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Red Bulls sign Richards to new contract

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The New York Red Bulls' quest to lock up their key figures to long-terms continued on Wednesday as they succeeded in signing Jamaican midfielder Dane Richards to a new contract. Terms of the new deal were not released.

Richards had two years remaining on his original MLS contract, but the Red Bulls moved to complete a deal that could keep Richards around for four more seasons.

Richards was one of the most underpaid players in the league last season, making $33,000. One of the team's post-season stars, Richards finished last season with three goals and six assists during the regular season.

The deal is the second such deal completed by the Red Bulls this week. On Monday, the Red Bulls signed Colombian striker Juan Pablo Angel to a contract extension that will guarantee him a place with the Red Bulls through the 2010 season.

What do you think of this news? Happy to see the Red Bulls locking up its best players to long-term deals? Glad to know Angel and Richards will be around when Red Bull Arena opens in 2010?

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  1. Rageman, fair arguement.
    Also i guess its inevitable that we will see players from the american system with more athleticism than technique, im sure this will change over time

  2. Ossington Mental Youth . . . sorry for being typical here but you can’t teach speed. Anybody can learn footy. Heart, determination and commitment are always crucial to the makings of a good footballer . . . but speed is a luxury that oh so few possess.

  3. I think the Red Bulls have been just going about their business like it means nothing, just waiting for RBA to open . . . now that the stadium is beginning to take shape, they are beginning to show that they actually know what they are doing, ie: . . . Angel, Oduro and Richards.

    Also, here’s an idea for the SBI Mafia promo thingy . . . . forget banners . . . scarves and T-shirts would be a better seller/money maker(even though money is not the main motivation here). . . and a T-shirt idea(since the Q & A blog is closed) . . . “SBI Mafia . . . when you’re in . . . you’re in for life”.

  4. im not for the record sayign this to start an online internet war or whatever, i wouldnt be surprised if i was proven wrong (it happens)

  5. Gotta agree with Hopper on that.

    hes fast but not that technically sound.

    Oddly im sorta getting that impression from alot of NJs players this year.

  6. Funny…Everyone on here is talking about hom much he’s being paid (which I agree is outrageous) but half of the ppl who say that are the ones who say our players need to come back from Europe instead of playing in lesser leagues or not getting regular PT..The Almighty Dollar speaks loud & clear, especially with the value of Euros vs. American dollar..

  7. good move! dane keeps the game moving and is improving on his crossing. he’s passionate about the team, too – one of the few who predicted we’d be in LA for the cup. it was hard loosing VDB, but at least we’re holding on to dane.

  8. The Voodoo banner may not be entirely appropriate for everyday wear or every game, and I thought part of the idea would be to wear it to games to know who else is around. Maybe if I sleep on it I can come up with a bit more for the front.

    Thanks for the input

  9. What about the Sounders signing Kennedy Hurtado today from Deportivo Cali. He just returned from a trial with AC Milan. Sounders are looking better and better.

  10. Awesome. Richards earned plenty respect last year. Happy to see the FO is paying him back.

    I dig the design on the back but the font on the front is bit klunky.

    What about the SBI Banner ‘Voodoo’ banner?
    That would be hot!!!!
    You could arc the graphic a slightly across the chest. It would have a kind of superman effect.

  11. 33,000 Dollars? are you serious? He’s making 33,000 dollars and living in NYC. That’s one of the reason the league is a laughing stock in europe.

  12. nice job by the Red Bull’s… I like what they’ve been doing by getting Oduro, signing Angel, and getting rid of Van den burgh (no idea how to spell it)… If their defense is able to do the job (haven’t seen Petke in a while, although I always thought he was decent) they may surprise some people- including myself- who thought last year was a complete fluke… I still want to see them get some young talent from overseas, or try to lure some americans back from overseas (i.e Bobby Convey; Lee Nguyen; Bryan Arguez; etc.)

  13. Richards is deadly with the ball at his feet he regularly cuts through 2 or 3 defenders so i don’t know what you’re talking about hopper were you watching the same game as me? Sure he can’t finish worth a damn but he isn’t a forward so i would rather him just worry about improving his finishing.

  14. he’s probably getting paid enough to sit tight and work on his passing and shooting skills, and feel taken care of. He’ll be a goner to Europe or somewhere once those skills are polished.

  15. Good move by the FO. I agree with Sack that they still need some work in the back. But the team should be a team with balance if they shore up the defense.

  16. These are the moves we need to make, but trading to get crappy poor sports men like khano smith who can’t cross the ball isn’t going to help anyone we mine as well throw our money away next time.

  17. angel kandji
    oduro rojas richards
    goldy petke boyens leitch

    smith, hall, sassano, pietravallo, mendes, cepero

    hmmph. whatevah.

  18. Wow. The RedBulls FO has been busy this week. Good for them. Richards seems like he’s going to be a solid MLS player for the next several years. Good for them.


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