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MLS Week 1: Your Running Commentary


The night MLS fans have been waiting four months for is finally here, the first full night of the 2009 season.

Are you a Crew fan eager to see if your team can repeat? Are you a Fire fan wondering if your talented squad can finally lift its first MLS Cup in more than a decade? Are you a TFC fans who believes this is the year your team finally makes the playoffs?

If so, then tonight is the night your dreams start to take shape (or nightmares happen like Thursday night for Red Bulls fans).

Here is tonight's schedule of matches:

  • Columbus Crew at Houston Dynamo, 8pm (Fox Soccer Channel)

  • Chicago Fire at FC Dallas, 8pm (Direct Kick)

  • Toronto FC at Kansas City Wizards, 8:30pm (Direct Kick)

  • Colorado Rapids at Chivas USA, 10:30pm (Fox Soccer Channel)

  • New England Revolution at San Jose Earthquakes, 10:30pm (Direct Kick)

if you will be watching tonight's matches, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action.


  1. Hopper,

    Your right abou the MLS attendence for opening matchday was sad. Sounders did a great job. But before you pat yourself on the back remember the Fire had 50,000 + for their inagural game. So you might want to wait and see if it keeps up.

    Secondly they aint crap else to do in Seattle. No NBA No NHL to compete with. Barely have a baseball team.

    ERICJ your right nice goal by Cooper but id gladly take tthe win so to quote you..


  2. I went to the Quakes game last night. We had a full house despite the rain. It was a very lively game, particularly in the 2nd half. The Quakes offense isn’t as terrible as I had expected, they just were extremely unlucky yesterday. The rookie (Quincy something), # 25, has promise.

    But FWIW, Quakes definitely need their own stadium. You can’t bring a beer in the stands, my wife refuses to watch the game sober:)

  3. Yeah, it was all up to Onalfo’s lineup…well, that and being comprehensively outplayed by TFC at every position on the pitch. That might have had a slight impact as well. If not for Arnaud’s heroics and Chad Barrett missing two sitters, this one could’ve been 5-0, easy.

  4. jtd – “i know it’s just two goals, but why doesn’t davey get a call up? i don’t follow the ‘zards to closely, so maybe yesterday was a fluke? enlighten me.”

    Arnaud is one of the best scoring mids in the MLS, last year he mostly scored with runs onto through balls or from pushing forward on counters and getting cross at the 6. He has always been able to hit it hard, today he was just on, he missed another in that same half from like 30 out by a couple inches… w/ the game, once Zusi was pulled and hopefully buried on the bench for good and Hirsig and Espinoza came in, the Wizards had the run of play. This loss to TFC is on Onalfo for his starting lineup, Zusi shouldnt see the field for months, he isnt ready, and asking C. Lopez to do work on D at widemid is just plain stupid, he a widthdrawn forward, Espinoza needs to be out left and Hirsig out right.

  5. Nevada Smiths is the most overrated soccer bar on the face of the earth. “World’s best live football venue” Bahaha, what an effing joke.

    How are you going to make that claim and not even have DirectKick for the MLS season opening weekend??? Lame. Smiths is NYC’s short bus version of The Globe.

  6. flowmo… finally saw the arnaud goals. i concur with you, amazing goals. althought that cooper goal was a thing of vision, those two wiz tallies were on point with some of the best ive seen.

    i know it’s just two goals, but why doesn’t davey get a call up? i don’t follow the ‘zards to closely, so maybe yesterday was a fluke? enlighten me.

  7. oh it’s morning and none of it was a dream. Even if Cooper was that good for his goal, it’s better to see a W go to the Fire!!! We got depth.

  8. Some of my impressions of the opening weekend so far:

    -Pretty sad to see that no other teams opening crowds even came close to the awesomeness my fellow Sounders fans brought on Thursday night. Lots of empty seats in all the games today. In the 14th season, how have these teams still not figured out how to get butts in the seats?

    -How does Preki start Braun and Harris over Eskandarian and Galindo? They won anyway, but he’s leaving a lot of goals on the bench.

    -KC and Houston have got to get rid of those youth-league-looking Kwik Goals they use. Arnaud unleashes two bombs, but instead of settling in the back of the net as they would in a real goal, they ricochet right back out so that you couldn’t even tell whether or not they actually went in.

  9. Beckham’s goal was just an easy lob. Cooper’s was a goddamn screamer that punched the top corner of the net.

    Really good goals from all teams thus far in the season. Seattle is giving the MLS much juju.

  10. Goty? Dunno. Beckham did the same thing last season, and that didn’t qualify. I just hope it makes Sportscenter, and not in a mocking tone, either.

    Lots of offense so far, a couple of braces so far, ahh to be an offensive player in top form in week one, it always takes defenses a while longer to adjust

  11. No, I was at the Chicago game last year, and there weren’t as many people there.

    That might have had something to do with it being a day game in the middle of June. I figure if they’re going to subject people to that, the least they could do is lower the price of the seats on the west sidelines underneath the suites. Or maybe set up a pool on the concert stage with a slide emptying into it from the concourse. That would actually be pretty sweet. They should do this.


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