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Red Bulls sign Angel to extension

Juan Pablo Angel (ISI PHotos) 

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The best striker in New York Red Bulls/MetroStars history is going to be around a while longer.

The Red Bulls announced on Monday the completion of an extension with the Colombian striker, whose contract was set to expire after the 2009 season. Terms of the new contract were not revealed but sources tell SBI that Angel's new deal will keep him with the club at least through the 2011 season.

Angel has established himself as the most successful of Major League Soccer's Designated Player signings, compiling 33 goals and eight assists in 47 games since joining the Red Bulls from English club Aston Villa before the 2007 season. The 33-year-old striker was a key force in the Red Bulls push to the 2008 MLS playoffs and improbable run to the 2008 MLS Cup final, where the club lost to Columbus.

What do you think of the news? Relieved to see Angel's contract situation resolved. Happy to know Angel will be with the club when the new stadium opens in 2010? Think Angel can lead the Red Bulls to a title before he retires?

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  1. Great news.

    As stated in the article, Angel is the most productive of the Designated Players thus far. It’s great to see RBNY moving to stability in the roster. Shame about Van den burgh though…

  2. the guy is the fittest 33 year old you’ll find around. I remember jozy saying in an interview that JPA tought him alot about what to eat and how to train.

    great news

  3. The best part about Angel resigning is that it shows his commitment to the league. This guy’s attitude has been class since day 1. He clearly gets it. Combine that with the fact that he’s the best striker in the league and he’s a joy to root for.

  4. This is awesome because I was always thinking that it would be a shame if Angel never got to see Red Bull Arena. Now we know he will have at least a couple seasons there. I’m happy for him and for Red Bull.

  5. AWESOME. Most of the news about DP’s has been negative lately. i can onlyhope that Ljungberg comes in and plays more to the level of Angel and Schelotto, than Lopez and Denilson.

  6. Goal totals are wrong.

    Angel has 36 goals in all competitions

    33 regular season league

    2 MLS Playoffs

    1 USOC

    He is 9 behind All Time Leader Clint Mathis who has 45.

    So techniacally he isnt the best NY striker ever…yet. Remeber Clint’s first two years before his knee injury..he was every bit as proliic as JPA. (2000-01)

    Also, Emilo is garbage.

  7. 2011 makes him very old. Hope those are club options at [a lot] less than DP wages.

    Still, for 2009 that’s good news for the league. He’s a quality player.

  8. Ives,

    I understand the terms of the deal arent public knowledge yet, but will this new deal keep Angel a DP until 2011? We’ve seen older DPs find success in MLS, but will Angels skill set translate to an impact player at 35?

  9. The MLS MVP aware and a buck forty buys you a medium coffee at McDonalds.

    What’s with the quivering, insecure DC fans?

  10. I just moved to South Florida, I’m missing all the fun up there 🙁
    This is awesome news, I’m so happy JPA will be with Rb for a few more years.

  11. @DCJMU

    I think you need to check your facts.

    Angel: 35 goals, 8 assists in 53 games over the last two seasons

    Emilio: 31 goals, 6 assists in 58 games over the last two seasons

  12. LOL, yes DCJMU, don’t let facts get in the way of your argument. Seriously tho, huge coup for the RedBulls and the league. As our boy Ray Hudson would say, Angel is “class in a glass”.

  13. Juan Pablo Angel = Red Bull/MetroStars God

    I am esctatic that they resigned him.

    Does this mean he will end his career as a red bull?

  14. DCJMU, nice try but you’re “facts” are wrong:

    Angel- 34 goals in 47 games

    Emilio- 33 goals in 56 games

    Angel- one playoff goal, two playoff victories, one MLS Cup final.

    Emilio- ZERO playoff goals, ZERO playoff victories, ZERO MLS Cup finals.

    Red Bulls- MLS Cup finalists


    Thanks for trying DCJMU, but you FAIL.

  15. Speaking of DC, what is this: “… D.C. United, the most successful professional soccer club in American history…” in the announcement of the stadium press conference today — revisionist history?

    DC is not the most successful pro soccer club in American history. It’s ridiculous to even read that.

  16. Emilio is no where near the striker that Angel is. In the past he’s had better players like Jaime around him to help create those chances. Everyone knows RedBull has been lacking true attacking midfield presence. 2007 = 19 goals w/o attacking mid.
    2008 NYRB championship run vs DCU watched playoffs on TV.

  17. Great news. Angel is class all the way around.

    There DEFINITELY is a health issue to worry about of course. His back problem, as diagnosed last year, is degenerative. If the diagnosis hasn’t changed, they have to be very careful with him.

    But since they’ve signed him through 2011, I’m assuming they’re confident that they know how to handle it.

  18. Excellent news. He’s earned a contract extension and it’s great to see him rewarded with one.

    This also puts to rest all the rumors of him leaving for River Plate.

    I would love to see him become a coach for the club after he finishes his playing career, if he’s interested in that.

  19. This is GREAT news! He was cagey about the extension-negotiation at the autograph signing in Hoboken. I have high hopes for the season. My kids are ecstatic.

  20. CSD, clearly it means the most successful DP ON THE FIELD. Who cares about the other stuff? And sorry but Schelotto wasn’t a DP so shut up about him already.

  21. Am thrilled, the guy has been nothing but off the chain for us since he joined. Have to acknowledge there’s a bit of a fragility worry as he’s gotten older. But I think Osorio knows how to manage that threat. Congrats JPA!

  22. “Angel has established himself as the most successful of Major League Soccer’s Designated Player signings,”

    One of the most successful not the most successful. He doesn’t sell tickets to the extent that other DP’s do and he has not brought his club hardware like the de facto DP in Columbus did last year.

    Yes it is nice to see a quality player stay in the MLS.

  23. Great news for all RBNY fans, Angel i think we lead us to a title because to make the playoffs you need a good team, but to advance in the playoffs the team with the best player always has a chance because he can take over in the playoffs to win one game and Angel is one of the best if not the best in the MLS.

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