which goes home?

    Jeff, you there? Listen, ROTH has a strong LEFT foot, so bring him OUT with you to ARGENTINA. Ok? you got that? Are you there?

    Listen Juan, all I heard was “Roth Left out of Argentina”. Are you sure?

    Jeff, I can’t hear you. YES, bring ROTH OUT to Argentina.

    Hey Juan, you’re still breaking up, but I think I heard what you said. Roth is out. OK, what about DUFFY?

    Duffy? HE’S A KEEPER. we don’t need any more keepers. You hear me Jeff?

    Ok, Duffy’s a keeper. Very good, Juan. I’ll let them know. See you in Argentina.

    Hello? Jeff, are you there? Yes, Bring Roth out to Argentina and get rid of the extra keeper. Jeff? Can you hear me?

  9. Folks, Dufty hasn’t made the team yet. He’s just still with the club. The team is likely to still add a few more players so there are still moves to be made.

  10. Great, let’s waive a left wing midfielder (Roth) and add another keeper because it’s not like we don’t have Cepero, Conway, Boss, and Sewell-Patterson already. I’m sure every team is looking at 5th keeper options. I hope that I’m missing something here and that the Red Bulls aren’t as dumb as they seem.


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