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Soccer Saturday: Your Running Commentary

RioRooney (AP) 

While many of you are looking forward to the first full slate of Major League Soccer games, there are still plenty of American soccer fans who are still enthralled by the soccer going on in the rest of the world.

Before you enjoy some of tonight's MLS action, there are plenty of matches in Europe and South America to enjoy. Whether it is Fulham-Manchester United, Tottenham-Chelsea or Roma-Juventus, there is something good to watch before tonight's MLS matches take place.

If you will be watching today's soccer on TV, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below. MLS fans should take note that I will be posting a seperate MLS commentary post later today so look out for that.

Enjoy today's action.


  1. Boca goes 90 for Rennes, which finished 0-0 at home vs Valenciennes, despite having 71 percent of possession.

    Freddy doesn’t play in Monaco’s 1-0 @ Nancy.

    Xerez, without Jozy, comes back to win 3-2 @ Las Palmas with late goals from Antonito (89th) and Brian Sarmiento (93rd). They remain firmly in first place.

  2. Great day for Arsenal. Now we need a tie between Villa-Liverpool and it will be a perfect weekend. Second place is within reach with some luck.

  3. Xerex losing 2-1 in the 63rd minute. Hopefully the losses keep piling up so Jozi can get on the pitch….

  4. Boca playing for Rennes, 0-0 at half.

    Freddy on bench for Monaco, also scoreless at half. Monaco outshot by Nancy 16-3, with none of those three shots on goal. Yes, Ricardo is a moron.

  5. I had to check the score board at Socccernet because I thought the Fulman reports on this thread were a bizarre, well coordinated practical joke…unbelievable

  6. Let’s run this down because it looks like a lot of tick or potential tick:

    Howard, Spector, Dempsey, DeMerit, Whitbread, J. Johnson, Beasley

    Simek, Edu, Adu (in Progress)

    And we are only half way through Saturday…looking good so far. Hopefully someone poke on in.

  7. @ jackie,

    No, it was already reported yesterday he would not be dressing.

    Adu is on the bench for Monaco at least…

  8. I’m praying for a hat-trick by Torres tomorrow. I know it’s treason to root against a Yank but i really want Liverpool to win and Torres to get back to scoring.

  9. Fulham can cement the 7th place as theirs. Everton will have 6th for sure. West Ham and Wigan are their biggest competitioon but Zaki is underperforming lately and West Ham has been pushing a lot but not scoring so much.

    Come on AJ, Dempsey, score to give Fulham European ball next season.

  10. Dempsey has looked a bit tired the last few games. Perhaps food poisoning was a result of low defenses, who knows. But you’ve got to admire his grit. Scoring 2 against El Salvador should give him the fresh start to the last push of the season that he needs.


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