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Dos Santos injured, could miss Mexican qualifiers

GiovaniDosSantos (AP)


If you thought Freddy Adu and Jozy Altidore had bad luck with their respective club situations then you have not met Giovani Dos Santos.

Coming off a promising first start for Ipswich Town on Tuesday, in which he scored the equalizer in their 1-1 draw against Burnsley, Dos Santos played only 26 minutes before picking up a groin injury against Watford. The Mexican forward was replaced by midfielder Danny Haynes in the 0-0 draw.

Although the injury is considered to be minor, Dos Santos, who joined Ipswich on loan from Tottenham Hotspur on March 13, is now at risk of missing out in Mexico's World Cup qualifiers against Costa Rica and Honduras.

A final decision on his health will be made by Sunday.

What do you think of Dos Santos getting injured? Do you see him being cleared to play in Mexico's World Cup qualifiers? Believe that Mexico will miss him if he cannot play? Is Mexico better off without him after missing that "sitter" vs. the United States?

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  1. Well, we did make money on the Keane sale/buy and off Berbatov… What’s $1.5mil on a guy who gets more injured than Ledley King? We can lie to MLS and say he’s 35… They’d buy him for twice that in 2 seconds flat.

  2. I have a question.. How was Dos Santos able to be loaned out outside of the transfer window but somehow Jozy couldn’t go to Levante?

  3. I am just waiting for an MLS team to take advantage of the current situation with Dos Santos and make a move for him. He is struggling a little bit right now and out of favor with his club. As an RSL supporter I would love to see my club grad him, even if it has to be as a DP.

    I think that he would be a huge hit in MLS with the Mexican-American fans and he is a young and very skilled player. The MLS should snap him up now!

  4. dos Santos is actually my favorite and only liked Mexican player. i believe he is young skilled player and can actually can do good at a high level of competition. I think mexico will miss him if he does not dress for them in their qualifier.

  5. That sitter? Come on, it’s been shown over and over again that dos santos would have been offside, and therefore playing the ball would have killed the attack. Can we get some analysis along with our jingoism? We all hate Sven’s boys, but can we at least show some football smarts about it?

    But yes, without dos santos and marquez, el tri are looking at a potentially very bad week.

  6. I’m sure he’ll be fine to play if Sven wants him. The bigger concern for MExico is the fact that Marquez is out for the next two qualifiers. Let’s hope Mexico drops points over the next two.

  7. Very bad luck for the Mexican team. I really hope they get a coherent group together, we (USMNT) need Mexico to be in great form in Mexico City in order to ensure a high level of sweetness in our victory.


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