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The Special One: Sven prepares for USA, Arshavin fiasco and Beckham’s confusion

You already knew that The Special One was funny in I'm On Setanta Sports, and the debut of Special 1 TV last week was a strong start, but none of that will prepare you for the absolute hilarity that takes place in the second episode.

I can't do the episode justice with my words, so just watch and enjoy:

Lines of the episode include:

"I was told the Gene Hackman was lacking in Quaresma, so I gave him some."

'Tighter, baby, tighter."

"Do you think having Arse-shavin will improve your performance?"

"People are talking about a probe into your Arse-shavin fiasco."

"You have Brazilian and Arse-shavin? Pretty smooth voyuer."

"How can I be away when I'm at home?"


HILARIOUS! What was your favorite line?


  1. Will anything ever beat Monty Python’s Germany vs. Greece in the philosopher’s World Cup? Probably not, but thank goodness this show exists. I guarantee the real special one watches it every night and laughs his ass off.

  2. I just don’t get what people think is so funny. It’s just too juvenile for my taste, but hey I’m 52 and don’t watch cartoons either. Seems a bit lame, cartoon footy commentators. I pass.

  3. “Drogba, I warned you about simulation”. I love it when Drogba comes on there begging Jose to take him to Italy. Good stuff.

  4. Best show on TV. Are there any media reports about how the actual people feel about being portrayed on this show? I would guess that Jose, Sir Alex and Wayne all love it, but the others, not so much. My favorite episode had Roy Keene doing the “hoovering”. According to the credits, two guys do all of the voices. They are very creative and talented. So glad it’s back.

  5. I’ve heard of this before in other websites and blogs and since this was noted to be a classic I decided to see it…what a snooze….I just don’t get hte humor in it and trust me I know what they are talking about…

  6. I was laughing as hard as the Boy with that Arse-shavin stuff, that was genius defined. And I thank Jose for letting out the word on why Sven cancelled practice on his birthday.

  7. WOW. This might have been my favorite episode ever. Amazing. I was trying to drink hot chocolate while watching… NOT a good idea. hahaha

  8. Out-freekin-standing.

    Favorite lines:

    Rooney: Get me the tank!

    Sven and Becks: You hang-up. No you hang-up. No you hang-up…

    Absolute brilliant writing.

    Thanks, Ives.

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  10. Jamie, totally true. Always personal preference.

    I’m with Mike in not finding the Special One particularly funny. But I do think the Mitchell and Webb football clip very funny.

    To each their own!


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