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The SBI Questions: Ask Juan Carlos Osorio

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If you are a New York Red Bulls fan who has a bunch of questions about your team as we stand a month away from the start of the 2009 MLS season, fear not. Now is your chance to get some of those questions answered.

Red Bulls head coach Juan Carlos Osorio will be taking part in a Q&A with SBI where you will be able to ask him about all things Red Bulls. Whether it's the search for a left back, the acquisition of Khano Smith, the formation he thinks will work best with the current Red Bulls roster, or another other team-related questions, SBI will select the best of the questions and have Osorio answer them.

Please try to keep the questions from being too long and try to limit your questions to one or two and keep them Red Bulls-related. We will try to have the answers to you within the next week.

Post your questions in the comments section below.


  1. great job with taking the team to the MLS Cup, coach. last year, there were different starters and formations with each game. will you use the same approach this year, and if so, why?

  2. Have you received interest from other teams in the 2nd DP spot? Will you just keep the DP spot if no team is willing to offer anything significant?

    How likely do you see you signing Babajide Ogunbiyi in March?

  3. Juan Carlos,

    Thank you for interacting with Red Bulls fans in this forum. It is greatly appreciated and thanks for your services to the New York club in general as well.

    Having a central midfielder who can threaten to score and who is skilled at making the final pass seems to be a key ingredient in clubs winning MLS Cup. Examples would include: Marco Etcheverry and Christian Gomez in DC, Dwayne De Rosario in Houston, and, as we unfortunately know from last November, Guillermo Barros Schelotto in Columbus.

    My question is: Who will be this central midfielder for New York? Do you expect this player to perform this pivotal role and if not how will this playmaking role be fulfilled by the Red Bulls?

  4. Coach,
    do you know if Giants Stadium field will be painted with American football lines this year? It would be nice to go through the last year there without those ugly lines! Good luck this season.

  5. Coach Osorio, what do you plan on doing about the keepers? Is Cepero going to be starter, and if so, are you going to keep Conway or trade him? (Conway should definitely be catching a few MLS teams’ eyes)

  6. Coach: I’ve read that you have to stand up while watching a football match. I feel the same way, and I think that the simple act of standing helps you get more into the game, and when a lot of people are doing it- it creates a better atmosphere for all. I think the best example of this is the atmosphere on display each weekend in the Bundesliga. For this reason- do you beleive that Red Bull Arena should have terraces behind the goals? If so, can you please share this opinion with Salzburg?

  7. Mr. Osorio,

    I just want to say as a long time fan of the red bulls (metro) that you are doing a great job with the team. One question i have though is why you signed Khano. My personal opinion of the man is an inconsistent, wild, childish players, who may be fast but can’t cross to save his life. How is a player like that going to possible replace vdb’s great crossing abilities.

  8. After your work is done at New York, where do you see yourself going? Would you look for a coaching job in Europe? How about the US Men’s National Team?

  9. which would you rather win concacaf champions league or mls cup and are you going to play a 4-4-2 this season because i think the 3-5-2 is horrible defensive wise

  10. Hey Coach, thanks for last season! Anyway, I’m wondering if your scouting has been only done (or pretty much only) in South and Central America. I was wondering if you had done much scouting in Asia or in Africa, as both regions do indeed have tons of talent, but not so much in terms of development of said talent and the ability (teams) to do much with the talent and all that. We’ve seen countless African and Asian players hit it big in Europe, so my question is, have Red Bull done any scouting in those areas? If not, why? I assume there would be tons of cheap talent available, and it seems like there aren’t many African or Asian players in MLS, and importing a few would certainly diversify the style of play and improve the quality we already have in MLS.

  11. Coach Osorio,

    Firstly congrats on a fantastic finish to the 2008 season, the best in club history. Although we all would have liked the final result to have been different that should not disguise that fact that you’re boys really came together when it really mattered most and took full advantage when given the opportunity. My question is how did you find your time in England with Machester City? Did you learn a lot? What did you learn? How big an influence is English football on you at the moment? What is your current thoughts on City becoming the richest club in the world? Thanks and the best of luck in the 2009 season!

  12. Coach osario,

    Are you planning to put a lot of focus on the champions league becasue i’m sure many people would love to see that the team takes it as a very important tournement not a friendly. (i.e DC, Chivas, New England)

  13. Hoow much allocation money do we have left? Do you plan to wait until 2010 to use the 2nd DP slot? Will Angel maintain his DP status after this season?

  14. Coach,

    Trying to understand what motivates you to improve as a coach. What would you consider to be the next step up in your coaching career?

    A. Coach a pro team in a European league
    B. Coach a national team (US, Colombia, etc.)

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