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Battle for Beckham takes a bizzare twist

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Major League Soccer fans, wondering what's up with David Beckham? Well, apparently, he's become the subject of a bet between a group of Italian ladies who have reportedly put up £20,000 to see which can be the first to seduce the England midfielder.

The Daily Mail reports Italian magazine Grazia quotes a source close to the, um, wager. We cannot make this stuff up.

"There is a group of about 20 girls who hang around the Milan nightclubs and bars where the Italian players go to relax. They have decided that David Beckham. Most of the girls have slept with several AC Milan players, but no longer see them as a big deal.

"They are mad about David, though."

Surely, this is taking the current "timesharing" agreement for Beck's services to another level altogether.

Beckham is currently training with the England National Team ahead of Saturday's friendly against Slovakia. According to the Sun, Beckham was the subject of a practical joke when members of the Royal Marines visited training and one went to shake Beckham's hand. However, Beckham was stunned when the arm came off. Moments later, Beckham realized it was a prosthetic limb and everyone had a laugh.


  1. I wonder when Beckham is going to try a new afro look or dreadlocks. Should help generate some new PR for him, what you think? I mean the braids, cornrows, mohawk days were years ago, he needs something flashy.

  2. Nah Ives, I have to disagree with you on this one. Funny stories are cool – you’ve done your share of them (and given my studies, I can use all the humor I can get – remember I suggested you write something about the voodoo doll story before you posted about it) – but going to the Daily Mail is scraping the bottom of the barrel. Stuff on Deadspin works because they say clever things about absurd stories. WAG stuff is pretty standard British tabloid fodder.

  3. Joamiq, you’re my boy, but you need to chill on this one. It was a funny story and entertaining. If you can’t have fun with one tongue-in-cheek story then it sounds like you need to get out more (which is entirely possible given your studies).

    In fact, we might try to incorporate more funny stories in the rotation, just to break things up a bit. We won’t be turning into a soccer Deadspin, but there are some funny stories out there and once in a while we can mix one in.

  4. Hey, let Dylan have his fun with these silly stories. As for Becks, I say “Bang ’em all, my boy, bang ’em all.”

  5. That is hilarious. When will we get this kind of fan reaction for MLS? Garber needs to have guys like Cooper or Ching or Ljungberg showing off the abs to get women to tune in? Help the PR

  6. Uh, Dylan, don’t you have anything better to write about? I mean, repeating something from the Daily Mail is about as pathetic as it gets.

  7. I’m no Beckham fan, but even I would think he learned his lesson in Madrid when he banged his “personal assistant”. He has been rumored to have hooked up with a few club chicks in the past, but I imagine those days are long over.

    Or if he succumbs now, it would only be after an extensive and intense screening process, a signed confidentiality agreement, and consent by all parties that the deed be done exclusively with night vision goggles.

  8. Don’t say it’s not news or interesting… after all, you read it.

    Reminds me of when I spent a couple weeks in Australia in the 90s. A friend played Aussie Rules for a Melbourne team. We went to a club, I didn’t bring a jacket, he tossed me one from the back seat, I stuck my hand in a pocket and pulled out ten or so pieces of paper with names and phone numbers. (And the occasional physical identifier to help jog his memory. As I recall, he was particularly quick to notice breasts.) I showed them to him, he said, “Oh, I forgot about those…” glanced at them briefly, then tossed them in a trash can. I couldn’t believe he threw them away… until later when I saw how easily he got more. Kind of amazing. And yes, he’s retired now and definitely misses those days.

  9. I thought Ives’ woulda been all over Blanco’s “i’m not coming back” announcement. I guess he’s leaving it for everyone else to tear up…

  10. how shocking…attractive women like to flirt with attractive men…

    the bet is an interesting twist though. I’m curious how they will “prove” which person wins the bet. Beckham sex tape, anyone?

  11. It amazes me what passes for news these days.

    I mean who doesn’t have packs of beautiful women trailng them with 5 digit wagers on who can get with them first.

    Right guys?


  12. Can we infect the wining lady with Syphilis so that she may pass it on to worthless golden balls?

    What a joke, why is this guy even coming back to MLS for.


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