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YWTC: The Best of the Donovan Voodoo Doll captions


                                                                                      Photo by Soccer By Ives

As you know by now, the voodoo dolls that Mexican fans were supposed to use to try and help Mexico beat the United States did not work. That's something that makes the most recent installment of You Write the Caption that more entertaining and satisfying for U.S. fans.

The above photo was taken before Wednesday night's game, and it showed Landon Donovan being shown one of the voodoo dolls. There were more than 200 entries for this YWTC but these were the ten I thought were the best.

Check them out and then vote on which you like the best. The winner will receive a free t-shirt courtesy of SBI sponsor Objectivo Apparel. Please remember to use the Promo Code IVES to get free shipping on all Objectivo orders.

Now, onto the Top 10 YWTC entries for the Landon Voodoo installment:

Hey Landon, you don't know me, but is there any chance you could do me a solid and bleed on this doll? (EUGENE T)

"Just show us on the doll where Oswaldo Sanchez tried to touch you" (BRANDON)

Hey! Jorge Campos! I haven't seen you in years… (AndrewDiceWay)

Donovan: Look no balls, shouldn't this doll be wearing a green uniform? (KIRE DCU)

So you guys are really scared of me, huh? (DCUfanTX)

Everything finally made sense after Donovan spotted the pin in Alexi Lalas' head. (MIKE CARAMBA)

"Do these come in AC Milan colors?" (JB)

"Hey, you wouldn't have one that looks like Luca Toni would you?" (Colin Johnson)

So that's what hundreds of Mexicans will be throwing at their TVs this week after another 2-0 loss?(STEVE)

Sure I remember Abel, we were teammates all last year. (ABEL)

Now it's your turn to vote for the best caption. The winner of the poll will receive that free t-shirt from Objectivo Apparel. Fire away:


  1. Nicole – Trust me-a different Hoffe club showed up to the Rhein-Neckar Arena last night. They were off all night, but the official did them no favors either. Don’t want to take anything away from Bayer 04, who played well, but when it mattered on two occasions, the official had a hand in the goal. Regardless, Hoffe sucked. My friend works for SAP, huge Hoffe fan, got me tickets, we was PISSED!!!

    Me? A happy camper. My next match: Hoffe-Bayern in May.

  2. Nicole – Although Hoffe is the local club about 15 miles down the autobahn, I was pulling for Leverusen all the way. I want to see Bayern on top after today and Hoffe in second for the remainder of the season. What an incredible story if Hoffe makes the CL next year.

  3. Nicole – How was I to know there was a tornado? I’m 10K miles away, and didn’t recall the announcers saying anything about it. A tornado in frappen Feb in COL, are you kidding me, seriously?

    As for the wife comment, an athlete trying to make one of the top clubs in the world (and b/c a regular contributor) would have stayed away and wifey should understand that. Now, LD goes into today’s match with much less testosterone.:-) I will be at the Pub watching today, after a day of cleaning house. We got 6 inches of snow here last night–unusual for the part of Germany.

  4. Ives, I don’t mean to be picky of point out typos (especially when it looks like my comment isn’t going to win), but:

    Sure I remember Abel, we were teammates all last year.

    Posted by: kswiss | February 11, 2009 at 09:58 PM

    Did I miss someone named Abel who posted this exact comment before I did, or is this just my comment with the wrong name?

  5. Der Ami – you may always be right, except when you’re not! ha!

    You’ve flown from Columbus to O’Hare at 10:00 p.m. in the middle of a tornado?!! I’m impressed.

    Look at the other comments – there were no flights. And please, don’t forget, the weather was horrible! Also, don’t forget…he might have wanted to say “hi” to his wife after the game. 🙂

    I’m reading German newspapers: Both Donovan and Altintop didn’t make it until Friday – they’re both with team in Berlin. I notice Podolski did not make the team. Hmmmm.

