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Man Utd-Inter Milan will now be shown LIVE on ESPN Classic

UnitedInter (AP)

If you were one of the many American soccer fans cringing at the thought of not being able to watch the Manchester United-Inter Milan match live on Wednesday, you can relax a bit.

ESPN will now be showing the highly-anticipated Champions League clash live on ESPN Classic after the match was originally scheduled to air on tape delay on ESPN Deportes. ESPN2 is showing the World Baseball Classic during the time it would normally be showing Champions League action.

You can also watch the Manchester United-Inter Milan match on And of course, you can follow the match on SBI's running commentary.

What do yo think of the news? Breathing a little easier? Wishing you had ESPN Classic? Think Manchester United is going to thrash Jose Mourinho's Inter?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Hopefully Manchester United gets knocked out so we get a chance to see some of the other Champions League squads. I’m shocked they weren’t being shown live on ESPN2 to begin with! No offense meant to Manchester United fans, I understand there are millions of them and that’s why they get so much airtime.

  2. I’m as big a fan as anyone, and as an Inter supporter I was dying that this game wasn’t going to be on live, but if anyone actually thinks ESPN should show it instead of a WBC game involving the Dominican Republic, they’re nuts.

    Their highest CL rating ever was for last year’s final, and it was around a .8. The baseball game will probably even beat that by a little bit and its longer with more commercial breaks. Inter/Man Utd is only a round of 16 game and Inter arent that marketable in the states, so itll probably do around a .3 or so.

    You can’t really complain about ESPN here… they’re stepping to the plate to show the game live on two platforms (Classic and 360). Its all they can do other than releasing the game to Setanta (and more people get classic than get that).


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