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European Goal of the Week: Eduardo’s volley

Eduardo (Reuters) 

There were plenty of goals scored this past weekend, but few had more special meaning than Eduardo's brilliant side-footed volley in Arsenal's FA Cup win against Burnley.

Not only is the goal memorable for the amazing skill it takes to hit a side-volley with the outside of the foot, but because it is the latest goal in Eduardo's remarkable comeback from a broken leg.

Here is the video clip of the goal. Enjoy:

What did you think of the goal? Was there another goal that you saw in Europe this weekend that was better? Feel free to share your thoughts below.


  1. That wasn’t just a standard outside of the foot volley. You know the hackey sack move where you lift the outside of your foot to keep it up? You can slap it forward that way too. Socrates of Brazil used to do that. Definitely in the Brazilian repertoire.
    Actually easier to control than the standard outside of the foot volley, but hard to get power on like Eduardo did.

  2. Amazing goal. The vision and awareness to get back onside and dart onto the pass, the perfect positioning and timing essential to see the volley, and then the cool-as-you-like outside boot strike, which is incredibly difficult to control (anyone who has played knows how hard it is to volley with control, let alone with the outside of the boot).

    Is he left footed? Even more impressive if that was his off-foot.

  3. wow!

    you really can’t tell how good this is until about the 4th replay – until then, it just looks like a nice volley.

    nice to a see a skillful player back on his game -good for everyone.

  4. I have seen many strikers make the goal Vela made. He just beat two lower-quality players and then a lower-quality keeper. It was great, yes.

    But I can honestly say that in years and years of watching soccer I have never seen anyone do exactly what Eduardo did on that goal. It’s got to be up there among the top 10 goals in Europe this year and among the best Arsenal goals ever.

  5. Vela’s goal was better. He beat 2 men (one before he even touched the ball) and chipped the keeper from the edge of the area. Pure class.

  6. Giuly’s goal is wonderful, but Eduardo’s goal is absolutely sick. Although he made it look easy, that strike is insanely hard to do. Best goal I’ve seen in awhile.

  7. cam, you are going to hell for that. j/k

    fantastic strike! so smooth. I think the emotional aspect of this goal makes it top goal.

  8. That’s the goal of the season, so far.

    I am completely nonplussed by those who are unimpressed.

    Vela’s goal was nice, but was more about his first touch and the goalkeeper getting caught in no man’s land than anything. Eduardo’s was just jaw-dropping in it’s invention, cheek and class. Stunning.

  9. With any goal, circumstance should also be weighted, since goals change games.

    I think Eduardo’s goal was the goal of the weekend. I agree that Giuly’s volley was brilliant.

    I also thought Tevez’s second goal against Fulham, which basically ended the game for Fulham, was spectacularly good.

  10. This goal was decent at best. If any other player this weekend would have scored this goal it wouldn’t be getting any play.

    The Media and there “come back darling” Eduardo.

    I just wasted 2 minutes of my time. I’m going to youtube to watch the EJ goal again.

  11. Sick Goal…


    So what were the results from the Hamlett Q and A??? Your leaving us Fire Fans on the edge of our seats!!!!

  12. Yeah Eduardo’s goal might be the goal of the year in all of Europe. I have to agree with Dwbpnm here. The amount of skill required for Eduardo’s goal is just insane. To take a ball on the fly with the outside of the boot and rifle it into the upper V is crazy. I was watching that game on Gol TV and my jaw just hit the floor when he scored that goal. I just kept rewatching it on Tivo.

    Anyone who has played a significant amount of soccer should realize the difference in difficulty between what Eduardo did and a fairly standard angle volley like Guily’s. It was still an amazing goal but you see those a lot. I don’t think I have ever seen another goal like that of Eduardo. Honestly, I was shocked and wonderfully amused as a soccer fan.

  13. Even though Eduardo’s goal was classier…I think Vela’s goal was better because he nutmegged the one guy to get into space and while he was getting pulled on by 2 defenders he still gracefully chips the keeper. Eduardo only gets the nod because of the comeback story

  14. sick goal, and its remarkable that he came back from such a horrible injury… but i just cannot bring myself to pull for him. im a spurs supporter, i just cant do it. is that wrong?

  15. Giuly’s goal was great, but I think Eduardo’s was the more impressive. If you look at his body positioning, he absolutely intended to take it off the outside of his boot. Insanely hard to pull off AND time your run like that.

  16. Umm sorry kpugs but Eduardo’s required ten times more skill. If you dont believe me go down to the park and have someone toss a ball for you to try and hit it like Guily and then try for Eduardo’s. Also as Freddie pointed out Eduardo’s run was timed to perfection which adds to the degree of difficulty.

  17. What a talent Eduardo is… his injury finished off the squad last year. Hopefully his return can return them to the style of football everyone can enjoy watching!


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