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Coming Soon: USA vs. Trinidad & Tobago

In case you hadn't noticed, CONCACAF World Cup qualifying starts up again for the United States on Saturday in El Salvador, but just a few days after that we will see the U.S. national team return to American soil. The United States will take on Trinidad & Tobago in Nashville, Tennessee on Wednesday in is first home game since beating Mexico in Columbus, Ohio in February.

Here is a commercial to get you in the mood for the next home World Cup qualifier:

Will you be traveling to Nashville for this match? Are you hoping to see the U.S. team exact revenge for its World Cup qualifying loss in Trinidad last fall (albeit against a U.S. B team)? Think the national team will move three points closer to a berth in the 2010 World Cup?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. I live in the nashville area and the media here has been total crap, almost zero advertisement for the match. i know tons of us soccer fans that didnt even know that there was a match. lp could be sold out if they really wanted to be. please email the media showing your support for the us mnt and get on the radio and talk it up! i want a great atmosphere at the match and NEVER stop singing! wear red!

    COME ON U.S.!

  2. flying in from california/dc after a week in dc. bought tickets as a graduation from college present from myself. will be fun to see a national team game outside of the home depot center.

  3. I leave noon tuesday.

    Pick up my friend from school in Chattanooga around 2.

    Arrive at my aunt’s house in Murfreesboro around 4.

    Dinner with my cousin/hanging with you guys wherever/whenever.

    Sleep in vacation style wednesday, Aunt fixing us breakfast.

    Lunch at Demos’.

    Tailgate at the stadium, find a pickup game somewhere.

    Game. (Section 107/ Row A, working on my banner over the weekend)

    Head back thursday morning.

    Good midweek trip.

  4. If you’re getting a good deal at Union Station, then DEFINITELY go with Union Station. Beautiful restoration, good service, and the Flying Saucer between Union Station and Cummins Station is a damn good beer bar.

  5. I’ll be there with my 11 year old son, coming from Birmingham. It’s his birthday present, and we’re both pumped.

    Of course, I’m also pumped about the Ticketmaster fees I had to pay…

  6. I’m traveling to Nashville from Louisville with friends. Where’s the game party? Also — anyone ever buy tix off the street?

  7. Haig:

    Thanks for the insight. Have it narrowed.

    Holiday Inn Express or Union Station/Wydam???

    Both about the same price.


  8. My across-the-street neighbor and I will drive up from the Jackson, Mississippi, area. I went to College at Middle Tennessee and I know Nashville well. We’ll be drinking beer at the Gerst Haus which is just east of the stadium across a few parking lots. It was actually a brewery at one time and the beer is still outstanding. They have all the typical pig and potato German stuff. Dudes, I can’t wait. T&T are a good side but they never travel well. We should clearly take all three points.

  9. Several hotels are downtown and within walking distance to the stadium. Also, there is a shuttle that can take you from the airport to various hotels.

  10. I am going to my first ever USMNT soccer game and I cannot wait. Me and my girlfriend are driving from Memphis the night before and staying at the Sheraton downtown. Then we’re leaving the day after the game. Should be a nice little mid-week vacation in a great town. I’m so pumped words cannot express. Ole ole ole ole, USA USA….

  11. Matt,

    The hotels on the east bank are pretty sleazy and sub-three stars. They’re the closest to the stadium, and are cheap, but if you stay there and are planning on going out afterward, take a cab back. It gets rough late at night on the east (stadium) side of the river. Days Inn probably your best of a bad lot of choices.

    Decent rates downtown proper disappeared a few weeks ago. The Best Western near the capital is not really even three starts and is your cheapest bet (around $140 with taxes). You could also try the Holiday Inn Express on Broadway around 10th Ave, it’ll be a little more expensive than the BW.

    Also you could stay along the West End corridor towards Vandy. It’s pretty safe there but a mile or two hike to the stadium. I see the Indigo on West End has some good rates, and it’s a very nice hotel and therefore a good bargain, though not exactly cheap.

    Do NOT stay out south of downtown along Murfreesboro Road/Nolensville Road or northeast along Trinity, Brick Church and Dickerson. Hotels are cheap, but they are very, very rough areas.

  12. If anyone in Nashville or anyone else wants the game to get more coverage, call up your local sports radio stations and talk about the game. They need to see the support before they’ll give it coverage

  13. NEED ADVICE from Nashvillers and i don’t feel like wading through Bigsoccer forums. I’m flying in from Tampa the morning of the match.

    WHERE to stay? Need hotel recommendations. Do not want 5 star. Probably more 3-star. Should i be in downtown…or near stadium..or are those two not mutually exclusive?

    Help in Tampa.

  14. We (5 of us) have our tickets and will be traveling in from Crew-lumbus.

    This will be the first time in Nashville and our first International Game. Hope to find a pub/tailgate to visit before the game.

  15. I would sure hope that 15K isn’t a good number, there are plenty of other places that would have drawn 20+ easy for a WCQ. I get it if it is the gold cup with the B team.

  16. “After all Chicago couldn’t break 12,000 tickets sold for this exact same match – also on a Wednesday night last year”

    Hate to break it to you, but a WCQ semifinal round is vastly different from final round. I think a lot of people only travel for the latter. Plus, it was at TP on a wednesday night…not exactly good placement…

  17. For only the the third time in the past 15 years (US-Germany in Jacksonville, FL and US-Guatemala in Birmingham, AL were the other two, a nats game is played within a half day’s drive of Atlanta. Of course I’m going to be there! If it wasn’t a Wednesday night, I’d expect to see thousands making the pilgrimage from the capital of the New South.

  18. Funny, I live in Nashville and this is the first time I’ve seen this commercial.

    Ives- Any update on how ticket sales are going so far? Unfortunately, the Nashville media is almost completely silent about this game.

  19. My tickets arrived yesterday.

    A better question is: What makes Nashville a better venue than Chicago? After all Chicago couldn’t break 12,000 tickets sold for this exact same match – also on a Wednesday night last year… and Nashville has already passed 15,000.

  20. I will be driving 11 hours and going straight to McSomethings when we get there Tuesday night. Can’t wait to meet new people from all over the country.

    I think US will be fresh off a 1-0 or 2-1 win, and will easily trump T&T.

    Don’t forget to wear your red.

  21. how can it be revenge when we clearly beat them here at home the first leg? I’d say this is a great opportunity to dominate the top of the table.

  22. El Salvador T&T…these matches are all meaningful of course, but up until the Gold Cup in July were not playing against a single opponent that’s better then us. I’d really like to see the men’s team try to cram in more competitive friendlies randomly through their schedule

  23. Man, I love international football so much!

    That commercial gets me pumped. I think we are sweeping the 6 points and moving into the driver’s seat.

    Just a few more days. I hope Torres gets to play in El Salvador beside Bradley.


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