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Soccer Sunday: Your Running Commentary

Landon Donovan 1 (Getty Images) 

Call it the battle of the American star vs. the man who turned his back on the USA.

Neven Subotic and Borussia Dortmund take on Landon Donovan and Bayern Munich in one of today's top match-ups. Donovan isn't slated to start, but with Miroslav Klose recently suffering an injury that could limit his minutes, Donovan should make more than just a cameo in this key Bundesliga clash.

Today's other top match-up pits red-hot Manchester United against a streaking West Ham United squad as Carlos Tevez returns to Upton Park to face the team he helped escape relegation two years ago.

If you will be watching today's matches, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below. For today's full schedule of matches on TV, go to the jump.

Enjoy the action.

Sunday Soccer on TV

11am- FSC- Manchester United at West Ham United

11am- GolTV- Borussia Dortmund at Bayern Munich

1pm- GolTV- Sporting Gijon at Barcelona

1pm- Telemundo- Morelia at UNAM Pumas

1pm- Fox Sports Espanol- Toluca at Puebla

2:30pm- FSC- Napoli at Palermo

3pm- Setanta- Bordeaux at Marseille

3:30pm- GolTV- Colombia vs. Argentina (CONMEBOL Under-20)

5pm- GolTV- Colon vs. River Plate

5pm- Univision- Pachuca at Club America

5:30pm- GolTV- Brazil vs. Paraguay (CONMEBOL Under-20)

8pm- GolTV- Uruguay vs. Venezuela


  1. Brett – Re: Klose comment…said that a month ago too. Too late.

    Bottom Line: It’s team chemistry and Donovan and Klose are a better fit, both play off each other’s strengths and their close friendship. The comments made by Der Kaiser Beckenbauer, that is the accentuation of “ITALIAN,” should tell you something. The rivalry is strong here and the blood doesn’t run dry at soccer.

    Ever seen Toni in practice, joking and bloking, not the German brand of training “DISCIPLINE” I am used to

  2. ESPN Soccernet: Beckenbauer Blastd Toni

    “Toni only sees himself, the ball and the goal” he said on Premiere television. “That is selfishness which is typical of an Italian striker.”

    I saw this coming a long time ago, and am not surpised at Klinsi’s defense of Toni given his approach to “player psychology.”

    Could this be the door opening the way for Donovan?

  3. Scratch that- not a full 90 obviously because he was replaced, but he got the majority of the minutes and did nothing with it. Point still stands.

  4. DAK – The only thing I have to say to that is: Look at Toni today. He got a full 90 and actually BLEW several chances. Landon got roundabout 20 and was effecting the game and his insertion had a positive effect, resulting in two goals.

    Landon said in several interviews that Klose was the guy who most welcomed him, and I think we saw a glimpse of what they had been doing in training.

    Notice I still didn’t say that he had yet earned the transfer, only that he took a step toward making it a reality.

  5. Klose should have had 4 goals and Toni at least two. Bayern took more than 30 shots. Their entire midfield attacks all the time. Since their back four don’t push high they leave huge gaps in midfield when turned over. Exciting attacking football but the back 4 has to stay high. Landon came in at 72nd min and helped on both goals. He was clearly better than sub who entered with him.

  6. Der Ami,

    I know Altintop combines well with LD (hence my smiley), but he just didn’t in this game (I’m thinking specifically of pass LD made to Hamit and broke off on his run, expecting the ball back – which would have put LD behind the defense – but Altintop didn’t give it to him.

    Also – where did Landon not take advantage of his opportunities? I’m serious (not accusatory) – I saw him trying to combine, running off the ball, running into the box – granted, he didn’t get any shots, but there were never any opportunities for him to shoot that I could see. What should he have done different or better?

  7. Nicole – Altintop provided two assists to Donovan in the firndly matches. Both he and Oddo connect with LD.

    Agree that the Toni subsitution was the right call, but both Toni and Klose played well, but Toni was thw worst of the two, and when Donovan came on, like I’ve said all along, Klose is a beter player.

    BL: Donovan must take advantage of the opportinuties he gets wether it’s 15 04 30 minutes. While he played well, this is Germany, and we are dealing with Hoeness, the decision maker vice Klinsmann who has a voice.

