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USA vs. Mexico countdown: And the SBI Banner Contest winner is…….


You are looking at the winning banner in the SBI Banner Contest ahead of Wednesday's U.S. national team qualifier against Mexico. In a field that included more than 40 entries, this submission by Anton Jusifi took the price after winning the SBI reader vote with a total of 27 percent of the vote, which saw 1,887 votes cast. Thanks to all of you who voted, all of you who participated by creating banners, and special thanks to Blockbuster Video for helping push the vote even further toward this quality banner.

So what next? Well, SBI has placed an order to have the above image made into a four foot-by-eight foot banner that will (hopefully) be ready to go for Wednesday night's match. The order is in and now it's up to the fine printers in Columbus to get the job done so Anton's idea becomes a reality. Where will the banner be displayed? That has yet to be determined, but since Anton will sitting in the North End of Crew Stadium there is a chance it will be there.

What did you think of the contest? What other banner would you like to see made and shown off at an upcoming USA match? Are you still hoping someone brings an Oswaldo Sanchez doll complete so people can beat it like a pinata?

Share your thoughts on the contest, and Anton Jusifi's winning banner, in the comments section below.


  1. Rastafari……do you really think that they’ll let you in the stadio Azteca with ur BS……they’ll probably kill u right after you leave the airport….don’t be stupid. All u are ignorant people…lol

  2. We are, and always have been, the SBI Mafia. There’s nothing wrong with a banner for Ives, given everything he’s doing for soccer in the US, and it’s also just not about Ives – it’s about all of us who check this site a dozen times a day.

    Only one word for this banner: awesome.

  3. Ma⋅fi⋅a [mah-fee-uh, maf-ee-uh]

    –noun 3. (often lowercase) any small powerful or influential group in an organization or field; clique.

    Some of you guys need to get off your PC high horse. There is nothing wrong with the name SBI Mafia and definitely nothing wrong with that banner. We voted for it and it’s going to be at the game representing those of us who voted for it.

  4. +++++++

    I guess you don’t remember the “Red card, yellow card, green card” banner at USA-Mexico in 2001, do you B.S.?


    Hi Warren,

    I do remember that banner, but there are no Echelon Key Words in that package.

    Notice how my original comment was redacted?

    Ives, you naughty, naughty boy…

  5. chupacabra would also be nice to be displayed also… Maybe some fans in the SBI Mafia who are attending the game will take initiative and make banners of their favorites that didn’t win the Vote.

  6. I agree with Harold.

    And also it’s shameless self-promotion for an internet blogger. The spotlight shouldn’t be on Ives Galarcep — it should be on the game and the players.

  7. I think this whole “mafia” thing is tacky and distasteful. a mafia is not cool or hip. it’s very mention suggests ignorance, violence, and disrespects everyone who has been negatively impacted by crime.


  8. Thanks for the votes guys. All the other banners are great and I hope Ives does this again for the Azteca match (el chupacabra would get my vote). I would definitely love to make this into a shirt, ya know, as long as I get a cut of the profit… Seriously, if anyone has any ideas how to make it into a shirt then please let me know. Anyways, join the don’t tread on this group on facebook, definitely an awesome group. See you guys at the game and go USA!

  9. Nice! This banner was the cleanest out of them all. Looks good!

    Too bad I didn’t have time to do one (I design for a living 🙂

  10. “YEAH ANTON!! Way to represent Don’t Tread on This- Supporters of United States Soccer group on FB! Anyone not in this group join immediately. Best group on FB.”

    Seriously. Colin who started this began there as well. We have influence everywhere.

  11. i voted it, but only 4’x8′. too small ives, unless you can get over the corner flag or just above the goal! make sure and tell the espn bobbleheads to discuss where it came from

  12. YEAH ANTON!! Way to represent Don’t Tread on This- Supporters of United States Soccer group on FB! Anyone not in this group join immediately. Best group on FB.

  13. Love it
    I also really like the chupacabra one…would really get under the Mexican supporters’ skin. Somebody make that one too for next time

  14. Jeff that’s a great idea. i would definitely buy that if it was a shirt. hopefully ESPN can explain the poster during the pregame show if there is one or maybe even half time. Ives maybe you can slip the idea towards ESPN’s producers.

  15. Gooch to PSG or Marseille this summer.

    Charlie Davies to a French or German club by summer.

    Kenny Cooper to an English or German club in the summer.

    Sasha Kljestan to a Dutch/German club by summer.

    More of what we need. All of our national team members playing in top Euro leagues.

  16. Gooch is helping Standard Liege to another league title this year. They have a great chance of making it to the quarter-finals of the UEFA Cup as well. I’m sure by summer he’ll be join PSG or Marseille.


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