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Jeremy Hall’s Training Camp Diary: Entry Two

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Jeremy Hall's first training camp abroad has been a memorable one. He has played against storied clubs such as River Plate and Boca Juniors, he has had the good fortune to experience playing in 'La Bombonera', one of the most historic stadiums in the sport, and he has also had to battle in camp against seasoned veterans as he tries to learn new positions.

With the slate of games in Argentina behind him, Hall can now focus on the countdown to the regular season has he looks to continue impressing the Red Bulls coaches, who have thought enough of Hall to use him at a variety of positions.

Here is Jeremy's look back at a very busy week in Argentina, a week that included a little bit of everything. Here is the second installment of his training camp diary:

Rain, mosquitos and games galore


Earlier this week, the training sessions have been a little different than usual. When we first got here it had only rained once and the fields were not affected by it. But this past week it has rained a number of times leaving the fields wet and with puddles all over. Because of the conditions there has been a lot of sliding. When the training sessions were over every one was covered in mud from head to toe. I really don't know how Fernando (our Equipment Manager) did it with all the nasty wet clothes he had to deal with. But, then again, Fernando is the man!

Also, this week I guess the bugs and mosquitoes all got together and decided to come out to practice with us. As soon as we got off the bus guys were asking for the OFF bug spray because we were all getting bit up. It was funny because you constantly saw guys, including me of course, complaining, swatting, and flailing there arms around to keep the bugs away from them.

We also had two more games. In the first game, we played Argentina Juniors. We ended up tying 1-1 with Jorge Rojas scoring a beautiful free kick that bent around the wall and into the upper left corner. Our second game, and last game of the trip was against Boca Juniors. When we got to the field there was a little bit of a delay due to where the game was going to take place. A long enough of a delay that we got to meet the US Ambassador. When everything was settled coach came in the locker room and told us that we were going to get to play on the main stadium field. I thought it was pretty crazy being able to play on the stadium when last week we were in the stands watching from the outside. Unfortunately, we didn't play as well as we wanted and ended up losing 2-1. You could definitely see that we had heavy legs but that was still no excuse for our performance.

To be playing against pros everyday, and being one, is a dream come true. Being able to come to Argentina and play against teams like River Plate and Boca Juniors (inside their stadium) is an experience I will never forget. As some of you may know, I have been playing mostly as a right back now. The transition from playing left mid in college to now has not been as hard because I have played it before and along with the help of the senior players, they have done a good job with me along the way. I think that learning the physicality and pace of the game was a harder transition for me. Playing against clubs that are at the top of Argentine soccer has helped me out a lot with my confidence at right back. I will be using this experience as a stepping stone, and when my number is called I will look to play to the ability that I know I am capable of.

I think with our trip to Argentina we were able to accomplish some things as a team. I believe being here we have grown as a team and have a closer and tighter bond. We went to see Watchmen as a team and, for the guys who actually made it through the whole movie, regretted it afterward. Also, we got better on the field as well. Overall, I thought we showed that we can play good soccer and knock the ball around. I know that I can't wait for the season opener in Seattle and with this trip under our belt I think we will be in a good place come March 19th.

As for the mustaches… it is sad to say that they are all gone now. I give the trophy to Jon Conway who I think had the best one.

Our trip is in its last couple days until we go back home to the States. Again, even though it was a long trip it has done the team good both on and off the field. I will never forget it!


  1. If you read the books you will appreciate the movie. Simple as that. If you haven’t read the books, I would suggest you do it ASAP. You won’t regret it, I guarantee it.

  2. this is an awesome feature. Need to keep it up Ives throughout the season!!

    Maybe have Omar and Sakuani do one as well.

    And an American abroad would be VERY cool. Getting a sense of the European training and nightlife is very interesting.

  3. Seeing Malin Ackerman without clothes yet again was enough for me.
    Just kidding. Not really.
    But if you’re not into graphic novels, you wouldn’t “get” The Watchmen, the movie.

  4. Watchmen’s pacing was off (though I’m willing to bet that when the cut footage gets reinserted for the director’s cut that’ll be fixed), some of the acting (Malin Ackerman…) was bad, some of the dialogue lifted straight from the comic didn’t work well on screen, and the fear of the Cold War just isn’t as compelling today as it was in ’86. On the other hand, some of the acting (Jackie Earle Haley, Jeffrey Dean Morgan) was thrilling, it presented competing moral philosophies in a way that movies just never do (while leaving it to the viewer to decide which should prevail), and the opening credit sequence was one of the best I’ve ever seen.

    The story development wasn’t nonexistent. When you strip the complexity away, you’re left with essentially a detective mystery. What the movie doesn’t have is a traditional climax and resolution. I think the former is partially because the movie doesn’t present quite as much as the comic does about some of the characters’ motivations, and because of the aforementioned pacing issues. The lack of a traditional resolution, though, is one of Watchmen’s masterstrokes. The precariousness of the ending is more real than any of the satisfying endings you’ll see in any other comic book movie.

    Overall, the movie has flaws, but it also has moments of unparalleled brilliance. The flaws are always going to annoy me, but the brilliant moments are going to demand multiple viewings. That’s just my take.

    Oh yeah… good stuff Jeremy

  5. If you didnt read the comic you probably thought it was too long and not that good. Me and 6 of my friends saw it the 3 who read the comic loved it, the 4 of us who didnt hated it.

  6. wait…i thought osorio saw j. Hall as a box to box center midfielder. So is he gonna see more time at right back or in the center? good article though.

  7. Ha, that’s a great article. My friend went to see Watchmen last night and told me it was horrible. Then again, I doubt he read the comics (neither did I).

  8. Send the kid a camera, Ives.

    Let’s see candid shots from the training grounds, off hours, games, and of course ‘staches!


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