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MLS Match Day One


The 2009 Major League Soccer season gets into full swing today with six matches that should satisfy the appetite of hungry MLS fans who have been anxious to see some games since the Seattle Sounders' thrilling 3-0 victory over New York on Thursday night.

The defending champions Columbus Crew visit Robertson Stadium to take on the Houston Dynamo in a match-up of winners of the past three MLS Cup titles. The Chicago Fire, SBI's pre-season MLS Cup favorite, visit Pizza Hut Park to meet a revamped FC Dallas side.

Two teams that could be surprises in 2009 square off in the Midwest tonight as Toronto FC meet the Kansas City Wizards.

Here is today's full slate of MLS match-ups:

  • Columbus Crew at Houston Dynamo, 8pm (Fox Soccer Channel)

  • Chicago Fire at FC Dallas, 8pm (Direct Kick)

  • Toronto FC at Kansas City Wizards, 8:30pm (Direct Kick)

  • Colorado Rapids at Chivas USA, 10:30pm (Fox Soccer Channel)

  • New England Revolution at San Jose Earthquakes, 10:30pm (Direct Kick)

Which games are you most looking forward to watching? What individual match-up is the most compelling this weekend? What match would you like to see a running commentary for?

Share your thoughts on tonight's MLS matches in the comments section below (There will be a seperate running commentary post for tonight's MLS matches so keep an eye out for that.)


  1. I don’t know how they get it done Duecue, and I don’t really care, all I know is that it’s the best thing since sliced bread

  2. Sorry, its a tiebreak in the 2nd set.
    Sadly, the MLS Fire v Dallas link is not working…
    Does anyone have a working link for Dallas v Chi-Town?

  3. Roddick just broke back Nadal to make the 3rd set 5-5 service Roddick. Holy sheez! At least I get to watch this one end!

  4. Oh my god. How has nobody told me about until now??? that shiznit is soo awesome!!! THey have everything, even the Indian Wells Tennis Tourney Nadal v Roddick Semi final… Golley I have been missing out. The stream is good too!!!
    GEEZ lol
    and yes, they have Dallas v Fire…. good golly miss molly.
    How is this site run?

  5. We are heading to the Buck Shaw staduium in an hour or so, so that’s probably the one I am looking forward to the most.

    Otherwise, Toronto vs. KS and LA v. DCU.

  6. I’d most like to watch Chicago and Brian Mcbride, but it won’t be on tv. Anyone know of a link? Please post before game time!

  7. I think DC v. LA will be good.

    Tonight I am really looking forward to Columbus v. Houston. Although I think Houston will suck this year.

    The East is looking very strong. Good luck to the West, dealing with Seattle.

  8. Dudes,I drove 450 miles so that I could catch the action at the “pizza joint” in Frisco, TX. FC Dallas has always managed to disappoint, year after mediocre year, and they now have a side who are unfamiliar with one another. Richetti is out with suspension and Mr. No Neck (Mr. White) has an ouchie on his knee. I may not get to heckle Blanco today, I’m told. Blanco is the quinticential villian; in wrestling he would be the “iron sheik.” Still, I’m pumped. Go Hoops!

  9. United vs LA tomorrow, I think KC – TFC will be a good game. Not sure how either of those 2 teams are going to do this season so it should be good to see them both.

  10. Yeah, I was in 212 and I think other than being in Stuttgart for the 3rd place match between Germany and Portugal in 2006, the Seattle-Red Bulls match was the best live sporting event I’ve ever attended. It was truly amazing. I’m so stoked to see Seattle every match this year.

  11. No kidding…I was in the corner 214. Unfortunately even the partial season tickets are the expensive ones…I think I may just find random tickets every week…so if you hear of any available email me I need at least 2 for next weekend. My cousin is coming in from Michigan and really wants to go.

  12. Yeah Justin, I bought season tickets as soon as they went on sale. I’m in the GA section behind the goal with the crazy fans, next to the marching band.

    I’ve been to games in Columbus, LA, San Jose, and even Rome, but I’ve seriously never experienced anything like that game. If the rest of the games are half that fun, it’s going to be a good year.

    I think we spent $60 on beer. $16.50 for two beers! Ridiculous!

  13. Hopper – Were you there? I had to scalp a ticket for $80…totally worth it. Combine that with the $30 or so I payed for beer and money I lost from a “sick” day and I spent way more than I have…still totally worth it.

  14. Let’s Go FCD!!!!

    I hope Dallas proves the experts wrong today and starts out with a win. I think the midfield will be something to reckon with, and Cooper is always class. The only question is defense and Chicago is a good test, with the likes of McBride up front.

    I’ll be at the game, I hope more than 5,000 show up.

  15. I’m most looking forward to Crew-Houston. Obviously Columbus was the team to beat last year, and even though they still have plenty of talent, Houston will be interesting to see how the player changeover affects them.

  16. All those games are interesting match ups to me. One of the things I love about MLS is that there’s no clear No. 1 team. I don’t think we’ll know who the serious contenders for the MLS Cup will be until mid-season.

    That being said, I don’t see Colorado or Chivas USA doing much. San Jose will be an interesting team to watch with Convey in the midfield. It’d also be nice to see Toronto improve.

    I think the Chicago-Dallas game is the one to watch today. Should be a good game.



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