  6. Nicole – Maybe not to Franfurt from Columbus, but he sure could have gotten to O’Hare from Columbus and then to Frankfurt on Lufthansa. Been there done that on the LH redball express.

    He didn’t do himself any favors. Why are you always second guessing me? I’m always right.

  7. Brandon’s is the best by far. Not that the others weren’t good, but it just came from left field. I’m glad I didn’t read it in public…

  8. Here’s what i know about the Beckham deal:

    I lived in Italy up until November and my wife still lives there. She called and told me that the deal reported on Italian television is:

    14 Million Euro = approx. 18.5 Million dollars

    AC Milan friendly in Carson, CA vs. LA Galaxy with Beckham recieving 40%-50% of the ticket sales.

    Keep in mind Italian news is very untrustworthy. In the last week they have reported that Laura Bush sued George W. Bush for divorce and that Michelle Obama is pregnant.

  9. I voted Brandon. Literally laughed out loud it was so unexpected.

    Although I was looking forward to voting for “I’m sorry but you’re going to need more than voodoo.” I’m sad it didn’t make the 10.

  10. Nope, my vote still goes for the pre PK ritual comment. OMG, he’d spend even more time trying to get rid of the voo doo spell, or something like that.

  11. Anthony, Donovan is not the first person of the bench. That honor goes to Altintop (he was a starter before he got injured last season).

  12. Travis is right. You can’t get out of Columbus after 10pm to Europe. If you’re flying out of CMH, you need to leave either in the morning or early afternoon to catch the flights out of DC or Chicago to Munich, Frankfurt or Berlin. Anyway, Toni apparently gets in Klose’s way. Donovan seems to be a better strike partner for the German international (according to experts in Germany).

  13. Ok, I know that the contest is past.

    As for Donovan, I’ve been impressed with his growth at Bayern (thank you, GolTV), but I just cannot imagine that he’ll get a starting spot over Luca Toni. I just hope he keeps being the super-sub right now, that first person off the bench.

  14. I don’t think there’s a flight plan allowing his return Wed night from C-Bus.

    Luke – Toni has been chunking it of late. For every goal he makes he’s missing a good 3 – 4 good chances. LD is 0 for 1 (if my count is correct).

  15. wow. very good captions this time around all around. if the oswaldo sanchez caption was never thought up, it would have been a hard decision. but of course, the winning caption is pure genius.

  16. DAK, i also was wondering what LD would do for travel plans and agree that a Wed. night flight back made sense to me. In any case….unless he’s way better than we think, i dont ever see him taking TOO much time from Toni unless Beckenbauer really flexes his muscle.

    I’m also wondering if Altidore will get a chance to play at all this weekend. The Xerez coach didnt even bring him along last weekend, citing that he hadnt had enough time to acclimate to the team. If the coach really believes in that logic, i dont see why he’d want to put him in this weekend’s team since Jozy was in Ohio most of the week.

  17. Der Ami – even if Donovan had left right after the match, he probably wouldn’t have made it back in time.

    It took 15 hours of travel time for him to get here – not sure it would be too much different going back.

  18. Travis – I got news for you, but that is the talk in the German press for the time being and Beckenbauer and Rummenige are leading the charge against Toni, while Klinsi comes to his defense. We’ll see how it plays out. Toni is a good player with plenty left in the tank, but he could be going through a phase.

    Regardless, let’s hope the phase continues and Donovan takes advantage of those opportunities when he gets them by putting the ball in the net.

    I wonder how his legs will be after his flight back to Munich and then the flight up to Berlin tomorrow for the match against Hertha? Hope he didn’t drain his testosterone during his layover on Thursday. In my opinion, he should have flown back immediately after the Mexico match and slept on the plane IOT make it in time for Thursday’s fitness session.

  19. My favorite didn’t make the final list:

    “So you say Luca Toni gave this to you?”

    The idea Toni would be afraid of LD taking his spot is much more funny than LD trying to put a hex on him (and closer to the truth).


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