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Eddie Johnson emerges from shadows with strong performance

Eddie Johnson (AP) 

Do you know this player? If he doesn't look familiar do not be alarmed. It has been a while since you would have noticed him.

That player is Eddie Johnson and the U.S. national team striker finally gave American soccer fans a reason for optimism about his career after putting in an outstanding performance for Cardiff City in its 3-0 win vs. Barnsley on Tuesday. Johnson got a rare start, playing 90 minutes on Tuesday, and he delivered an assist during an active and encouraging performance that has brought him back in the good graces of Cardiff fans who had grown tired of his lack of production.

Here is an excerpt from the above story:

"It may be the fact that the on-loan Fulham-striker is like the Forrest Gump of Championship football – hapless, but so willing and eager you can’t help liking him."

Listen to this interview with Cardiff City manager (and John Carver sound-alike) Dave Jones praising Johnson's performance.

What do you think of this development? Could Eddie Johnson be coming around? Could his struggles at Cardiff be helping him mature and grow into the player his physical gifts have always suggested he could be? Will you reserve judgment until he actually scores a goal?

Share your thoughts on Johnson's performance in the comments section below.


  1. Listen guys, first and foremost, Eddie is not playing in England, he is playing in WALES. Cardiff is a Welsh team, playing in the English league.

    Us Taffy boys have never lost faith in Mr Johnson, he has had nothing but support from the fans, even though on occasion he has failed to perform. He has an opportunity to grasp now, our other big striker is injured, and Ed needs to take the bull by the horns. Come on Eddie, Come On Bluebirds!!!!!!!!!

    Big up,for Tex out in Dallas – USA Cardiff fan!

  2. Look, what does everyone expect here? First of all Landon’s coming back home for the 3rd time. 2nd, Jozy can’t get a game with Xerez. 3rd, Adu’s having a rough time with Monaco. Eddie Johnson, a country boy from Florida is finally starting to get the English game after being there for little over a year (if I’m correct). Surprise surprise!

    What should he do? Beg the guys at Fulham to tear up his contract so he could come back home and be a star at MLS again? I think with the Landon/Germany situation we know that would be a mistake to say the least. I also remember Giuseppe Rossi’s loan at Newcastle didn’t go all that well either. Give the guy a break, please.

  3. Wow one good match after many failed attempts. Even the blind man can find his way around the city. I am sick and tired of EJ and his hype. He is lazy on the pitch and rarely places forth the effort he can achieve. EJ is someone who thinks they are a prolific striker when in reality that isn’t the case. He is a good MLS player and that’s about it. No way should he be on the national team and playing. I wish he could do more and excel overseas but that is to be determined.

  4. Sad, sad situation with Eddie. All he can afford to do if he wants to stay in the game is mature. Just take a look, I mean listen to Clint Dempsey and see how he’s lost the attitude in the accent with more production on the field.

    I hope EJ succeeds.


  5. 1 good game in a second tier (at best league) is nothing to get excited about.

    EJ will resume disappointing soon. I mean the guy didn’t even score FFS and he’s a GD striker! Is this how low the bar has gotten that this sort of performance is cause for lavish adulation? It sounds to me like he merely did the things he SHOULD be doing everyday.

    My biggest fear is that Bradley will take this as cause to call him up again and put further blocks in front of Altidore.

  6. Everyone wants him to succeed. All of those who hate him are just upset he is the most inconsistent natural striker we have.

    I’ll be happy when he is paying like this week in, and week out. I could see him getting a call up this year for the MNT with all of the games they have.

    I feel the tide changing though and a brisk wind blowing in my face.

  7. I dunno, nothing in that interview led me to believe that the manager is all of the sudden enamored with Eddie. If anything, he confirmed everyone’s suspicions, that he was not settling in well, his skills (or rather lack thereof) were letting him down. Like someone learning a good swing in golf, you may get everything to come together for your on one day, but your bad habits will return to bite you. I expect he has a way to go before he can consistently perform at a level where we can say that he has made a comeback. The question is whether the club will keep him long enough for him to do so. I wouldn’t bet they will.

  8. USA, USA, USA.

    EJ has been playing like crap over the past year and hasn’t even tried in most matches. That hurt him and kept him to the bench. Now he’s back in form, and i’m hoping he can show off his skill.

