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USA vs. Mexico Countdown: Who is ‘El Tri’s” biggest villain?

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In any rivalry like the USA-Mexico rivalry, there will be players who are considered heroes and those who are regarded as villains. For Mexican fans, no player fills the villain role for the United Stats quite like Landon Donovan. For American fans, picking the ultimate villain is just a little bit tougher.

Think about the candidates for a second. From Oswaldo Sanchez to Jared Borgetti to Cuauhtemoc Blanco to Rafael Marquez, there are several candidates to choose from. Please note that we are not advocating hate, because in the end all players in this series have earned the respect of fans from both sides, but let's face it, if you can't hate the players from your arch-rival then who can you hate?

If you are a U.S. national team fan, now is your chance to vote. What Mexican national team player have you hated the most since you began following the series? What player symbolized the "Bad Guy' better than any other player for Mexico?

Now that you cast your vote, tell us who you voted for and why?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. everyone in america refers to the u.s as america because we are americans we are the united states of america so we are american u guys are simply meixco so you are mexicans. also i hate that spic sanchez. and spic is not a racist word, the n word was used to agaisnt slaves as a deragtory terms and thus has bad connoations spic is just short of hispanic not a bad term.

  2. O.K., wait a minute! I agree with the nominees for DIRTIEST PLAY award, and Sanchez threatens to overshadow that ATTACK on Cobi during WC 2002. But for overall “VILLIAN” and “Bad Guy”, Blanco rules with an exceptional mix of diving skills, backlashes, cheap shots, spitting, badmouthing, and lucky breaks against our boys. I know he has football skills; no argument there. But this is the kind of opponent I would have a hard time with, as a player, restraining myself from kicking his hunchbacked little @$$!

    He has been consistent, over his international career, stirring up trouble vs the USA from the opening minute of play. I wont miss watching that cheezy two-footed leap-over ball move or that “archer” post-goal celebration. See, even retired this twit still gets under my skin!

  3. Sanchez did make a mistake I agree, that is not imperative towards this match, let’s talk about the match, you guys think the US def will actually stop Nery Castillo, Franco, Vuoso,Giovani,Venado Medina, Sinha, there is no way in the world US has a chance against Mexico this time, Mexico has the most powerful attacking squad in concacaf and the US you have to admit has a poor defense, so stop talking about the past and let’s get down to the point, Thursday morning you will not even want to go to work when the US gets stumped by Mexicos attackers

  4. For those that are posting about the word American and thinking it would be similar to callin ,German, English, and french Europeans. You are wrong. Americans are citizens of the United States of America. Mexicans are citizens of Mexico and so on. If you want to group us together you would call us North Americans not simply Americans. Just like people from Brazil, Argentina and Chile are not Americans they are South Americans.

  5. Sanchez is the Villian, the rest are dirty plays or players. Marquez is one of the best at getting away with cheap shots in the run of play. For him it is an art.

  6. I dont even mind blanco after seeing him play in MLS so often, hes really endeared himself to me. a little.

    HOWEVER, sanchez is suuuuuch a bitch

  7. Being American of Mexican descent, I’m ashamed of the biggest villain of all: Osvaldo Sanchez.

    He’s an arrogant, impudent, narcissistic, egotistical fellow.

    We only hope Ochoa will throw him out in a short period of time.

    Texas Soccer Republic


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