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Soccer Saturday: Your Running Commentary

AtleticoRealMadrid (AP)

Few things produce more passion than soccer games between clubs from the same city.

This will be on full display in stadiums from Madrid to Turin today and we, as soccer fans, will be able to enjoy all of it.

The Atletico-Real Madrid and Juventus-Torino matches are just two of the quality matches today. There is FA Cup action as well as games throughout Europe. In short, there is a ton of soccer to watch.

If you will be watching today's action, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action (Check out today's TV schedule after the jump).

Saturday's Soccer on TV

11:30am- GolTV- Hannover 96 at Bayern Munich

Noon- Setanta USA- Manchester United at Fulham (FA Cup )

Noon- Fox Sports Espanol- Atalanta at AC Milan

2pm- GolTV- Atletico Madrid at Real Madrid

2:30pm- FSC- Juventus at Torino

2:45pm- ESPN360- PSV Eindhoven vs. Twente Enschede

3pm- Setanta USA- Lyon at Lille

4pm- GolTV- Espanyol at Villarreal

5pm- FSC- Inter Milan at Genoa

5pm- Setanta USA- Tottenham at Sunderland

6pm- GolTV- Junior at Cali

6pm- Telefutura- UNAM Pumas at San Luis

6pm- Azteca America- Chivas at Jaguares

8pm- Fox Sports Espanol- Monterrey vs. Morelia

8pm- GolTV- Millonarios at Atletico Nacional

8pm- Telefutura- Tecos at Pachuca

8pm- Telemundo- Puebla at Tigres

10pm- Telemundo- Indios at Atlante



  1. Pachuca wins in 94 minute on header from El Chaco 3-2. Game was suppose to end at 93, so Tecos assaulted the ref. El Gringo Torres played well but whiffed on a bouncing ball 8 yards to goal. Good attacking football from Pachuca as usual.

    Strange to see Mexican media celebrating a win over a USL team. Great to see USL move up in quality.

  2. Torres:

    I’d hardly call Altidore ‘confirmed’ at this point. If he doesn’t get playing time at the club level, Bradley would not dare play him in important international competition. He has already held him out of qualifiers for that very reason, games he needs to play to get used to the system and other players for the senior team.

    I also think you’re underestimating the love Bradley has for Ching. I fully expect Ching to be given at least one start in the World Cup, and I’d be hard-pressed to say he wouldn’t have earned it.

  3. EJ has been shite all season. I won’t deny it. I wished better from him. He’s gone from a few matches of brillance back in October/November to straight crap and then riding the bench. Now he’s back and incredible. More goals and more assists will only help push him and his confidence. He’s a standby striker at best for the World Cup but if more solid play, he can help out in qualifying.

    He’s an American so i want him to succeed and to prove doubters wrong. Go EJ, Go.

  4. Our only confirmed strikers are Donovan and Altidore. Donovan is heading back to Galaxy but by this summer should be somewhere in Spain or England playing for a mid-table club.

    Altidore will get more chances for Villarreal but will have to sit on the bench. His experience and knowledge of the game will come.

    Cooper and Davies need some work. Cooper will probably be heading to Germany or England this summer. Davies can be effective as a super-sub and will be moving to France/Germany or the NL this summer.

    If we need a 5th striker for the WC it will either be EJ (if only in form) or Ching (his positioning is key).

  5. Why must we have a Gold Cup every 2 years? Should be more focus into making it every few years and expanding the PR behind it. How about changing the next for 2013. Make it more exciting and dramatic. Play in 09 and than have the media pimp the hell out of it and say around 2013 have everyone in CONCACAF excited and supporting it.

    I’m just tired of us playing it every 2 or 3years. It should be every 4 years like CopaAmerica and the Euro’s.

  6. EJ can run rings around any team in CONCACAF. Hopefully if he can score some more, he’ll have his confidence back up and could be called in for the Gold Cup this summer. I mean really who will be heading there since our A squad is going to Confederations Cup? Most likely Ching, Cooper, Twellman. EJ would be more effective than Twellman that’s for sure.

  7. Hahahah Cardiff loves EJ. Those Welsh are hilarious. But brillant for him. I’m pegging him to start next week and score again. He has the monkey off his back.

    I doubt Fulham will bring him back. Zamora is shite though. 2goals in 26appearances. AJ has 6goals in 23appearances. Kamara was only half decent last season. Basically Fulham has little firepower but Hodgson won’t be bring EJ back. Hopefully he won’t be loaned to Malmo in Sweden, but helps Cardiff to promotion.

