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Soccer Sunday: Your Running Commentary

Landon Donovan 1 (Getty Images) 

Call it the battle of the American star vs. the man who turned his back on the USA.

Neven Subotic and Borussia Dortmund take on Landon Donovan and Bayern Munich in one of today's top match-ups. Donovan isn't slated to start, but with Miroslav Klose recently suffering an injury that could limit his minutes, Donovan should make more than just a cameo in this key Bundesliga clash.

Today's other top match-up pits red-hot Manchester United against a streaking West Ham United squad as Carlos Tevez returns to Upton Park to face the team he helped escape relegation two years ago.

If you will be watching today's matches, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below. For today's full schedule of matches on TV, go to the jump.

Enjoy the action.

Sunday Soccer on TV

11am- FSC- Manchester United at West Ham United

11am- GolTV- Borussia Dortmund at Bayern Munich

1pm- GolTV- Sporting Gijon at Barcelona

1pm- Telemundo- Morelia at UNAM Pumas

1pm- Fox Sports Espanol- Toluca at Puebla

2:30pm- FSC- Napoli at Palermo

3pm- Setanta- Bordeaux at Marseille

3:30pm- GolTV- Colombia vs. Argentina (CONMEBOL Under-20)

5pm- GolTV- Colon vs. River Plate

5pm- Univision- Pachuca at Club America

5:30pm- GolTV- Brazil vs. Paraguay (CONMEBOL Under-20)

8pm- GolTV- Uruguay vs. Venezuela


  1. That guy Altintop in the Bayern game is the worst player i have ever seen in my life

    Posted by: AltiCooper

    My little brother, after the left footed shot that nearly went for a throw in, said “I’ve never heard of that guy, but how can a guy who is that big of a ballhog and sucks so much play for a team like that?” He also conceeded a throw in in the early 80’s minute after Donovan played back to him and then started streaking up the line, giving Altintop a wide open through ball lane, instead he just shielded, poorly, and kicked it over the line…

  2. In my opinion, Donovan WAS great. He was only out there for 15 minutes, so naturally he wouldn’t have few or no chances. I thought that all of Landon’s touches were excellent. Does Bayern have a cup game coming up? If so I believe Landon will start.

  3. Donovan was fine. Some nice passing in tight space — especially with Ribery — and forced the other team to pick up a yellow. The fact that two goals were scored after he came on bodes well.

  4. Klose is quite underestimated wouldn’t you say? He is amazing for Germany and plays brillantly for BM but still never even gets in top10 striker considerations when it comes to awards/press. why is that?

  5. Budweiser touting its superior taste in commercials is like EJ touting his superior first touch. FSC needs to rotate its commercials. If it’s targeted advertising, we’re a bunch of acne-ridden alcoholics

  6. 93rd minute- Collison takes a shot from distance which goes wide, and that should end the game.

    And the ref blows the whistle. Full Time.

  7. I thought Donovan looked decent, didn’t get much service, but kept possession well and had some nice link up place with Ribery and Altintop…It would be nice if he could get more than 15 minutes to prove himself…

  8. Looks like Donovan will be staying at BM. I can imagine them signing him for a 3-4 year contract. I can imagine him getting some big money at BM. Not in the starting XI but 1st off the bench. Not bad. Will his wife stay in L.A.? I can’t imagine she will be moving to Berlin to act.

  9. From what I watched of the game Donovan played decent. Nothing great really stood out, but he did the little things right. To me he does not look out of place at all at Bayern. Now he just needs to get off the mark with a goal.


  11. Donovan just wasn’t able to get very involved. Altintop and others were reluctant to give Donovan a through ball against the last line.

    He’s going to have to score in Bundesliga and/or Champions League to convince Bayern to buy him.

  12. FINAL- Bayern 3, Dortmund 1. Donovan leaves healthy for Mexico.

    For those wondering, Donovan played up top as a forward this game, dropped back quite a bit and delivered several sharp passes. He didn’t get any chances on goal, but was in the area putting pressure on when Dortmund’s defense gave up the game-winner.

  13. ives, i know it’s your job to generate interest, etc., but you’re really trying too hard with the subotic stuff. truthfully, it also seems like an attempt to put him in the same boat as rossi, in the eyes of many US fans.

  14. 90th minute- Ronaldo earns a free kick from the outer range of shooting distance. Ronaldo is looking to have a shot.

    The wall does its job, as they say.

  15. Behrami also came off for Diego Tristan for West Ham.

    88th minute- Ronaldo denied a penalty claim. Maybe a foul, but I think it was a right call not to give it.

  16. Donovan didn’t set up Klose’s goal but he was in the area applying pressure on Santana, who’s error served up Klose on a platter.

    Boateng with a harsh challenge on Donovan but he gets up and is fine.

  17. Torres had his 8th in 14games for Liverpool yesterday. Only played 900mins all season so he’s scoring 1 almost every game or so.

    With his return to form and with 13games left in the season, i can see him scoring another 7/8 for a final score for the season of 15/16. Not bad since he’s been injured for months.

    Best strikers in the world are Torres, Villa, Ibrahimovic, Messi, Toni.

  18. 87th minute- Some good posession for United ends with Tevez sending the shot well over the goal.

    Park also comes on for Tevez, who was cheered by both sets of supporters when he came off.

  19. These guys won’t spring Donovan against the last defender.

    No joke, the three seconds it took to write this, Bayern scored through Klose.

  20. EJ. WTF?

    What happened to him? He hasn’t scored a club goal since he left KC in 07. Though doesn’t help that he’s only getting 3mins a game. Though he did have 2 or 3 brillant matches toward the end of 2008 for Cardiff. He’s not PL material. I bet he could succeed in say Scandinavia or Belgium/Scotland.

    Looks like Malmo FF out of Sweden wants him on loan. If he can be a success he might have a future in the national team or in Europe. If not, head to MLS.

  21. 84th minute- Berbatov makes a long run on the right but the ball ends up out for a goal kick.

    I’m still waiting for West Ham to have a real threatening moment since they went down a goal.

  22. I can see for the World Cup, Altidore/Donovan being paired up top. With Davies as a super sub and Cooper being cover for Altidore. But for sure we need Donovan to go the full 90. Ching can be our standby or 5th striker. But i don’t see him getting any mins. EJ might have a better chance.

    I also see Bradley, Kljestan, Dempsey, Torres, Beasley, Adu, Szetela, Rogers.

    Defenders – Pearce, Bocanegra, Gooch, Cherundolo, Califf, Wynne, Spector, Parkhurst.

  23. 80th minute- Giggs puts in a good tackle to stop a West Ham attack down the right. Other than the goal, he hasn’t done much offensively, but a lot of the game he’s spent doing some defensive work on Rafael’s many runs forward down that side.

  24. Spain has Torres, Villa, Guiza and Krkic.

    England has Rooney, Crouch, Defoe, Agbonlahor.

    USA has Ching, Donovan, Altidore. But Cooper is coming along, a few more matches and he can be up to international quality for CONCACAF. Davies would be perfect as a super-sub.

  25. Klose just missed a point blank shot, Donovan almost there with the put back, Donvoan was also well placed to finish the initial chance, but Klose decided to pull the trigger…

  26. DONOVAN.

    Howard in his best form for Everton.

    With Boca and Gooch playing at their best.

    Bradley getting full 90 every week with BMG. Altidore got loaned to a fierce 2nd division Spanish club.

    Our players are coming together. We will annihilate Mexico 3-1.

  27. 75th minute- Manchester United were just playing around the ball looking to keep posession, but West Ham intercept, ending with Neill taking a long shot which went well over.


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