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Nery Castillo slams the Mexican media

Chances are you have seen it already, but after catching Nery Castillo's venom-laced tirade at the Mexican media earlier this week, I couldn't resist posting it.

Here it is:

I didn't have time to translate for you non-Spanish speakers (folks are more than welcome to in the comments section) but the gist of his tirade was that the Mexican media doesn't support the national team and writes about anything but soccer. He also went on to say that Mexico's soccer pundits don't know anything about soccer because they haven't played soccer at the highest level, unlike Brazil and Argentina, where many pundits are former standout players.

The Chicago Tribune's Luis Arroyave took the time to translate some of the better moments (though be warned, Oswaldo Sanchez tells me Arroyave's Spanish is kind of shaky.)

While Castillo may have a point (Mexican media do tend to sensationalize and create controversy), he probably lost many of the points he earned from the tirade in his last line, when he said the following:

"You know the difference? I'm in Europe, and you're in Mexico, and you'll always be in Mexico."

Um, yeah, not the best line ever.

Now either Nery Castillo hates Mexico as a country and doesn't think much of it (which shouldn't be that shocking considering he didn't exactly grow up there), OR he is under the misguided notion that journalists, like players, can move on to Europe if they are good enough. While the latter is entirely possible, most people will assume the first, which doesn't bode well for Castillo.

What did you think of Castillo's outburst (assuming you understood it)? Think Castillo had a point? Was it a sign of turmoil in the Mexico locker room? Think the outburst could actually bring the Mexican national team together ahead of its crucial qualifier vs. Costa Rica?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. nery castillo is a dum player who speaks only whith hes feets, but he has no brain at all and he never are going to be a star in europe because of that…he is too stupid and just looking to get good money deals no matter what place he play at, he is too far from playing on spain, italy,germany o england and he is frustaded about that

  2. 79% of people polled by Mexican media have agreed with Nery and support his comments.

    I don’t know what the hell Dominghosa is talking about, I’m not defending anything or anybody, if anything I’ve always lambasted the Mexican media for their approach.

    Could be worse, we could have a bunch of cheerleaders writing about the national team, like most of the US media.

  3. At Nery’s request to talk only football, we shouldn’t say his name since he won’t be playing. Why did what’s his name give this news conference?

  4. Allow me to insert some of my own (more censored) captions for opportune moments:

    1:08… “Man, this really sucks without the jumprope.”

    2:11… “Oh no you di’int… don’t walk away from me.”


    All joking aside, I agree with him. The Mexican media jumps on and off their bandwagon so often it’s ridiculous. Seriously though, he can’t expect the Mexican media to shine his shoes just because he plays in Europe, though he has at least enjoyed some success against the Transylvania Draculas and Uzbekistan Stans.

    Nery… it could be worse… you could be get caught puking out a car door after a long night of celebrating not making the bench for Spurs.

  5. Uh oh, here comes Christian again apologizing for everything Mexico.

    “Lastly, Nery has done more in Europe than most current yanks abroad combined.”

    Haha, nice shot. So, how is that relevant?

  6. Oh boy, Martha was bound to show up and talk out of her/his ass again like she usually does when subject matter involves Mexico.

    First of all, for the 1000th time, Nery was born in Mexico, get over it Martha.

    Secondly, Nery was called up by Uruguay thrice and declined their callups all three times, you can look it up for yourself.

    Lastly, Nery has done more in Europe than most current yanks abroad combined.

    Again, I’m sorry El Salvador’s team is in such bad shape and I feel bad that you have to hide behind the US flag to blow up your self esteem but for the love of god, at least support your native national team.

    Ives, I don’t know how good your spanish is but Nery’s comment about being in Europe and the reporter being in Mexico was aimed at him, not at the whole country.

    An ESPNDeportes poll determined that 68% of people who voted agreed with Nery’s comments and supported him.


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