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USA-Mexico Countdown: SBI is heading to Columbus


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Good morning folks. We are less than three days away from the showdown in Columbus and the traveling has already begun for fans and media heading to Ohio for the big game.

I will be arriving in Columbus early this afternoon and kicking off SBI's coverage from U.S. national team training. You can also look for another installment of Your Questions Answered at some point this morning.

If you haven't already read it, here is my piece on five U.S. veterans who have enjoyed their share of success against Mexico.

Since today is a travel day I couldn't help but wonder just how many members of the SBI Mafia will be making the trip to Columbus. If you will be traveling to Columbus for the USA-Mexico match let us know where you will be traveling from, how many people you will be traveling with and how you plan on getting to Columbus.

Enjoy the morning (and look out for a new installment of Your Questions Answered some time before noon.)


  1. driving from Indy Wed morning with my dad and a buddy, first usa game for both of them and we are freaking psyched! It seems as though Indiana will be well represented at this game!

  2. I live in Columbus… does anyone have any idea as to where the Mexican team is staying? I have friends who want to go make a racket outside Tuesday night.

  3. What’s up with DTV? They dropped Espn 2 from my package and added extra music channels; now i’m stuck watching the game over on Univision (with an HDTV), fudge!!!! I need the spanish programming to get my daily futbol dose on the weekends.

  4. Driving from Buffalo Wednesday morning and meeting up with my brother whose driving from Ann Arbor. Just wish it was going to be about 40-50 degress colder…

  5. Staying in Cleveland, Mississippi where I will be watching at my local Mexican food establishment. I will be fighting with the waiters to watch on ESPN2 with English versus Spanish on another channel.

  6. Coming from Murphysboro, Illinois (about a 7 hour drive) on Wednesday. I lived in Barcelona for a while and got to a good number of Barca games. I’ve never been to a World Cup qualifier before, though, and haven’t been to a world class soccer game in about 7 years, so I’m PUMPED!!!

  7. My brother and I are flying in from Denver Tuesday morning and flying back Thursday morning. We’re missing three full days of my college courses. Oh well.



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