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MLS Pre-season: Real Salt Lake routs D.C. United

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Real Salt Lake rattled off three unanswered goals in the second half to roll past D.C. United in the opening game of the Carolina Challenge Cup in Charleston.

Goals from Luis Escalada, Yura Movsisyan and Andy Williams did the damage for REal Salt Lake while D.C. endured a nightmare day, seeing two defenders issued red cards (Dejan Jakovic and Anthony Peters) and three starters leave the match with injuries (Louis Crayton, Fred and Santino Quaranta).

Toronto FC takes on the Charleston Battery on the second match tonight in Charleston.

What do you think of the result. Are you a happy RSL fan? A worried D.C. fan? A giddy Red Bulls fan who is praying D.C. will struggled this year?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. RSL will be Western Conference Champions. They are stacked this year, most of their bench players would be starting for most MLS teams. With the solid D line back, Beckerman, Johnson, and Morales dominating the mid-field, Findley with his speed and Movsisyan on the brink of a break out year ReAL will be serious contenders.

  2. @TimK

    If you had bothered to check the Chicago Fire team blog, you would of known that they were giving live updates about the game. Perhaps you should think about something as simple as that before being a whiny brat about it.

  3. This event is one of my favorite reasons for living in Charleston (that and all the good food, beaches and pretty girls). The RSL-DCU game just seemed to be very out of sync for both teams early on, and once DC got the first red card, they never really threatened to put much together. By the way, Robby Findley is tiny.

    The Charleston-Toronto match was better than I thought for Charleston having a total of 3 full practice days together. First goal was kind of a fluke as The Battery defender just fell with no one on him, and DeRo walked in and slotted it past the keeper. DeRo is an absolute animal. He was all over the field creating opportunities. Serioux got two yellows, and could have been awarded a straight red for his first one for pulling a guy down in the box as the last man. The short time he was on the field, Serioux seemed on a different page than the rest of the team.

  4. RSL and DC was a bit of a chippy game but DC looked out of sync. They don’t look any where near ready to start a season. RSL looks ready to win from the start. I like the size they have on defense. TFC got it’s first goal early when a Charleston defender slipped. I really thought for a team just put together that the Battery played a great 1st half and counter attacked well. TFC will score a lot of goals and give up a bunch unless they sort out their back. Frei looked solid.

  5. DC fan here who didn’t see the game but know that Benny started so couldn’t be all bad! Can we start the “fire Soehn” now chant and add the physical trainers to the list? No excuse for these injuries.

  6. Very impressed with RSL and TFC as far as i saw. By the end of last year Kreis has the team moving the ball extremely well and they were a fun team to watch as a neutral.

    Seems to have all carried over to this year.

  7. Im dissapointed with DC they lost their way last year with all the foreign imports and now its like they aren’t upgrading the team, they don’t need superstars they already have a good fan base they need guys who are willing to bust their buts and fight for the shirt and thats what they’e been lacking and they need a new strength coach these type of injuries re because the body hasn’t had good strength and conditioning to this point and that’s sad. Say what you want about tfc but I can’t wait to see them play this season they look quit good and sam cronin is going to be ROY he’s a beast.

  8. Meh… it’s pre-season. We’ve still got a few weeks before the season kicks off, so Crayton, Fred, and Quaranta will have time to heal.

    The score? Meh… we were already down a man when they scored their first. Plus, Crayton was out and we had a new center back. Then we lost another center back.


  9. As an RSL fan I’m cautiously optimistic. While the result is great, unfortunately DC United did not impress anybody in any report I’ve seen making me wonder…were my boys good or DCU just bad?

    Maybe we can play TFC without them picking up any red cards for a better determination.

  10. crappy crap crap. Three starters injured all ready before the first meaningful game.

    At least we don’t have to play 50 games this year.

    And boy would it be nice to have Troy Perkins back.

  11. The surge of hammy problems, again, is concerning. Both wingers? Hopefully this was a case of pulling guys with any hint of an issue, since it’s preseason. The reds? Meh. It was two young defenders getting their first taste of an mls team, in the preseason. Nice to see Benny go 60 though.

  12. TFC wins 2-1, despite Serioux getting two yellows and a red in the first half. Dero and Ricketts with the TFC goals. Vitti sat with a minor injury, Frei and Cronin both played 90.

    TFC looked very solid, basically bossed possession for the whole game. Charleston has only been in camp for six days, and played a side full of trialists in the second half.

  13. Soooo what happened in the Pre-season Chicago Fire – Chivas USA game?? What were the results? I’m sure fire fans would like to know considering the Fire organization sucks at giving feedback and information to their fans!!!!!!

  14. It’s the preseason, and Salt Lake looks to be pretty good again this year… Clint, Andy Williams, Robbie Findlay, Morales, Beckerman, Robbie Russel, Alex Nimo and w/ a good defense (Joy, Beltran, Olave, Wingert) from last year makes a very formidable team

    And its the preseason

  15. As for my beloved D.C. United, the red cards don’t bother me nearly as much as the three injuries. The way this league is structured you cannot have injuries and be successful. The roster depth leaves no room for it.

    ….the same thing can be said for being in too many tournaments.

  16. DC fan here. The line uttered in all the Star Wars movies come to mind.

    “I’ve got a bad feeling about this.”


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