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A behind-the-scenes look at USA-Mexico

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Almost three weeks have gone by since the U.S. national team's latest 2-0 victory against Mexico, but the story never gets old.

You have seen and heard almost everything there was to know about that memorable night in Columbus, but the folks at have brought us a great behind-the-scenes look at the opening World Cup qualifier of 2009.


What did you think of the video? Can't wait for the rematch in Mexico? Share your thoughts below.


  1. This is probably the best national team related video I have ever seen. Incredibly well done. Does anyone know who does these for US Soccer?

  2. The Video ROCKED! Dos a Cero! I live in Mexico & the house was FULL of Mexicans & I was the only American in the room (cept for the kids) screamin at the top of my lungs! They hated me. I loved it. Thanks US Soccer!

  3. True story: I am sitting, as I write this, in the Columbus airport for the second time in four weeks (this time for business). Inspired by the best loudspeaker announcement I have ever heard *last* time I was sitting here (and truth be told, inspired by a handful of airport bloody marys), I just paged Mr. Dossasero.

    Pretty sure nobody here even came close to getting the joke, but I did. And I laughed and laughed.

    God that was a great game.

  4. “7:35 Angry Mexican fan slams sombrero into the stands after second goal. Sweet.”

    Haha, good eye.

    USSoccer puts together some great videos. This is one of their best. I loved being able to hear the crowd noise in all of its glory, the oohs and cheers and “DOS A CERO!”

  5. It is from US soccer. They do GREAT stuff. This is my second favorite US video, behind the Nike commercial from ’06 with them in the locker room in Guatemala, I believe, and it sounded like the place was going to collapse around them.

    Gave me chills watching it all over again. I hope to be in Mexico for the next leg.

  6. El Tri has a problem, undisciplined. Until they work it out the rivalry will decline. With many minutes yet to play and still only a goal down Mexico went into pay back mode. It appeared they were more content to hack someone than score and tie the game. In the last Honduras game they did the same thing. I don’t think Sven can turn this around. If they don’t start playing football the hex will be very difficult for them as was the previous round.

  7. I was at the game and I’ve watched the goals over and over again. Reliving it never gets old. Especially the first goal where I was 2nd row and they celebrated it right in front of me. Coolest moment I’ve ever had at a match.

  8. It’s 10 am and I’m having a crappy days at the office, I take a little time to watch the video and bam I’m in a much better mood. Amazing how that clip can do that. It put me right back into my seats at Crew Stadium—instant flashback. I love it. Thank You Ives! Saved my day. Great action. I felt the intensity at the game and I felt it through the video.

    BTW, I love Hejduk. How could you not? That man’s a character and not too shabby as a player either. He needs to run for office. He’d make the mood in this country a happy one!!!

  9. Pretty awesome video, especially the field-level footage. You get so much better of a sense of what it’s like down there. I just wish YouTube didn’t take the quality down so much.

    Also, nice SBI Mafia banner footage at the end there.

  10. Yeah, I have to say that the videographers and editors at US Soccer sure do put together a nice field view highlight package


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