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San Jose signs Cam Weaver (updated)


The San Jose Earthquakes have signed American striker Cam Weaver, who joins the Earthquakes on a transfer from Norwegian club FK Haugesund, sources have confirmed to SBI.

The 6-foot-4 forward is ready to return to the United States after spending two years in Norway, where he compiled 10 goals for the Norwegian second division club.

San Jose spent the better part of the past week trying to hammer out an agreement on a transfer fee with the Norwegian club, and completed the deal to land the 25-year-old forward on Monday. The team is expected to announce the signing once all the necessary paperwork is processed by MLS.

Weaver first made a name for himself after scoring 18 goals as a rookie with the Seattle Sounders in 2006. The strong season earned him USL rookie of the year honors and led to Weaver being sold to Haugesund. Weaver endured a persistent groin injury and ankle injury that limited him to 18 matches in the 2007 season, but still managed seven goals in league play.

Haugesund finished in seventh place in the Norwegian second division in 2008. Weaver enjoyed a strong second season in Norway, notching nine goals in 25 league matches.

Weaver should help give the Earthquakes the target striker they so desperately need. Last season, Ryan Johnson was the only forward on the roster to score more than three goals (he managed five). Weaver's size and finishing ability could make him the perfect target for San Jose's midfield trio of Darren Huckerby, Arturo Alvarez and Shea Salinas.

What do you think of this acquisition. Like it for San Jose? Surprised some other team didn't pounce on him? Disappointed he didn't stay in Europe? Can Weaver be the double-digit goal scorer the Earthquakes desperately need?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. what a bunch of haters some of you are. SJ is still a 2nd year franchise operating under the same salary cap as everybody else (well, not you LA of course). we hobbled a roster together last year, brought in some talent halfway and were in contention almost to the very end. we’ll take hard working players that can play well as a team any day–and Yallop will get results.

    oh yeah, SDM just relax little buddy.

  2. Jesse– I really appreciate your taking the time to explain your opinion in your second post. Your first post was whiney drivel.
    Way to come back and redeem yourself. Keep it up and you’ll be an inspiration to us all.

  3. “. . .I don’t come on here to read whinny drivel.”

    “Jesse, I know you are truly sorry for being so stupid. I’m sure it has to do with years of imbreeding, so probably not entirely your fault.”

    Are you having a bad day or something? And by the way, it’s iNbreeding.

  4. Jesse, I know you are truly sorry for being so stupid. I’m sure it has to do with years of imbreeding, so probably not entirely your fault.

  5. Johann Smith played for the US U-20 team, maybe this is why Toronto had to use an allocation. Weaver has not been in any US training camps.

  6. Leonardo: I think Ives’ math might be off. If he played two seasons in Norway, scored 7 goals in league play the first season (2007), then scored 9 goals in league play the second season (2008), then his total goals for two season would be 16 in League play (not 10). I think this is respectable, given that he suffered from a groin problem his first season. His output last year of 9 goals in league play and 2 goals in cup play is certainly respectable.

  7. I know him personally…he’s a real good kid and the reason that he’s been successful at every step in his career is that he has always found a way to step up to the level of his competition.

    He will do well…won’t set the league on fire, but he will be a real solid pro.

    Interesting note…he was one of the last…quite possibly the last player to make the Sounders that year…and he led them in scoring…..

    Kid has a nose for the goal…something you can’t teach.

  8. Yes baby, Red Bulls just moved up the allcoation discovery order!


    Johann Smith didn’t play for the USMNT or MLS either but he fell into that boat.

  9. SDM –

    The connection between the USL and MLS Sounders side might not be that substantial, but we enjoyed watching Cam play up here. He left to try his trade in Europe, which was great, but lots of us were hoping that if he ever wanted to come back to the US, he’d come back to Seattle where he went to high school, college, and started his pro career.

    Although the Sounders have some good talent up front, behind Nate Jaqua they don’t have a big body that can play as a target man. (I’m not counting Jarrod Smith.) So yes, I’m annoyed that a local product who could have been acquired cheaply from a club that our ownership group already had a connection with and filled a need on our roster went to a conference rival that we play three matches against this season.

    Anyway, sorry for wasting so much of your time. I’m sure it took you quite a while to read through my original lengthy and complicated two-line comment.

  10. Jesse, I’m not exactly sure why you are “annoyed” that he’s not going back to the Sounders. First off, the Seattle Sounders FC of MLS is NOT the same team as the USL Seattle Sounders. He’s never played for the team thats in Seattle now. Secondly, even if it was the same team, according to Ives’ post, Seattle SOLD Weaver to another club. They no longer would have any rights to him. How about thinking next time before you bother to post garbage and waste all of our time? Please? I read the comments section to get different views of whatever Ives is posting on. I don’t come on here to read whinny drivel.

  11. One should consider the surrounding talent and his team’s style of play before you question his ability to score goals. Like many strikers, in this kids case it it would be an important factor – as would be some of the unfortunate injuries he sustained. Never really was the type of player to run at defenders but if his team provides enough adequate service you can count on one ending up in the back of the net – against any competition.

  12. It always burns me when guys who score at better rates than most are considered failures by readers on blogs.

    The number of MLS players with more goals in league play than Weaver had in Norway 2 is TEN.

    Even if MLS is a better league (i think it is) and his scoring gets cut in half, he’d still be a solid second scorer.

  13. Hey folks, my understanding is that this guy was doing well in his first season abroad until he sustained an injury. (Blew out a knee, I think.) This player used to post stories about his time in the Scandinavian league on the USL website and I think that stopped after the injury. I’m glad to see him return.

  14. 10 goals in 2 years in the Norwegian second division. I don’t think MLS coaches will sweating the details about how to stop this kid.

  15. “There has been a flood of players returning from Europe in the last two years.”

    Yet somehow people always paint a dire picture of a mass exodus of young talent and players to European lower divisions.

  16. This shouldn’t be an allocation move. He never played in the MLS or for the MNT.

    I hope Ives doesnt jinx this one like he did the Dax McCarty move.

  17. Oddly, San Jose will have to pay the USL Sounders ownership a sell-on fee.

    Wonder if that covers the beautiful new Sounders FC web design.

    Glad he’s back on this side of the pond, but sad that he won’t be with Seattle.

  18. I’m annoyed he’s not coming back to Sounders FC.

    Did San Jose have to use an allocation to acquire him? Does this mean they are out of the running for Bobby Convey?

  19. I think your overstating the Quakes mid if you call Salinas dangerous.. Fast yes, dangerous only for those sitting being the goal..


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