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CONCACAF Champions League — semifinal preview



The Puerto Rico Islanders began their CONCACAF Champions League bid about a year ago and after unlikely advancing out of the preliminary round, the group stage and the first knockout stage, the United Soccer Leagues First Division squad will host Mexican powerhouse Cruz Azul in the first leg of the semifinals tonight in Bayamon.

It has been a truly remarkable run for a squad that plays in a second tier North American league. I spoke to Puerto Rico coach Colin Clarke and goalkeeper Bill Gaudette for a preview I wrote for The Islanders are pitted against a Cruz Azul squad smarting off a 3-1 loss to rival America on the weekend. La Maquina is one of three Mexican squads among the final four teams. Santos Laguna and Atlante FC will meet in the other semifinal Wednesday.

The second leg will be played at Estadio Azul on April 7. What do you think of the Islanders run to the semifinals? Do they have a chance? Will you be rooting for them? Let us know.


  1. General Clarke does it again.

    Wild Bill does it again.

    El Batallon S-10, Orange Star Ultras looked great on tv. Nice to see us have a unified supporters group much closer to the field.

    Another nice result for the region’s best known second division club.

  2. that keeper was great!!!!!!!!! Puerto Rico look fitter than Montreal did, but they were at home, so hope they can keep up in the second leg.

  3. Bill Gaudette is the man, what a great game to watch. I”m finding myself more into concacaf champions league then uefa…. never thought that was going to happen

  4. Puerto Rico Islanders 2-0 Cruz Azul. Final! Gaudette was amazing! Islanders stand in good shape going to Mexico City in 2 weeks.

  5. Puerto Rico up 2-0 at half.

    My spanish sucks, but it does like like Jozy MIGHT be heading to Levante….which, i think, would be possible since he hasnt dressed for Xerez yet (you cant play for more than two clubs in a season).

  6. “Let’s go Puerto Rico!!! Don’t let Mexico become to CONCACAF what England is to UEFA.”

    Where have you been the last 20 years?

  7. I would love to see Puerto Rico win a squeaker tonight 1-0, but reality tells me that they are very outclassed by Cruz Azul. However, games are not won on paper–let’s see what happens.

  8. Don’t know that they have a great chance, but when did they through this whole thing?

    And of course I am supporting the US team, MLS loyalist or no.

  9. Let’s go Puerto Rico!!! Don’t let Mexico become to CONCACAF what England is to UEFA.

    It might be an Irish holiday today, but a win will give us of Puerto Rican heritage a nice reason to celebrate as well.

  10. I am going to say 1-0 to Puerto Rico for tonight’s game after speaking with their team Captain, Noah Delgado in an interview I did with him yesterday for my blog. Colin Clarke will have his team organized and up for it.
    Good luck to them!

  11. After how Clarke did with the Burn/FCD, I figured he’d never get another chance in MLS. But I think his track record with Puerto Rico has been excellent. He may end up earning another coaching shot in MLS given all the expansion in the next couple of years.

  12. I love an underdog and I really don’t like (my mom taught me not to say hate) Mexican teams. I will really be pulling for the Islanders. It would be Disney movie stuff for them to continue this run.


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