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USA vs. Mexico: The highlights

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Whether you are a U.S. national team fan who was unlucky enough to miss last night's dramatic 2-0 victroy against Mexico at Crew Stadium, or even if you were one of the thousands of fans at the game, chances are you will take joy in watching the highlights from the U.S. team's convincing victory.

Here they are, courtesy of the folks at

What were your favorite moments from Wednesday night's match? Share yours below.


  1. Whilst it was great to have a US victory, I would not say it was in any way convincing. Mexico were in the game till the Marquez sending off and it could have been a very different story if Howard had not saved in the early stages. There is a long way to go if we are to make any progress in South Africa. Suggest the jury is out on the ability of a number of players at this level but we have opportunity sighting on the bench. Bradley was again dominant – would have loved to see more minutes for Altidore. Howard is a rock and personally desires this win.

  2. ESPN’s coverage is horrible. What they can’t outfit a camera with a better lens to cover the field of play?

    Sure, I can take the Favre retirement story on the split screen but Wtf?

  3. Best comment last night:

    SBI BANNER FTW!!!!!!!!!!

    Posted by: Karl | February 11, 2009 at 07:41 PM

    Second best:

    Maybe all of Klestjan’s skill was in his hair.

    Posted by: Rudy | February 11, 2009 at 08:28 PM

  4. two negative comments:

    Bob Bradley is starting to develop a troublesome pattern of waiting too long to insert second half subs. He has done this a couple times in friendlies and now in a qualifier. I understand wanting to give guys minutes in friendlies and not wanting to change something that’s working in a qualifier. But a few guys were clearly gassed last night, and subs were definitely warranted. Have confidence in your bench, Bob.

    ESPN camera coverage is really awful. Please show the play developing instead of zooming in on some players face. Watch coverage of the EPL and see how the pros do soccer on TV.

  5. USA scores 19 goals vs Mex 3 goals over the last 11 games in the US.
    !por Dios! Gosh! That means Mexico is gonna have to score something like….uh…(carry the one)…16 maybe 17 goals on August 12 just to prove that they can kick our culos.

    Beto should send the memo over to Pancho Ramirez and Rafer Marquez. Heck yeah!

  6. With ya’ll on Dempsey’s dive.

    Favorite non-gameplay moments in countdown form:

    4) The way all 10 (not counting Howard) players ended up sprinting to the corner to celebrate the first goal, showing unrivaled passion, always a good thing.

    3) Sanchez just booting the ball as far into the stands as he could after the second goal bounced back out of the net. Again, that replay showed the ball dipping, better than previously believed.

    2) The SBI Banner

    1) Favorite thing Bradley did all night: When Marquez hit the ground, Michael was the jumping right to him, taking Howard’s back like all of us wanted to.

  7. Beto, some comments. You seem to be confusing the definitions of luck and lack of skill. I believe that Marque and Sanchez are part of your team? And they screwed up, which doesn’t really make it luck, no? Second, that red card was totally legitimate. Do you seriously contend that you can drive your cleats into someones thigh and not be carded? Please respond to my points without irrational statements.

    Looking beyond that…
    Fantastic win, I’m ecstatic. As a side not–Dempsey STOP DIVING. Besides that…

  8. BETO???


    Beto is as blind as lavolpes grandmother (who plays really well for the US national gericatic team) She just got red carded for taking out a guy that looked like her son.

    Beto apreda a perder, marica por eso todos piensen que mexico son maricones con tu.

  9. Once the first goal went in… it wasn’t a matter of ‘if’ we would get the second one, just ‘when’ it would come.

    Dos a cero: It’s not just a score, it’s a way of life.

  10. Mikemike- Nice Lebowski reference!

    The weather made this game nearly pointless to re-watch. Unfortunately we did not get to see who was the better team last night.

    But 3 points is 3 points and this game proved to me, as if it needed any more proving, that Tim Howard is a beast.

  11. Come on Mike, Beto is right, we have been lucky against Mexico for 11 straight games on US soil now. We have to admit it, we’re just very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very lucky. I mean how else would you explain a 19-3 goal tally against an obviously superior opponent.

  12. I think maybe Beto is really a U.S. fan posing as a El-Tri fan to try and stir up trouble.

    I mean otherwise his post is ridiculous.

    Oh, and kudos to Ives for the SBI Mafia banner on TV. I loved it, then I had to spend five minutes explaining to my girlfriend why.

  13. Yeah, I am sorry Beto, but it is painfully clear that the USA is better than Mexico. Them Mexicans looked completely out classed, and were never a threat to win.

