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USA vs. Mexico: Looking ahead to the rematch

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Even though the U.S. team and its fans are still basking in the glow of a 2-0 victory over Mexico on Wednesday night, that doesn't mean it's too early to look ahead to the next meeting between the arch-rivals.

The re-match is set for Wednesday, Aug. 12th and while the venue hasn't been announced yet, you can bet your bottom peso that it will be at Estadio Azteca in Mexico City, which happens to be the scene of the only two Mexico victories in the series this decade.

Mexican fans and media were clinging to the belief that one thing the United States can't do is go down to Mexico and win, something the U.S. team has never done.

U.S. coach Bob Bradley wasn't spending too much time thinking that far ahead on Wednesday night, but he smiled confidently when asked by a Mexican journalist if the United States can win in Azteca.

"It's on our list of things to do," Bradley said.

What do you think of the rematch? Think the U.S. team can finally win in Azteca? Do you plan on making the trip to Mexico?

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  1. I think Pico’s point is well taken.
    A healthy Guardado and Castillo would bring a high degree of skill to Mexico that could be very tough to match.

  2. The Deuce – the Confed Cup will be over in June. The Gold cup – which we are supposedly bring our B team to – ends July 26th. I think we can count on our best heading to Azteca to try to check a win there off “our list of things to do”.

    By the way June is going to be sick. On the 3rd and 6th we play @Costa and home to Honduras respetively, then the 15th Italy, the 18th Brazil and the 21st Egypt. Daaaaang! June is going to be fu-uhn!

  3. While I would LOVE for us to beat Mexico at the Azteca, I would prefer that Bob makes an informed decision about what we need to do at that time. That is, if we are already a lock for qualification and we performed well at Confed Cup, maybe we won’t take the A team and might use the opportunity for some of the younger players to get some real experience in big matches. Conversely, if we don’t get any results in So. Africa this summer, we may need to win at Azteca to help our argument for a seed. I certainly HOPE that FIFA can get away from the current pot system where we always get screwed in our group.


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