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Join the 2009 SBI Fantasy MLS League

Landon Donovan (ISI Photos)   

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It is that time of year again. With the 2009 MLS season set to kick off in a week, it is time for you to sign up and join the Fantasy MLS Challenge.

For the third straight year, SBI will be sponsoring an MLS Fantasy League for SBI Mafia members to test their MLS knowledge against each other (and against me). All you have to do is sign up in the next week and pick your squad based on the salaries provided. To join the SBI League just search for the Public League (Soccer By Ives) and join.

SBI will be working on legitimate prizes this year for the Top three finishers this season so stay tuned for more information on that front. For now, sign up, build your team and get ready to show how your team stacks up against the rest of the SBI Mafia.

If you plan on joining the league, and if you have taken part in year's past, please share your thoughts and experiences below.


  1. Mark, drop kamara. he has a red card. While I love GBS, consider LD instead.

    And tell Ives you want to see a weekly fantasy bit on the site!

  2. Just joined. I like my current line-up. Defense may be a little shaky, but the offense should make up for that.


    Bench: Marosevic, Nyassi,Brennan
    Coach: Kinnear

  3. its the same as fox, didnt realize mlsnet was piggy backin that. whatev i like my team any way, just wonder if they change with the fox changes

  4. Last year was bizarre, even by the convoluted standards of the official MLS Fantasy game, and only made more so by the weird lull of mid-season parity that exacerbated the strange point values and player values.

    Jimmy’s Purple Dinosaur will bring the pain in ’09.

  5. MLS what? Is that still going on? I feel like there have been so many transfers and whatnot that I don’t even know who is still on what team…

  6. I’m back and ready to dominate again…that is until I finally decide to play some Red Bulls and they screw me knocking me out of the top spot again.

  7. It is a lot of fun. I play against my 14 year old son. Gives us something to talk about for 30 weeks! Plus we watch a lot of the games together. Two years ago he beat me by just 5 points, but last year I kicked his butt. I ended up 12th in SBI — very tough competitors — and won a poster (which I gave to my son at Christmas).

  8. I’m in with Forney Union. My goal is to keep up with a fantasy league and to actually check the damn thing at least once a week!

  9. The SBI league is pretty tough, but awesome fun. You screw up one week, you could be out of the running. Last year I did well enough that I won an MLS poster (which I’m sure many of you did as well).

  10. I just filled out my first ever fantasy league team (in any sport, mind you), so I’ll probably get creamed:) But let me tell you, if an MLS team manager has to go through at least somewhat similar process moneywise in putting a team together, my condolensces to all of them.

  11. dub,

    Yeah I saw that article. It’s just odd that they would scrub his name off the website because it was there with his picture 2 days ago when I was watching a Ljunberg video. Did his work permit go thru or is that the problem?

    I’m excited to see the kid play.

  12. This Guy: yeah I noticed that last night on the MLS show in FSC… at least it says this on the Times website

    “Sounders FC forward Fredy Montero has left the team to travel to South America, where he is sorting out personal contract issues with his agents. Montero will not play in Thursday’s exhibition finale but is expected to return to Seattle on Friday.”

  13. I’ve won whatever league I’ve been in the last two years, and I fully expect to win the SBI league this year. Prepare to feel the pain!!!!

  14. I played this back in ’02 and it was cool because player values fluctuated based on performance. Then a few years later it changed so that player value was fixed. Does anyone know if value is back to fluctuating?

    Hungry Like The Woolf FC


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