  14. USA you play nothing !! the goals were only good luck ( in the first goal Marquez left re-centre Donovan and after that Sanchez did not grab the ball … and in the second goal , no comments… Sanchez is a real human garbage …) but until 41 minutes USANT was not dangerous , adding Marquez red card was a plus to avoid the tie of Mexico , by the way there was a foul on Giovanni before the red card to Marquez … WTF … !! that was unfair , cmon guy you know that Mexico is through a bad moment but USA won by luck … if I were you wont be so happy ….

  15. oh yeah…and the banner getting so much air time and Harkes agreeing with it! Great stuff

    And Ives’ coverage was also a haighlight of this game’s experience. Thanks!

  16. kpugs…I actually agree with you..about Dempsey.


    -MB proving that nepotism is dead

    -LD proving he can beat Marquez whenever he wants

    -Opening the game with our CB’s pushing past midfield

    -the interchanging play between postitions

    -Ozwaldo totally blowing the save that made it DOS A CERO!

  17. Scott47a I agree I thought the game was kind of sloppy. The only two US players that I thought had a great game were Howard, and Bradley. The US defense was shakey. Left fullback is a weak spot. I would be interested in seeing Califf with Gooch in the middle, and Bocenagra on the left.

    When we play Mexico in Mexico the US is expected to lose. With that in mind, coach Bradley should start Altidore, and Adu. Why not? There is nothing to lose, as that game, again, is kind of an expected lose for the US. If anybody sees coach Bradley make the suggestion please!

  18. My favorite moment was at least half a dozen Mexican players turning to the ref raising their arms after the first goal, for about 5 seconds, until they realized they were a bunch of scumbags and there was literally nothing they could complain about and hanged their heads.

    My second favorite part was the entire Mexican team assaulting the referee, who was 5 feet away and staring directly at Marquez as he intentionally slammed his studs into Tim Howard without even attempting to play the ball.

    I hope Mexican fans read this: your players are scumbags. The tiny amount of respect I had left for them is gone. They are nothing more than a bunch of filthy, dirty scumbags.

    And to show I’m not completely biased, I’ve had enough of Dempsey’s diving. He has made such amazing strides in his game, why does he still go down at the slightest touch, then stay down and look at the ref for a foul when it was a dive? Enough, Deuce.

  19. It was a sloppy game. But I like the fact that we can win those kinds of games these days too.

    I wasn’t particularly impressed with anyone save Bradley, Onyewu and Bocanegra. Hejduk was OK too, I thought. But everyone else seemed a little off — bad passes were everywhere.

    That said, I think it’s clear we are a better side than Mexico now, no matter how poorly we play. The struggle El-Tri is going through from the Blanco-Bravo-Borghetti generation to the Castillo-Vela-Gio generation is really pointed. Not sure this new group, despite their hype, is anywhere as talented as the older men they are replacing.

    Finally, I want to say that I hope Ives can crack down on the people who made disgusting racist comments on this blog during the game yesterday. I want the U.S. to beat Mexico every time. But no American worth being represented by the flag would ever type the words “greasy Mexicans” onto a blog about a soccer game. Disgusting.

  20. My thoughts:

    The banner looked AWESOME! Great job.

    Bradley the Younger was great. The haters can take a two week vacation. DMB also looked rejuvenated at times. I hope Rangers was watching.

    Rafa Marquez flying cleats-out into Howard is so inexplicable, I wonder if at least 5% of his thought process was “I know how I can help get Sven fired!”

    After watching South Korea’s keeper and Oswaldo Sanchez play yesterday, I am VERY thankful for our keeper pool’s quality. There are at least two probable World Cup finalists with crappy keeper play lately.

  21. Man someone needs to tell us soccer to get a better feed for these videos. The resolution is on par with gol tv.

    However, I could watch these highlights over and over until april 1st.

  22. The ONLY thing that could make that video any better for me would be if the background was a stirring rendition of the “Battle Hymn of the Republic”

  23. Unfortunately, players who don’t score on a regular basis often don’t receive the credit they deserve. So, more than his two goals, it was nice to see Michael Bradley get some recognition for a dominating performance.

    Landon was sharp on almost every touch and looked good throughout the game.

    Dempsey was lame though, man. And I’m a big fan of his.

  24. When Bradley scored his second, and I knew it was going to be 2-0 again. It was a cool thing to say before, but three qualifying cycles in a row, in the same old stadium completely open to the nights sky, that scoreline starts to give me goosebumps now.

    One day they’ll demolish that place, but it’s got its place in history now for sure.

  25. The first couple of times I saw MB’s 2nd goal, I thought it was a big goalkeeping gaffe. Looking at the last angle shown on the highlights, you can see how fast the ball dropped just before it got to Dirty Sanchez…much better strike than I thought!


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