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MLS Matchday 2: Your Running Commentary

It is a busy night of Major League Soccer action. Already Toronto FC and Columbus played to a 1-1 draw. Here is tonight's busy slate of games:

New England Revolution at New York Red Bulls 7:30 p.m.

Chicago Fire at DC United 7:30 p.m.

Kansas City Wizards at Colorado Rapids 9:30 p.m.

Houston Dynamo at San Jose Earthquakes 10:30 p.m.

Real Salt Lake at Seattle Sounders FC 10:30 p.m.

As always, this is the place to provide your commentary about these matches. Fire away.


  1. Toronto,.. hopefully for your side you have someone who is a bigger hack than Beckerman to slow down Montero..

    If not,.. it will be another ALCOA moment for our man from Cali

  2. JoeW and Chase:

    OK, we’ll see what happens with attendance this year. Remember this and I’ll check back with you as the year progresses! (I am actually rooting for you to be right, but I just don’t see it.)

  3. Seems like the comments on this board have fallen off as much as MLS attendance. Of course there’s the WCQ matches and the hellhole of an economy but this level of support for MLS is still foreboding. This is the START of the season when attendance should be around their highest. What happens when it’s 90 degrees and humid with early evening thunderstorms in August over most of the MLS markets and there’s nothing but the long stretch run of the season and the NFL training camp to follow (and perhaps a deepening recession)? We might start to see 4-5K “attendance” numbers with even fewer actually in the stands, especially in places like Dallas and KC. Yes, the talent pool is getting deeper each year and the run-up to 2010 should help keep fans focused on the game but there’s no doubt this will be a rough patch after several solid years of growth. Hope MLS is prepared.

  4. Fire AND TFC have 4 points from two away games.

    TFC vs Seattle is going to be amazing next weekend. We’ll show those Sounders what a well organized crowd can do!

  5. Hopper,

    Come to Toyota Park and get dominated.

    Sounders have 6 pts off 2 home games

    Fire have 4 pts off 2 away games.

  6. Actually, I think attendance averages for this year in MLS will be higher than last year’s.

    I think last year’s success will help Columbus at the gate. I think Seattle will drive numbers up overall. I think that unless RBNY is terrible this year, their playoffs results from last year will help energize a fan base that has been badly mistreated by the organization and team results. I think in DC, you’re talking about bad weather (both leading up to and during the match), a lot of folks staying home to watch international matches (US, Salvador, Honduras–all big fan bases for DCU). And I think the weather leading up to Colorado’s opener was just beastly.

    I think only the hardcore MLS fans have a bitter-aftertaste in their mouths from the Beckham-Milan thing. For most casual fans, MLS was in the news more this offseason than most (except for 2 years ago with the signing of Beckham and before that with the drafting of Adu). You had some Beckham coverage, WCQ coverage heat up, Donovan overseas, startup of the WPS–that’s more soccer news that most typical off-seasons in the US.

    Expansion diluting talent? There are FEWER playing jobs in MLS this year, not more. The draft every year gets a little broader and deeper and this year was a fantastic pool of talent. And MLS continues to open up the doors to foreign players (it used to be, someone like Fredy Montero wasn’t eligible for MLS because MLS didn’t allow loans).

  7. Who’s the best team in MLS? My Seattle Sounders, that’s who! Two playoff teams from last year come to Seattle, two shutout wins. Anyone else paying attention out there?

  8. Chase:

    I’m surprised you would make such a comment. It’s hard to believe your serious. The weather comment became ridiculous many years ago. It just doesn’t make sense. Other outdoor sports have weather issues and there’s no problems like in MLS. Besides, this is D.C. were talking about! They get 22,000 in the pouring rain! They do not get 15,895 in their home opener. (Until today) San Jose couldn’t even fill their 10,000 capacity stadium. Weather? There’s no weather problems in L.A. either. Their season opener drew 18,000. I’m pretty sure they never had a season opener that low before.

  9. club > country

    Que sirrah sirrah
    Whatever will be will be
    We’re going to win the league
    Que sirrah sirrah!

  10. i dont think you can take the poor attendance for this week too seriously since we all have to take into account that THE NATIONAL TEAM CONFLICTED WITH THE VAST MAJORITY OF THE GAMES! As much as I love the MLS, its country over club anyday and i feel many fans feel that way as well

  11. the 20 inches of snow, mid 30 temps, and horrible play caused the Rapids to get a less than steller crowd tonight.

    11.8k is not good for an opener, but like i said this is 2 days after 20 inches of snow and freezing temps.

  12. Were you at a game aristotle?

    I just got back from the DCU-Fire game and it was great turnout considering the poor weather in the DC area.

  13. I know it’s VERY early, but I have had a bad feeling about MLS crowds this season for several reasons, and it looks like today’s crowds and attendance will be pretty bad even though they are season openers. Ominous.

    The Beckham fiasco, the economy, weak rosters from too much expansion, and now the women’s league may make this season a big step backwards in attendance. It seems like new expansion teams carry the league in attendance for a while and then they fade like everyone else. Hopefully that won’t happen with Seattle and Toronto.

  14. Man TFC couldn’t get anything going in their game with C bus. I have to hand it to Columbus their defence is smothering to say the least. However, if they are going to give games away at the last minute why bother with the defence in the first place. Go TFC!

  15. Jeff,

    Timmy Ward just looks lost up that right flank, and that is where Hamlett has decided to focus his attack. Dasan Robinson’s speed and control would be so much more effective there.

    I see Dasan at RB in the 2nd half. CJ might be done for good, unfortunately. Early reports say it is only a R Hamstring sprain though.

  16. This Guy, the Fire started CJ at center, he was injured so Dasan came in for him. That said, I wish they had started Dasan over Ward to begin with.

  17. Chicago Fire announcers said it best. Ben Olsen is 32 but acts like a 17 year old girl, complaining about everything.

  18. This ref in the Fire/DCUnited match is gonna get somebody hurt. He won’t call anything on DC. High ankle tackles all over and no whistle.

  19. DC getting all the early calls.

    I don’t understand Hamlett, Dasan at CB and Ward at RB when Dasan is a natural RB an Ward is a natural CB??????????

    Fire need to find some shots on goal. Wicks can’t save anything.


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