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MLS Week 2 Rewind

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The second week of the 2009 MLS season had its share of surprises, great plays and boring matches (nevermind thoroughly disappointing attendances). The Eastern Conference managed to produce three ties and another tough loss for the suddenly struggling Kansas City Wizards, while the San Jose Earthquakes figured out how to put the ball in the net in a 3-2 win vs. arch-rival Houston.

And then there was Seattle, which put on another impressive performance, beating Real Salt Lake, 2-0, in RSL's first match of the season.

Here is a rundown of this week's scores:


  •  Columbus Crew 1, Toronto FC 1

  • D.C. United 1, Chicago Fire 1

  • New York Red Bulls 1, New England Revolution 1

  • Colorado Rapids 2, Kansas City Wizards 1

  • San Jose Earthquakes 3, Houston Dynamo 2

  • Seattle Sounders 2, Real Salt Lake 0


  • FC Dallas 0, Chivas USA 2

Our take on the Best XI and Worst XI moments and Team of the Week will have to wait for Tuesday (unless we can knock one of them out before 4pm on Monday), but we want you to discuss what your favorite moments from the weekend were. Was it Fredy Montero's goal? Terry Cooke's free kick? Kenny Mansally's late equalizer?

Share your thoughts on Major League Soccer's Week 2 in the comments section below.


  1. Of course attendance was pathetic. Blame the weather. Blame MLS for scheduling it on an official FIFA game day. A lot of people I talked to had no idea MLS season had even started.

  2. I am very disappointed at the attendance outside Seattle. I know Toronto will be 23,000 plus but other than them RSL, DC and Chicago everyone else is really abysmal.

    (KC and SJ get a pass until they get their stadiums-although i have my doubts about KC.

    Most disappointing? Dallas and the Rapids.Beatiful soccer specific stadiums and they are empty.

    I welcome your comments about this.

  3. How about the New York crowd? Attendance only about 12,500?

    We need to start a grassroots campaign to get ESPN to show more highlights and analysis. The common SPORTS fan (not just soccer fans) would be more interested in the sport if we get the guys in Bristol to give soccer a fair shake! How about getting people to flood website with emails, complaints, pleas, etc?

    Posted by: SwedSoccer | March 30, 2009 at 03:15 PM


    Doesn’t your first point, the pathetic attendance, sort of explain ESPNs apathy?

  4. Osvaldo Alonso won’t get press this season, but he’s been MOTM for the Sounders (at least in a lot of fans’ eyes) the past two matches. Prevents any build-up from the other team and then is immediately creating a counter-attacking situation

  5. If PHP is going to only get filled to half capacity, they should just put everyone in the west stands and cordon off the east half of the stadium, so they save money by not having to staff half of their concession stands.

  6. The best of week 2:

    1. My galaxy didn’t lose

    2. Montero’s strike

    3. Omar Cummings,big fantasy points!

    The Worst:

    1. FC Dallas having to play there match yesterday behind closed doors….oh wait…

    2. kenny cooper one on one with thorton blasting it over the goal

    3. Cunningham missing a point blank header from 6 yards out and atleast half a goal to aim at

    Weird all 3 worst came from the Dallas game,but I guess thats how it is sometimes.

  7. Poor RBNY. Can’t get a break against the Revs. The Revs played a crap game and snuck out with a 1-1 draw. Maybe next year with new confines teams will actually be scared to come to NJ/NYC.


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