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Some Love for the SBI Mafia


For those who didn't catch it, our friends over at the New York Times Goal Soccer blog wrote a post on the SBI Mafia, and ask me some questions about the group. For those wondering about the SBI Mafia, it isn't an official group or anything. At least not yet.

So here's a question for you. Do you consider yourself a member of the SBI Mafia? If so, when did you become one?


  1. I know i’m a member because I check this site at least 10 times a day. I’m in teh middle of a move and am dying becasue my internet service is interupted. This makes me excited to get to work to be able to check the site.

    After years in the wilderness I finally found the coverage to the extent I need it at this location. Ives, this site rocks!

  2. probably when I added the site to my favorites list and started checking the site 8-10 times a day. This is probably about the same time my productivity at work bottomed out.

  3. Gotta comment on this one… Used to be the only in depth, consistent coverage I could get on Metro was Ives’ coverage in Herald. The Soccernet articles were a bonus. Felt lucky to be getting that much, when other teams around the league got zilch, and mentioned as much to my zealous South American soccer loving fam, converting a few. I knew then we had the best soccer writer in the country reporting for our team, just a matter of getting exposure. You’ve blown up now son, the secret’s out – internationally known and locally respected, a la Bishop Don the Magic 😉 Parece que mafioso soy entonces JAJA! Saludos hermano, sigue la lucha…

  4. Ives, this is the greatest soccer blog ever!

    I log in about 10 times a day since ’07. I even log in and post from my Blackberry when I’m away from my computer. If you don’t know, posting from a BB takes a long time b/c each page takes at least a minute to load. If that ain’t SBI Mafia I don’t know what is. LOL

    Yo you make a T-shirt, I’ll rock it.

  5. Count me in too… I visit the SBI website 2, 3, 4… Hell, I read it more than I read my own Facebook page. Been a loyal follower since the Herald Times days. Saw the banner during the telivised game coverage and was like, “YEAH… THAT’S ME!”

  6. I can’t remember when I began reading your blog. But I have become an obsessive checker of the SBI blog for the last 6 months.

    I consider myself a “Tony” in your Mafia.

  7. Haha. I was named captain once with Joamiq way back when, especially when I was commenting every single day on every single post. And contributed a few items to the blog.
    But with work getting rocky and busy at the same time, as well as my recent marriage and home ownership, my contributions have dropped considerably.
    But yes, I will forever consider myself a member. And hope to one day be promoted from captain.

  8. Heck yeah I’m a mafia member. I’ve been following your blog since the beginning (literally, I remember when you were still at the newspaper site). I tell all my friends who are into soccer to check it out as well, and check the site daily.

  9. I felt like I became a member when I became an everyday reader of the site. I’ve never been a regular commenter on any site, but when SBI became a daily morning check for me, I thought I was part of the group…


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