  8. Understood,

    Dude……that was way way WAY not cool. EJ didn’t deserve that.

    Special Olympics didn’t deserve that.

    In NO way did that make ANY sense.

  9. and the picture of him after he scored does make him look like a bit of a spaz

    Damnit “Understood”, I may owe you an apology… but not yet though

  10. Understood: I don’t think you’re entirely right about that.

    There are certainly some people who are being overly excited about his scoring with humorous intent, but I think the majority of them are genuinely happy for him and happy that he is finally getting extended minutes to get his feet under him and use his abilities.

    If there is one thing we know about Eddie it is that he can score and score in bunches. I think many were very quick to write him off after he failed to break out at Fulham and took so long to score for Cardiff. It takes some players longer to adapt to the different playing style in England, and that is even coming from better leagues than MLS.

    But, we can always hope that this goal was the “tip” of the mountain and that the snowball is rolling downhill.

    GAM FTW!

  11. understood,
    I get what your trying to saying, but nobody looks at the special olympics participants as lovable losers… Your thinking of the Cubs.

    And they are not patting EJ on the head and dismissing him; they are applauding him b/c he busts his ass for them, and finally the work is paying of for him and Cardiff


  12. understood,

    “they think of him as the lovable loser…theyre rooting for him in the same way youd root for the competitors at the special olympics”?

    I generally loathe personal attacks when chatting about soccer, but I am going to break my own rule.

    You, my friend, are a deplorable human being.

  13. for everybody pointing to the cardiff’s fans appreciation of eddie…you guys DO realize that they think of him as the lovable loser…theyre rooting for him in the same way youd root for the competitors at the special olympics

  14. Reflects the sub-par state of our striker pool that folks are talking about USMNT call ups and/or playing for fulham again when one of our strikers scores his first goal in something like a year. That said, I’m happy/relieved for EJ and hopefull that he’s on the road to harnessing his great athletic abilities.

  15. Good for EJ. I hope this good form continues for him and maybe Cardiff will win promotion.

    Wishing I hadn’t drank as much last night…

  16. Louis,

    I normally go to and check sports category. Normally on saturday mornings, there are soccer matches galore. When you get in to the stream, its either immediately streaming, or someone in the chatroom has typed a link to the actual stream. There just happened to be a few different streams on Setanta, Itv and one other channel.

  17. The best part about EJ scoring is that it comes right when Bobby Zamora hasn’t been doing well. If all goes well for the rest of the season for Eddie, then Fulham may take him back after the loan is finished.

  18. Well, it’s happened again, another thread in which “ManicMessiah” has taken over, lol.

    But I’m glad for EJ. I hope he keeps it up. For his sake definitely, and maybe for the USMNT’s sake.

  19. Haha, seems the Cardiff fans have taken a liking to Eddie, didn’t know one man had so much influence!

    Good for Eddie, hopefully more to come

    Atletico – Real Madrid in 5 minutes..

  20. jesus…celtic couldn’t save just 1 of their 7 goals last week for today’s scottish cup quarter final? practically handed the trophy to the huns, now.

  21. 50th minute- Rooney takes a wonderful shot from just beyond the top of the penalty area, bouncing once before landing in the bottom right corner of the net, beyond a diving Schwarzer!

    Brilliant attempt, 3-0 Man U.

  22. Donovan almost had a very nice goal in is last game with Bayern – beautifully struck ball with a fabulous save by the Hannover keeper. It was a short but good overall performance for LD.

  23. 45th minute- a good spell of posession for Man U ends with a Carrick through ball to a streaking O’Shea on the right, whose near post shot was saved easily by Schwarzer.

  24. Zamora is trying but he’s really not done well. Dempsey should be up top next to Johnson in my opinion. Can create for himself and other, great work rate so far.

  25. 41st minute- Zamora ran onto a ball in on goal from an acute angle on the left, but took a bit too much time with it and allowed Van Der Saar to come out and grab the ball.

  26. 39th minute- A poor bit of defending nearly by Ferdinand let Johnson in on the Man U goal, but Ferdinand recovered and managed to get in front of him, eventually leading to a Fulham corner which came to nothing.

  27. Goal Man U!

    Tevez with a brilliant long range shot that ends up in the upper right corner! He had all kinds of space to take that shot.

    2-0 Man U.


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