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Argentina puts on a show

Argentina (Reuters)

Good afternoon all. Apologies for the lack of posts today but it was time to take care of some site housekeeping duties as we get ready for a busy week ahead.

I'm sure many of you are ready to discuss last night's U.S.-El Salvador match, and I will put up a post shortly to allow folks to discuss some of the issues from last night's 2-2 tie before we offer a more detailed take on the match on Monday.

For now, since most of you will agree that last night's USA-El Salvador game was pretty ugly, here is some beautiful soccer to brighten the mood. It comes courtesy of Argentina, which continued its great form under head coach Diego Maradona. The Argentine's posted a 4-0 victory against Venezuela on Saturday that could have been by even more. Lionel Messi was at his dominating best and the goals were fun to watch.

here are the highlights. Enjoy:


  1. What an honor for Messi to get the number 10 shirt from Maradona himself. And he clearly deserves it. By far the best player in the world right now.

  2. mike ruze,

    It wasn’t offside, there was clearly a Venezualan defender at the top of the screen playing both him and Aguero (I think-whoever is up close to Messi as the ball is played through) onside…

  3. It’s not arrogance it’s confidence and just not being hypocrite, we argentines speak our minds and are very honest at that. If we don’t like someone we will tell you in your face. And to all those who were criticizing diego el 10 when he assumed that he wouldn’t make it… A big laugh on you. That other poster who just said it’s easy to manage a team with so much talent… What about previous coaches??? Diego is a motivator the best player who ever stood on a field plus he is a fighter and will say what’s in his mind and will fight for his players, how can you not feel motivated as a player? Call us arrogant but it’s the truth wether you like it or not

  4. john…

    because argentines are not the humblest of people/players. their arrogance is the main problem for lack of admiration from a lot of people. unlike Brazil.

    just yesterday i was speaking to an argentine and said to my face, that people don’t admire argentina. instead, people feel envious. it’s not the first time i’ve heard it either.

  5. how the hell do people always overlook argentina. no country plays soccer as beautiful as argentina does. and when people tell me spain is going to win it all next summer, they wonder why i laugh at them.

  6. cichero saved the aguero sitter, and rojas was in there too trying to block messi’s cross on the second goal.

    mike ruze:
    messi’s goal was clearly on sides if you paid any real attention to the countless replays they had for it.

  7. Riquelme really looks like a douche now after Argentina played the way they did with him sulking in “retirement”. I don’t think too many Argentines are missing his attitude today.

  8. It’s not often the comments reach over 100. Chill.

    Also, if people actually read the comments made by others before posting maybe there wouldn’t be repeat comments. Preventing people from just going to the end and adding a comment prevents the site from being really monotonous a la another “big” soccer blog we love to hate.

  9. I agree with wally about the comments page problem. I think numbering them at the bottom would be better however. Instead of NEXT, should have PAGE 1 2 3 4 5… etc and be able to click on them

  10. Messi looked offsides the first goal. That goalie sucked.

    Great team. Hard to give Maradona too much credit when you n I can coach that team.

    If Argentina had any size theyd have a shot next yr.

  11. If Argentina continues in this form, I don’t know how they can be stopped next summer.

    Does anyone know if this was their full A team? I recognize all of their players except for their goalie, and number 2.

    What’s the deal with the shoulder-length haircuts? Is this a staple of being a world class player from Argentina? If so, I think they all need to shave their heads and go with this:

  12. ha TomM with the way things are going economically for this country we probibly can’t even buy an argentine jersey rite now.

  13. Did the announcer say “Columbus Crew”?

    Finally- a player truly worthy of the 10 shirt.

    Watching the USMNT and then the Argentina team makes me wonder- can we buy Argentina?

  14. Ives – A thought for the site (which is great). In the comments section, users should have the option of clicking to the end of the comments section in a single click (“last” instead of “next”). For USMNT games when you have 400+ comments, this would allow quickly clicking through to the most current comments without spending half an hour clicking next.

  15. dang… I didn’t see anything like that from C. Ronaldo yesterday. Messi is the best player in the world. Hands down.


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