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MLS Pre-season: Toronto FC vs. Real Salt Lake (Live streaming video)


The Carolina Challenge Cup concludes tonight with Toronto FC and Real Salt Lake battling for the trophy and for bragging rights heading into the 2009 MLS season.

If you want to watch the match, you can do so here thanks to the Toronto FC video masters. Kickoff for tonight's match is around 5pm.

If you will be following the match, please feel free to share your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below.

Enjoy the action:


  1. I was there, and agree, Salt Lake looked great. And for whoever was making fun of the announcer, you seriously have no idea how bad it really was.

  2. Went to both games today in the CCC. Salt Lake looks really good. TFC needs a little more work but I think they’ll be more competitive than last season.

    IMO the Battery got better attacks off in the first half, but we subbed on our backup keeper and he let in 2 that Dusty would have saved to give DC the Coffee Pot Cup again.

  3. Ives thanks for the message about the feed, any chance next time we can get info earlier about it on the twitter? Thanks!

  4. I think both teams looked good at times. Both of them have the potential to do some damage this year. And personally, I think the Dynamo’s reign in the west could be over. RSL really looks solid.

  5. Ugh. I tried watching for a couple of minutes and had to turn it off due to the announcer. Can’t stand British announcers.

  6. since, the stream won’t work for me I was wondering whether nebody knows the name of the program that tfctv is using to stream the game, so that I can download it. Thnx.

  7. I’ve got it working now. National anthems are on the go. Just finished the Canadian, and now they’re onto the american.


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