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Sanchez feeling the pain outside Mexico

Oswaldo Sanchez might want to think about burning his passport and never leaving Mexico again.

No, not because U.S. fans absolutely hate his guts, but because the Mexican goalkeeper just hasn't had much fun outside of Mexico over the past eight months.

Counting last night's loss to Montreal in the CONCACAF Champions League quarterfinals, Sanchez has gone 12 straight games without a win outside of Mexico with both Santos Laguna and Mexico. His last win outside Mexico? A 2-0 Mexico victory against Belize in Houston (it was a World Cup qualifier in Houston, which served as Belize's home leg). The losses have come in six different countries, against teams ranging from a pair of MLS squads to a pair of USL teams.

Sanchez's problems seemed to begin last June, when he was arrested at a Chicago hotel. That arrest came after he was in net for Mexico's 4-0 win against Peru at Soldier Field. Things have gone downhill ever since.

How bad have things been for Sanchez? A look at the list of his teams' results since the Chicago arrest shows you just how bad things have gotten for Sanchez since last June:

Oswaldo Sanchez's recent road results

$6/15/08- beat Belize (with Mexico), 2-0, in Houston

*7/13/08- lost to New England (with Santos Laguna), 1-0, in Foxborough, Mass.

*7/16/08- lost to Chivas USA (with Santos Laguna), 1-0, in Carson, California

*7/20/08- tied Pachuca (with Santos Laguna), 1-1, in Frisco, Texas

+9/23/08- lost to Puerto Rico Islanders (with Santos Laguna), 3-1, in Puerto Rico

+10/2/08- lost to Tauro FC (with Santos Laguna), 2-0, in Panama City

$10/11/08- lost to Jamaica (with Mexico), 1-0, in Jamaica

$10/15/08- tied Canada (with Mexico), 2-2, in Canada

+10/30/08- tied CD Municipal (with Santos Laguna), 4-4, in Guatemala City

$11/19/08- lost to Honduras (with Mexico), 2-0, in Honduras

01/29/09- lost to Sweden (with Mexico), 1-0, in Oakland

$02/16/09- lost to USA (with Mexico), 2-0, in Columbus

+02/25/09- lost to Montreal Impact (with Santos Laguna), 2-0, in Montreal

*-SuperLiga, + CONCACAF Champions League, $- World Cup qualifier


Admit it, you absolutey LOVE that Sanchez has struggled so badly outside of Mexico (if I forgot to include any of Sanchez's matches from this time period, please send them along).

What do you think of these results? Think someone put a hex on Sanchez? Do you think all the losses to the United States have rendered him useless away from home? Still wondering why Guillermo Ochoa isn't starting for Mexico yet?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. @Landycakes
    So if you dislike one person in a group you hate the whole group? waaahhhhh
    It’s a spaz to hate a rival? waahhh
    What does Donovan scoring in Europe have to do with Sanchez being pisspoor in goal and trying to tackle players? waahhh
    Keep crying

  2. Bayerische: SHUT UP! The point is to hate the man. Life ain’t air; we shouldn’t be either.

    After all this time, I’m STIILLLLLLLL about the bitchy-cowardly attempt on EJ.

  3. Severely overrated.

    that said glad to see him in goal whenever US plays against Mexico. Gives up at least one easy goal a game.

    Even more glad he was maced and had his a$$ kicked by CPD

  4. that’s called karma you dirty sanchez. maybeyou shouldnt have kicked at eddie johnson as he went to celebrate w/ LD after LD scored on you in Arizona. SUCK IT MEXICO! USA! USA! USA!

  5. So how many goals has Landycakes scored in Europe?

    Funny thing is Landycakes is going to go 3 and out in Europe just like the nads.

  6. Ives doesn’t hate Mexicans.

    He knows anything Mexico related will get him hits thus more $$.

    Now that Donovan is coming back to MLS, Ives needed to come up with something and you can never go wrong with Oswaldo Sanchez.

    Hated by everyone, including me, and I’m mexican.

    Don’t get so upset about it Landycakes.

  7. I’m going to have to remember this article the next time that Ives claims that he doesn’t hates Mexican.

    Absolutely no class from Ives and the rest of you spazzos. I have a question has Landycakes ever scored a goal when playing for a European team in a real game?

  8. Let me try to summarize the comments here with an equation.

    Sanchez:US fans :: Donovan:Mexican fans?

    Except Sanchez does kind of suck. But in terms of the passion that each evokes in opposing fans, maybe they’re somewhat equivalent, no?

  9. Just to add to this stat… I went ahead and looked at Oswaldo’s numbers IN Mexico, and realized that in the past 2 tournaments, Oswaldo has only won 2 games outside of Estadio Corona. That’s 14 road games. And only 2 victories.

  10. Though I don’t like the guy, to be fair, his team was blanked in NINE of those games. Can’t win of you score zero goals, as TIm McCarver might say…

  11. Sanchez just plain sucks. I have no idea why he keeps playing. I can’t remember ever seeing him keep a clean sheet. And he just makes the dumbest mistakes. I guess it just comes with being an ASS

  12. Also, I think it was Sanchez that, during the Hex for the 2006 World Cup, said that Mexico would not only beat the U.S. in Columbus, but that he envisioned it to be an easy game.

  13. Haha….good thing Santos couldn’t also play in Interliga (due to Champions’ League commitment). Would have been even more losses for Sanchez.

  14. Montreal looked great last night, hardly like a USL team, but that second goal wasn’t from anything special Montreal did but was from the Santos Defender playing with his head up his a__ and Sanchez being too casual in going for the ball.

    As for Montreal, get an away goal and you’re through.

  15. KARMA !!!!!

    By the way Montreal looked good last night. But can they hold on to a 2 goal lead in Mexico? Did they need an additional goal?

    I felt bad for Sanchez when his dad during the World Cup but since then he’s been nothing but a jerk. Not only the incidents Ives mentioned but when he tried to trip and injure a defenseless Eddie Johnson also.

  16. So, who else wants to come to Chicago?

    We don’t use no sinkin’ Voo Doo Dolls — LOL.

    The best part about that photo is when did he get hurt in the match? After he knew the goal was being scored? We all saw his poor excuse for a fall after the goal and what was worse if you look at the minute or so while he was being treated, he seemed to be complaining about a foul. I hate the S.O.B. Ochoa deserves the start over him for Mexico but as a US fan, I happy every time I see Oswaldo in goal. He was done along time ago.

  17. Sanchez made fun of Luis Arroyave’s Spanish accent during an interview (Spanish is Arroyave’s second language) earlier during that same trip and it has been rough going ever since.

  18. every time I watch him, he sucks. even when he makes some good saves, like in Cbus recently, he sucks again before the end of the game.

    Find me a non-Mexican who thinks he is good, and I’ll give you 14 pesos (about a buck).

    Really, he must play great in the Mexican league but does anybody think he would ever start in the EPL? Has any Mexican keeper ever started in any Euro 1st division club?


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