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MLS Matchday Two


The second week of the MLS season kicks off with some highly-anticipated Eastern Conference battles. The defending champion Columbus Crew makes its first appearance at Crew Stadium since winning MLS Cup while D.C. United plays host to Chicago in the return of one of the league's more heated rivalries.

The West has its own drama, with the Houston Dynamo returning to San Jose to face the Earthquakes, while Real Salt Lake kicks off its season with a trip to Qwest Field to take on the expansion Seattle Sounders.

Here is a rundown of this week's MLS matches:


  • Toronto FC at Columbus Crew, 4pm (Direct Kick)

  • Chicago Fire at D.C. United, 7:30pm (Direct Kick)

  • New England Revolution at New York Red Bulls, 7:30pm (Fox Soccer Channel)

  • Kansas City Wizards at Colorado Rapids, 9:30pm (Direct Kick)

  • Houston Dynamo at San Jose Earthquakes, 10:30pm (Direct Kick)

  • Real Salt Lake at Seattle Sounders, 10:30pm (Direct Kick)


  • Chivas USA at FC Dallas, 3:30pm (Telefutura)

Which games are you most looking forward to watching? Think the Crew can knock off TFC? Can you see Seattle keeping the momentum going, or will Real Salt Lake put a stop to it? Will the Red Bulls regroup, or will the Revs beat New York yet again?

Share your thoughts on this weekend's MLS matches in the comments section below.


  1. Well it wasn’t the thrashing of C bus I was hoping for, but we did get a result on the road. I guess the day of reconning will have to wait until they play C bus at home. Oh yeah, I guess I should thank C bus for the single point … it was very nice of you. You won’t have to be so considerate next time I assure you of that as the massacre at BMO field will be complete and total!

  2. HA the flares taking over the KKK.

    1-1, should have really been a 0-0. Oh well TFC get the point…BMO next Saturday I can’t wait!

  3. the houston- SJ rivalry got off to a fierce start in a preseason friendly of all things in SF’s Kezar Stadium. Ching was ejected in that game and it set the tone for all the rest to follow. E-rob & Kamara came unhinged in both matches in SJ. this game will be thrilling for sure.

  4. TFC is going to destroy, humilate, degrade and leave Cbus for dead after this weekend. I predict everyone on the Cbus roster will need psychological help for post traumatic stress syndrome. Book it!!!

  5. The Quakes vs Dynamo is a MLS rivalry that its in its class of its own. The last time they played, Brian Ching was hella asking for a beating after he celebrated his goal by patting his Dynamo logo RIGHT IN FRONT of the San Jose fans. Im talking about running up to us so he was in our faces, looking us in the eyes, and hella infuriating us by patting his Dynamo badge. Words cannot describe what we fans were feeling. Up until then i didnt hate the Dynamo (i hated Leiweke) now its also the Dynamo. I cant wait till tomorrow

  6. So psyched on the TFC/Columbus game. We’ve never won a game against them and finally we may have that chance (granted they are more weakened then we are but thats not the point). Mostly walking away from last weekends game there is a swagger that TFC has not previously known (we have a counter attack, we’re great on the ball whether its passing or shooting), one that honestly would give Columbus a good run for the money (not necessarily one that would definitely win but one that would give a greater challenge than previous games and would definitely give us our best season yet).

    If anything im curious to see how Columbus will deal with out a striker that is used to scoring on the regular (GBS is obviously the assist king but can he do the scoring himself).

    UP UP TFC.

    Its going to be a hell of a match. God I hope our Cronin can slow GBS to the point of making him useless.

  7. It’s safe to say the US will be coming out of the south with a win.

    Also, the kickoff to my local game, DC v. Fire, kicks off at 7:30. The game will end at 9:30, and it takes us about 30 to 45 minutes to get home. So we will be able to catch most of the second half.

    Since I’m going to the Nashville game next Wednesday, I’m not concerned over missing most of the US game. My main concern is being there for my team LIVE where my voice matters.

    I do think MLS and USSF need to talk so we don’t have this problem, an earlier kickoff would be nice, especially when the weather is nicer.

  8. @kartik: “The National Team comes first. It does in the rest of the world and should here.”

    A few months ago on World Soccer Daily they had a poll and if I’m not mistaken, most chose winning a cup with their club over country.

  9. BTW, speaking of packages USL dropped their broadband package which was outstanding from $49.99 to FREE. So I wonder if the quality will suffer.

    I can’t go to a local game because in South Florida, Atlante, and maybe one or two other FMF teams are actually closer to me than any MLS side. Besides, I’d never miss a qualifier (this is not a friendly, folks it’s a qualifier) for an MLS Regular Season match even if the Fusion were still here.

    The National Team comes first. It does in the rest of the world and should here.

  10. SonicDeathMonkey, the point Gerald was making is that RSL players will not be familiar with the roar of a Qwest Field-type environment because Rio Tinto isn’t that loud — Rio Tinto, as far as I’m aware, wasn’t specifically designed to trap and redirect noise onto the field. Red Bull Arena, on the other hand, IS being designed that way, specifically for that purpose.

    Even Kreis admits that his team was 0.500 last year (and he views that as “mediocre” even when it’s clearly avg). link:,5143,705293408,00.html

    Cam, I agree with you, they are the team to beat in the West. But I think loaded implies they’re amongst the class of the league when I think they’re a step below Columbus and Chicago (and maybe some other teams). They still need another reliable striker (maybe Findley will become that this year), and they still need to work on true wingers and improving defense. RSL is still young and up-and-coming at this point, they haven’t arrived yet.

