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Ready for Fredy? Juan Carlos Osorio is


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Juan Carlos Osorio is as meticulous as it gets when it comes to giving his team a scouting report on an opposing team and it's players. But what happens when the opponent is playing its first game as a Major League Soccer franchise and some of its key players have yet to play an MLS game?

With respect to legendary sports broadcaster Warner Wolff, you go to the videotape.

"I got myself some DVDs from Colombia on the Colombian players they have and showed my defenders so they get familiar with the kind of striker they will put on the field," Osorio said. "The other players, just for example (forward Nate) Jaqua, we're going to present some videos from Houston on the way he plays, same for (Tyrone) Marshall and the other guys that have been around."

Of particular concern for Osorio is Fredy Montero, the Colombian attacker who has scored nine goals in nine preseason matches for the Sounders. Osorio considers Montero's signing a coup an he already has a scouting report on the former Deportivo Cali standout, who has also received interest from Real Betis.

"Most of his goals come from combination play and from his ability to have one or two touches inside the box," Osorio said of Montero, who scored 13 goals in 26 appearances for Atletico Huila . "He's good as far as his ball control and his first touch is very good. I don't think that he will catch us by surprise."

Osorio said he is also has a book on Colombian defender Jhon Kennedy Hurtado.

"He's very athletic, quick, strong," Osorio said. "But again, I'm familiar with him and my players will be familar with all those players."

While the Sounders have yet to play an MLS game, their coach — Sigi Schmid — is someone Osorio is very familar with. It was Schmid who coached the Columbus Crew to a 3-1 win against the Red Bulls in the 2008 MLS Cup.

"I'm looking forward to it," he said. "Good coach, I'm sure he will have a very good team on the field, but the point of the matter is that the players are ready for it because the players should relish this opportunity — first game of the season in front of a full crowd. That should be incentive alone to play a good game against the Seattle Sounders."


  1. Also, thanks to everyone for the Altidore story. As annoying as this whole thing has been, I’m hopeful that he’ll finally play. Hopefully he can lead Levante past Xerez…now that would be funny (if it’s possible so late in the season).

  2. I agree with Kahlva…people are so quick to criticize sometimes. Even though I’m a RBNY fan, it’s nice to know that MLS has another player linked to a higher-level club.

  3. To follow up on RK’s post, his linked story says that Villareal would be happy for him to move to Levante if it meant more playing time for Jozy.

  4. Guys –
    Dylan wrote this entry, not Ives.

    Also, I believe people are pointing out the Real Betis interest to show how highly regarded Fredy is, not to say he’s leaving MLS.

  5. Looks like Levante has a bit of an injury problem with their front line, so bringing Altidore in might be perfect. Their coach even made recent remarks about Altidore being on the bench at Xerez.

    Finally, I never liked sherry but now I have a reason to never drink it.

    Luis García está preocupado por la falta de efectivos que tiene el Levante en ataque tras la lesión de Alex Geijo y el técnico ha reconocido que “reza” para que no le pase nada a Álvaro del Moral, Rubén Suárez o Xisco Nadal de aquí a final de temporada. “Estoy muy preocupado porque no podemos afrontar así lo que queda de Liga. Como falten seis o siete partidos y nos estemos jugando algo los voy a meter en una urna y que ni entrenen…
    Para el técnico madrileño, la temporada que está realizando su equipo es “excepcional. La gente se ilusiona y yo soy el primero, pero si nos comparamos con el Xerez, que se deja en el banquillo a Antoñito y no convoca a Altidore, pues vemos que vamos muy por detrás.

  6. Osorio knows all! Man, I wish we could have a coach like that, that actually watched tape of people, and therefore knows everything to know about them. Why haven’t more people thought of this?! Osorio should get a Nobel prize for coaching for this one. Wow!

  7. That is surely a curious title to the blog — how does watching tapes make him “ready for Fredy?” Is that some sort of newfangled technology which only Osario has access? No one will ever have an edge on the NYRB — they have VHS recorders!

  8. Ives why does everyone including you have Montero leaving Seattle,
    (“…. Deportivo Cali standout, who has also received interest from Real Betis.”) Wishful thinking? Montero is good for MLS, relax with the departure stories.

  9. completely disagree about osorio. he knows it is about the players, and has them prepared. he gets camera time because, when asked, he answers the questions. even in detail with scouting reports, etc. no gamesmanship. just passion and preparedness.
    let’s go rbny.

  10. Osorio may be a winning coach but one aspect I don’t like about him is he seems to want it to be all about himself. Especially on game day I would like to see him step out of the spotlight.

  11. Folk on here badly ovverate the S–T Bulls but Seattle is lacking past Montero. Ljunberg’s been out for an age, Kelleris 39, Le Toux is unproven at this level. They’ll need Marshall, Nyassi and Montero to all play like stars to get anywhere this season.

  12. Very excited to see Montero play, as well as the revamped RBNY lineup. I have high hopes for year 2 under Osorio.

    Enjoy Seattle Ives!

  13. Pre-season ain’t the MLS season.

    Montero neutralized 🙂

    Angel scores from a Richards cross. Rojas scores from a give and go with Angel.

    2-0 RB.

  14. Montero scores 2.

    I don’t know, it’s just an feeling I have. Watching a guy on tape isn’t the same as playing against him, esp if Montero’s really as good as they say. Now the question is, can they shut down that combination play that Osorio thinks is so important?


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