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Edu praised for weekend performance

Maurice Edu (AP) 

After finally getting a chance to start for Glasgow Rangers, U.S. national team midfielder Maurice Edu made the most of the opportunity, impressing in place of injured starter Pedro Mendes in Rangers' 1-0 win over Hamilto Academic.

Edu's performance drew praise, as well as this pretty lengthy feature story on him in the Glasgow Daily Record, complete with "Rangers star Maurice Edu" headline.

Edu isn't likely to stay in the lineup long, but it is clear that he is highly regarded by Rangers and is someone who should benefit from the club's return to European competition next season. Whether fellow American DaMarcus Beasley is still around by then is another story.

What do you think of Edu's performance? Glad to see him in the mix? Wondering if he should be looking for a new club, or are you encouraged by the remarks coming out of Scotland about him?

Share your thoughts on Edu's showing and his future with Rangers, in the comments section below.


  1. FYI..

    He still will play in front of a few thousand at a lot of games.

    Falkirk Stadium
    (Capacity: 8, 000 (soon to be 12,350))

  2. AliCooper – Good Lord, can we please give it a rest? Like a broken record, you people are.

    Friggin’ parrots.

    It’s good to see Mo getting some playing time. We’ll need him in form come summer.

  3. Beasley is for sure heading a mid-table La Liga or Ligue One team by season’s end. Hopefully he can be a starter asap and make some contributions.

  4. Maurice Edu is a future Rangers star. I can imagine with solid play he will be a starter next season and be with them for years to come.

    Hopefully Bradley can stay with BMG for a few seasons if they’re not relegated and then move up to a bigger club in the Bundesliga like Stuttgart or Hamburg.

    I have a feeling Dempsey will stay at Fulham for years to come carving out his little niche.

  5. This is not journalism. This is straight from the “book of cliches”. Edu obviously took Crash’s advice and wrote them down.

  6. djking2, he also plays for a team that averages 50k for home games. When Beckham isn’t involved, name me one MLS team that averages 50k? You know it doesn’t exist and I know it doesn’t exist.

    Maryland, last year’s NCAA NATIONAL CHAMPIONS, saw 3506 attend their 2008 regular season finale against North Carolina. That sounds like a few thousand to me!

    He was almost assuredly talking about college… stop showing that typical Canadian insecurity.

  7. Tom, he wouldn’t come off sounding like such an ass to me if the game he just played in had more than 5998 in attendance. To imply MLS crowds are often smaller than that is bullshit you know it, I know it. Not to mention he never played for less than 20,000 here in Toronto. Mo knows ass kissing.

  8. Articles like that make me miss good soccer coverage in the mainstream media in this country. With America’s love of statistics, it’s just hard for sportswriters to say, “Wow, this guy who didn’t score any goals, and as far as we can tell just ran around with a few passes and tackles thrown in, played so well we should do a feature article on him!”

    AltiCooper – Considering he is on one of those top two teams then it is good for his game because he trains with and works with the best players in that league on a daily basis. Consistency is what keeps you on the field. Edu can make things very hard for Smith if he plays that well again on Wednesday and continues to excel in training. If Rangers qualify for European competition for next season, that just opens up more opportunities (due to squad rotation/resting/fixture congestion) for Edu to get playing time down the road. Also, considering his age, if he does continue to play well, another team from another league will come in and snap him up.

  9. Or “fan” he could’ve been talking about his time at Maryland, which being 3 years ago, isn’t that long ago either.

    Canadians and their easily bruised egos…

  10. OR he’s talking about when he was at Maryland, going to visit VA Tech or someone. Wasn’t that just three years ago?

  11. “Not so long ago I was playing in front of a couple of thousand people so it’s a big difference but I’m getting used to it and enjoying it.”

    I didn’t realize 20,000 fans at BMO Field were only considered a couple.

    What a chump.

  12. His last cap for the NATs he looked horrible, so yes it is good to see him back on the field for the Rangers because the kid is a phyiscal beast that will rarely not be the best athelete on the field. Edu ceiling is very high. Best of luck to him.


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