    These are a lot of the reasons and questions why I think RSL – Seattle is the game to watch this weekend.

  11. Toronto Fc vs. Columbus = Game of the Week (Why isn’t ESPN televising this week?)

    D.C. United vs. Chicago = Hell of a game, but my Fire Win!

    Seattle vs. RSL = Another exciting game of Sounders soccer and Seattle pulls and upset.

  12. Northzax, I think you’re way off. If we support the MLS insanity of scheduling league matches agains US internationals then they’ll just keep doing it.

    The only way this changes (and forces MLS to honor fifa’s windows as well) is if attendance and ratings drop every time there’s a conflict.

  13. Im actually interested in the Houston v. San Jose. Last year those games were really intense, and i think this year will be all the better. I love the small but great atmosphere that San Jose and KAnsas City create. No one likes to see empty seats, though i am supporting the SSS for the Wizards.

  14. If you want to watch The TFC game with columbus for free you can go to TFCTVs web site I do believe they will be showing a live video stream of the match at 4pm eastern. I think it will be the game of the week if Columbus fans can drag their lazy behinds down to the stadium.

  15. Please, TiVo the match in San Salvador and go to your local match. Oh, and everyone should get either the mlsnet package or direct kick. Ppv is all we get right now, you want the league to keep growing and raise the salary cap? Put your money down, boys.

    I’ll be at rfk. Qualifiers are important, sure. But the home opener is more so.

  16. I can’t believe that no one has mentioned the Dynamo-Quakes game yet. All 3 of these games last year were very heated and fun to watch. Should be another really good one…especially when SJ wins 3-0!

  17. I cant wait for the Red Bulls to get rolled over again by the red bulls. I hope Goldwaite starts again and gets terrorized by the better Nyassi.

  18. kartik – amen brother. I’ll catch the highlights of MLS on MLSnet (or replays). USA games come first. I know MLS didn’t have the advantage of seeing the draw when making the schedule but after the draw moving some games to early starts or even Sunday if venues were available could have been wise. I’m curious if there’s a noticable difference in attendence?

  19. Eugene, RSL had a very young team last year and most of the players had never played together previously. Even under those circumstances they were a goal post away from going to MLS Cup. Now they’re a year more experienced and have spent the entire preseason together. I’d say they are the team to beat in the west. Would you disagree?

  20. It’s not just that MLS plays through international breaks that’s offensive. It’s that MLS puts games on TV right alongside the US National Team matches. Our soccer following in this country should have undivided attention when our national team plays. Our support should be solely focused on the events in San Salvador tomorrow night. Sadly, MLS doesn’t see it that way.

  21. I watched last weeks games via MLS matchcenter and plugged the computer into the TV. The 800K streaming is actually decent. Much improved over last year. $19.95 for nearly all the games. Direct Kick is what, $80?

  22. The match ups are good this weekend. It would be even better if the teams weren’t missing key players due to international duty. (yeah, I’m whining).

  23. I have Direct Kick but no FSC or TeleFutura so I’m missing out on a couple of matches this week. As long as I can watch the Fire though I am happy.

  24. I am looking forward to DC’s home opener. I will be there in the stands. Emilio showed up last year vs. Chicago blasting that winning goal with two minutes to go and two men down.

  25. Don’t have directkick so box scores will have to suffice.

    I’ll be at the DC/Chicago game, section 133 for anyone who wants to chat over a couple of over-priced miller lites.

    MLS needs to get nationalized, get all of their games on tv. It’s ridiculous how they can’t work out a deal with SOMEONE. Makes me bitter just thinking about it.

  26. No landon donovan,no landon donovan no landon donovan no landon donovan, no landon donovan, I dont mind having a bye week =D

    thanks MLS!


  27. Giddy, don’t swallow that garbage. If you want to believe the bullsh*t on mls-tumors, then stay off reputable sites like SBI.

  28. Gerald, as Ives mentioned, the game is in Seattle, not SLC. And Eugene, its not a stretch to say Salt Lake is loaded. They had a young and up and coming team last year that stayed in tact. RSL reminds me of Columbus last year, without an Argentine legend, of course.

  29. I might have pulled for the Crew as another American team, but not after they directed this stupid ACES09 thing at Seattle.

    I think TFC finally takes the Crew on their home pitch.

  30. Crew/TFC game should be a good one. Hopefully TFC can get a result with all the travelling support, unlike last year. With Guevara and Robinson out on international duty, it will be a test for whoever fills in the central and defensive midfield area. I understand the Crew are missing some key players as well?

  31. I’m most interested in RSL – Seattle. Have you seen Petke’s blog comments on ESPNSoccernet? He describes the sound in Seattle as akin to the roar of a 747 taking off, and says players can hear it in the tunnel for 6-7 minutes before coming out onto the field.

    There are only a handful of Red Bulls players that have previously played in such an environment, so the level of intimidation appears clear. I think the same goes for RSL. I have never been to Qwest Field, let alone for a game, but from what I’ve read I now come to understand that the stadium was specifically designed to have this effect.

    I would suggest Kreis hand out noise-cancellation headphones to all of his 18 players in an attempt to negate this factor.

  32. Toronto will be bringing between 1 and 2 thousand fans with them to Columbus. It should be a great atmosphere and a really good game.

    We’ll get to see how good Seattle really is because RSL is loaded this year. Rumor has it that Salt Lake wants to out class Seattle not only on the field, but with the atmosphere surrounding the game as well.


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