  8. well alticooper apparently you didnt watch euro 08 because he was all over the field for turkey, he probably just had a bad match give him a break

  9. Thanks for the eye-witness report, Der Ami Kaiser.

    Maybe Landon would score if his teammates would ever release the ball to him when he makes his off-the-ball runs (yeah, Altintop, I’m looking at you!) 🙂

    I think Landon is showing his worth: he’s a different option/different type of player than Luca toni and Klose. Today he actually might have scored had he got more than 14 minutes on the field, since Klose and Luca Toni weren’t really playing well together. Klose really shined when Luca Toni came off – my American bias thinks it’s because Landon was running everywhere so Klose didn’t have to. the insertion of donovan helped Klose be Klose and do what he does best – which I think Klose is a much better finisher than Luca Toni.

    Again – LD’s value comes in being a completely different player than the other two – he may not have helped the bargaining process by not scoring, but he hasn’t hurt it either, IMO.

  10. Just returned from Munchen, and what a match in Der Allianze Arena. There is no better atmosphere in sports. Although Dortmund made Bayern, specifically Demachalis, look silly in the first 5 minutes, Bayern dominated the entire match, outshooting Dortumund at least 30-5.

    Donovan came in at about 70 minutes for Toni who missed on numerous opportunities–good subsitution consdiering Klose’s fitenss which appeared to be 100%. Klose played an incredible match and although Donovan didn’t score, he delivered a nice corner, pressured the goal which may have accounted for the 2nd Klose goal, and played well of the ball.

    Brett — He does fit in well, but the longer he continues to NOT score, the more his value goes down.

    Nicole — Klinsi, no doubt likes him, and he does fit in well, BUT he will not go for the 10M the MLS/Galaxy want. That said, had he scored in the first 2 matches, the MLS would have had the bargaining power, BUT Donovan has done the barganing process no favors.

    Issac—You’re right. Toni is on the market this summer transfer window…Go to NYB Luca…home of the largest Italian population is the US. Replace/improve the Chinaglia legacy.

    Alti–You’re flat wrong, Altintop is a quality MF. He just came back from injury. The guy had a huge impatc on FCB making it to the UEFA Cup last season.

  11. Landon looked good out there. He fits in well with the team when he comes on. He is definitely not out of place. I long for the day when they finally give him a through ball to reward the runs he makes; just a matter of time though.

    He held possession well, combined well, drew a foul that resulted in a yellow card. I think he’s doing what Klinsi wants him to do when he puts him on: spark the team and give them a different option. I think Bayern will definitely buy him.

  12. Landon took a big step today toward cementing that transfer, and he didn’t have to do much to get it.

    It was no coincidence that the placement of Landon improved the quality of play in the final 3rd for Bayern, and it showed on the scoreline.

    He didn’t do anything “great” or get what some would call “production” out of the minutes he was given, but I definitely think he improved his stock.

    There was one great play he made in particular that will probably go unnoticed because of Altintop’s lack of quality, where he controlled the ball and made some space, layed off to Hamit, and then went on a typical breakaway run to the right, and it was open with support in the middle. Could have been either a goal or assist for him, but instead Altintop just turned his back to shield and gave the ball away.

    Other than that, his positioning was good and he did a really good job on the set plays he took.

    He is destined a start up top alongside Klose before the month is out if you ask me. The final step to getting that transfer will be producing some quality when it happens.

  13. It doesn’t matter if we think the players on the field didn’t ‘play Landon in’ or ‘give good service’ it matters if Klinnsmann sees it. Being the great manager he is, I think he will notice Landon’s efforts. Could Landon possibly replace Toni is my question.

  14. Cole is their best chance to score. Why did they let Bellamy leave? He was their best chance to finish in the top half of the table. But even without him they still have a great chance to finish say no.10 or no.11



    Harry Tapped Bellamy up. Unsettled him. He was bound to go. Plus, he doesn’t exactly have a history of loyalty to any clubs, does he? We refused to sell to Tottenscum, so we sold him to the highest bidder, City. GBP14mm is pretty good money.

    As for WHU finishing 10th or 11th, why? Who do you see finishing ahead of them that is behind them other than City? Plus WHU could definitely pass Wigan.


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