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Landon Donovan is taking questions

Landon Donovan (Getty Images) 

If Landon Donovan's stint at Bayern Munich, and his likely return to MLS, have you asking questions, Donovan might be the one to answer them.

The U.S. national team star is ready to take your Bayern Munich-related questions at his website, You can go to the site and post your questions right into the front page. Please don't post questions here. Save those for when Donovan agrees to be a subject for The SBI Questions.

What have you thought of Donovan's time at Bayern? Now that he looks to be returning to MLS are you happy, or disappointed? Think Bayern Munich is making a mistake by not buying him?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Landon’s time at Bayern is what I thought it would be – frustrating, a game of numbers (too many players at that position and not enough time to make an impression).

    Having said that, he got on the field and played with top players and got plenty of time when he would not have been playing with the Galaxy.

    So I’ll look at it as a qualified success, but here’s hoping that he can find himself at a mid-table team so he’ll get on the field all the time.

  2. Landon should have been more selfish and aggressive, Germans like this, a few less passes and more runs at defenders. Also his supporters didn’t know where to give him the ball, behind the defenders dunkoffs, so Klinsi or Landon should have made this very clear.

    Toni’s recent poor form, didn’t help the team or Landon.

  3. Landon,

    Get out of your contract with LA
    Go to Houston, they need a striker and playing with Ching will better prepare the national team. Also they this would help them get a win in mexico.

    don’t think about it, just do it

  4. Landon,

    What temperature do you set the oven at for baking Landycakes?

    Posted by: the special one | March 04, 2009 at 07:36 PM




  5. Why did you go back to Germany for 3rd time. Is it that you missed the German babes? Because German football doesn’t fit your style. Next time try Holland, Spain or MEXICO :p

  6. Everyone needs to read the ENTIRE post before commenting.

    I hope he comes back to the MLS for my sake of seeing him more often.

    But for his sake, I expect to see him on another team besides the Galaxy this year.

  7. Hooray at people who only read the first sentence of your posts!

    good one @the special one though – however, you should have asked a question about how landon feels about the special relationship between David and it.

    for my 2 cents, I think that Bayern ARE making a mistake by not taking on a dynamic player such as Donovan, and I think that its a damned shame that Beckham is going to basically be the cause of the ruination of his potential European career this time (as opposed to all those other times where he only had himself to blame)

  8. Ummmm…shouldn’t all of these questions and comments be submitted to Landon at his site instead of here? What’s the purpose of having people post here, Ives? That doesn’t make any sense.

  9. BJR,

    You missed my point. I like Donovan-actually, I am a huge fan. I was not challenging whether he was a contributor. I just thought it was odd that such a significant percentage of his goals were scored on home soil. For that matter, a lot of U.S. games are played at home (Gold Cup, friendlies, half of qualifying)–so maybe it means nothing. I was just noting the disparity. That’s it.

    For example, of Dempsey’s 13 international goals, 3 of them were on foreign soil. That matches Donovan’s total with a third of the goals. EJ has scored 12 international goals, of which 3 were on foreign soil. Like I said, maybe its just because we play a ton of home games.

  10. SDM,

    Was he invisible when he had a hand (Head) in the first goal? Or when he assisted on the second? Maybe you should watch that match again yourself. Give the guy a break.

  11. Ko’d:

    Check the number of goals the entire MNT scored outside of the US during Donovan’s time with the team. Then compare that to the number of goals Donovan scored OR assisted on.

    People tend to forget how many assists Donovan has accumulated. He is more than just a goal scorer.

    SonicDeathMonkey: Perhaps you didn’t notice that he took his invisibility cloak off long enough to be directly involved in BOTH goals. I’m not saying that I was completely satisfied with his game (I would also like him to impose himself more on the game), but credit should be given when it’s due.

  12. Hokie, you do realize your basing your argument on games that occured 7 years ago, right? And did you actually watch the last US v Mexico game? He was draped in an invisibility cloak the entire match.

  13. Landon, i’m a big fan. You have said after retiring, you may think of coaching. My question is, if the opportunity presented itself, would you coach the usmnt.

  14. He has had only two good games vs Mexico. His last one was not good. Landon is only good when playing against an offensive team that pushes forward where he can use his counter skills. He does not bring much when playing well organized defensive teams.

  15. I don’t believe he actually answers the questions on that site. If you’ll notice, all the answers to the posted questions are actually quotes from interviews he’s given.

    A few weeks ago, I specifically asked a question that could not be answered by a previous interview – and neither the question nor the answer has appeared.

  16. When Donovan was given freedom and space in the exhibition games, he scored.

    When he was asked to play static against packed boxes like he was Luca Toni, he did not score.

    It’s a lost opportunity, but I think much of the fault lies with Klinsman misusing him.

  17. I can see him being gone this fall. Someone will buy him in August and will loan him out until November to the Galaxy. Sucks that we have Gold Cup and Confederations Cup this year though.

  18. It is a shame Klinsmann’s last ditch attempt to salvage his tenure had to come at the expense of Donovan. Good experience for LandyCakes, but I think the writing may have been on the wall well before Landon arrived in Bayern.

    At least when Landon comes back to the MLS he will actually play like it matters.

  19. This is NOT a question for Donovan. Seriously people–read the post.

    I am not a Donovan hater, but here is an interesting and for the most part irrelevant (?) statistic:

    of Donovan’s 37 goals in his senior international career, only 3 have not been scored on U.S. soil. Two of those were scored in the 2002 World Cup in South Korea (Portugal, Mexico), and one was scored in Granada in 2006 World Cup Qualifying (early rounds).

    I’m not sayin’…I am just sayin’. Now, I know what you are thinking…but how many games has he actually played outside of the United States? I admit I don’t have time for the research, and maybe only 8-9% (his percentage of total goals scored not on U.S. soil) of Donovan’s caps have been played outside of the U.S. But I don’t think that is right…

  20. Guys,

    I’ll answer your questions when you learn to read the entire post instead of just looking at the picture and headline.

  21. Whats the best goal you feel you’ve ever scored for club or country.


    You’re the best player on the MNT no matter what anyone says.

  22. Hi Landon, if you don’t stay at Bayern. Will you seriously give other countries in Europe, such as Italy or Holland a try? Did you feel you got adequate support from Klinsmann?

    Don’t let the haters get you down.

    Joe B. NYC

  23. I have a question. When do the “Donovan 13” jerseys go on sale in the Bayern team shop?

    Was he even there long enough?

  24. “I will say that Landon Donovan has been an incredible, efficient, productive soccer player for the U.S. People talk about how at times he isn’t tough enough, or that he should be playing in Germany or what have you. I would take the guy on my team any day. I think he’s a fantastic soccer player. He has all the different components, he’s extremely technical, his physical abilities and athleticism is fantastic. He has an unbelievable engine. He’s a very smart guy when it comes to the field. I also think tactically he understands the game extremely well and understands the tricks of the trade”.

    I can do no better than to quote Peter Vermes.

  25. Landon,

    Do you think Kenny Cooper should be on the USMNT first team?

    Also, what do you hear about O’brien coming out of retirement?

  26. Slightly unrelated, but I still prefer SBI: Mafia Interrogation as the name of the segment on SBI.I think you should run with the SBI Mafia theme.

  27. As a Galaxy fan, I will be happy to see him return. As a fan of the US team, I am sorry that he did not make it, but he is better of playing with the Galaxy than being fourth striker for Bayern.

    His next move abroad, needs to be with a Dutch or English team.


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