    GO EJ. Get that hat-trick.

  9. Yeah I think we will wait until he starts scoring goals regularly and has more then one good game to say he has arrived.

  10. 65 comments on this. that says something. not sure what.

    yes it will take more games and consistency, but to me the most encouraging aspect is that it appears he worked hard out there. For me that was the most frustrating thing when watching him the past few years. He has world class speed. He might worth something yet.

  11. Did you guys ever stop to think that its people like you who are constantly teasing and taunting EJ that hurt his mental strength?

  12. Although I would like to see EJ turn the corner, I just don’t buy it. I don’t think he will become what we all would have hoped. I seriously hope I am proven wrong, because he has the talent.

    Hopefully he can prove a lot of people wrong and he can become an awesome striker.

  13. Ahhh… I see there is now competition. You with the very powerful name, I don’t think people are saying we shouldn’t be critical of EJ, but rather he just played a nice match, got some good press, so here’s a pat on the back.

    I haven’t read anybody clamouring for him to be called back into the National Team starting eleven, but he’s gotten so much bad press (rightfully so, mind you) for his performance, that it’s nice to see him draw some praise for a change.

  14. Johnson has been busting his ass for the past year in England, yet failing time after time. But he’s stuck it out despite massive criticism, and finally his hard work has paid off, and maybe he has finally learned how to be an effective player.

    I don’t think there was really any question that he had the athleticism or skill to succeed at any level. But his effort and tactical awareness were frustratingly inconsistent, seemingly coming and going w/ his confidence. Hopefully this experience is beginning to harden him, and he’s learning to give 100% effort despite where his confidence is at.

    Really exciting development overall

  15. i respect the fact that people don’t think eddie should be criticized because it hurts us soccer. but the fact is that everything is not rosy and pink concerning eddie’s professional career. he is a professional athlete who has been producing indifferent performances for many, many months. if people who are passionate about soccer want to weigh in on the current situation. then they should.

  16. Why are Cardiff City fans more optimistic about EJ over USMNT fans?

    Didn’t we have optimism when the FFC transfer was finalized?

  17. I’m with Andy from Atlanta. The Eddie Haters just can’t get enough. I’m a big EJ fan. Of course I’ve been disappointed by his lack of goals but I always believed he had the talent if not the mental strength. Clint and MB are the only two young US nationals who seem to have that mental toughness to succeed at a high level in Europe. And by the way, If we are going to blast EJ like this we need to talk about what Donovan has (hasnt) done at Bayern once the real games started. Here’s a prediction. EJ will score before the season is over and he will be back in the US mix. I love U.S soccer. If our players succeed US soccer benefits. The EJ haters don’t ever seem to understand that.

  18. @ everyone who is making fun of the fact that Ives has posted this story….

    Have you been so drowned with all the great stories coming from Monaco and Villareal/Xerez etc… that you think that it is rediculous that we are talking about Eddie Johnson again? Guys we live in America where soccer is bashed on by Jim Rome every single day ($100,000 cash to first person that makes him eat through a feeding tube by the way) and you want to piss on a story that means a guy that we all have bashed time and time again for being lazy is finally “WORKING HARD”…

    You guys really need to get your priorities straight…stop whinning about Jozy not doing that his and damn Nevin and Giuseppi turn coats that… and focus on the positive stories.

  19. God most you guys are just arrogant pricks… I am not EJ apologist but him showing signs of working hard is a very good thing for us…That honestly was what was lacking all these years… If you think that Eddie has not skills then you just read about what others say of Johnson and dont actually watch him… I being a Wizards fan exhiled in Atlanta have seen plenty of skill in Eddie… If he adds full time effort to that…he will be back @ Fulham taking over for Bobby Zamora next season… FACT

    Now obviously you will say…let us see it week in and week out and I will agree 100% with that…

    Come on Eddie show the haters that you can do it every time you are called upon.

  20. MVK,

    Yeah I did, I though he played really well, great cross into the box he made where Scott Parker slotted it home. I thought he looked pretty good going forward and more assured on the ball. Hopefully the Zola influence!

  21. Dannyc58-

    Thanks man, did you happen to see that game where Spector got in recently? I havent seen him play in like 2 years.


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