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Some bad karma for Bayern Munich

KloseInjured (Reuters) 

Were you one of those American soccer fans who cursed Bayern Munich for not giving Landon Donovan more of a chance to prove himself? Did you find yourself wishing bad things on the Bavarians after they sent Donovan back to Los Angeles without even seriously considering making an offer to keep him?

Apparently, your wishes came true (not that we condone schadenfreude).

Bayern Munich is in a world of hurt after German striker Miroslav Klose went down with what some fear is a broken ankle on Saturday. The injury could keep him out for the rest of the season. Couple that with Luca Toni's continued injury issues and Lukasz Podolski's continued erratic form, and suddenly Juergen Klinsmann's team is in desperate need of a forward.

Yes, I know, the Galaxy might not have even considered a deal for Donovan, what with David Beckham staying at Milan, but it would have been interesting to see things play out if Klose's injury had come a month ago.

What do you think of this development? Do you see Bayern Munich having any chance in Champions League now? Think Bayern just might fail to qualify for next year's Champions League? Or do you believe Klinsmann can work some magic and lead Bayern Munich to a Bundesliga title?

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  1. BAYERN is out. Not Klinsman’s fault because he did everything he could to bring in a solid 4th striker into the team. The owner’s undermined his good coaching instinct disallowing a Donovan maneuver, and now here we are. Of course, Klinsman will get the blame. I do not believe Bayern will be even near the top without a solid strike force, and who can blame them. It is a shame for Klinsman though, who could possibly lose his job after this, but the blame falls firmly onto the owner’s shoulders. BLA BLA BLA
    good for Donovan, bad for bayern, and bad for klinsy by association and undermination…sucks. I respect him….obviously he was a visionary who got effed over by soccer team owners who pretended to be smarter than the owners…

  2. I don’t think Landon sucked it up in Bayern. But I don’t think he was spectacular either. I just think it was going to be hard to get into a great team like Bayern. Kizz, mentioned that he was horrible and brought the team down. I don’t even think that was the case. Landon isn’t a forward or a midfielder. That is the same problem most of American players are having. Gone are the days of knowing full well what position out players are. Donovan can’t fully be a superstar until he knows what he is.

  3. Like we say in the States

    “BREAK A LEG” !!!!!

    I’m so glad, those Jerry’s deserve it. THey never considered Donovan and used him and disrespected him. HAHAHAHAHAHAAH

  4. As a Bayern supporter, things are not looking up. Trailing by 4 in league, getting a much better opponent then Sporting for the next round of Champions, and now forced to start one kid that won’t be there next year and either an unproved midfielder turn forward or a teenage by the name of Thomas. Here’s hoping for the best.

  5. Ives – You need a LD embargo similar to what you did with David Beckham. Everytime you post something we get the LD sucks or LD got screwed freaks coming out the woodwork. Well whatever the truth might be it is done and dusted. LD is in LA and hopefully Europe later in the year. Maybe that the next LD specific post you should do is when he wins MVP in MLS or he moves to Europe. I really don’t care either way but man it hurts my head to read all the crap our blogmates keep throwing out on this subject.

  6. I don’t think Convey is done quite yet, he is young enough to turn it around… Paco Torres can play on the left and in central midfield so he has options. I think it would be good to see him in the middle to see if he would be a better fit there distributing the ball, but we will see… Good stuff man, thanks…

  7. Jager is deffinitely one of Erikson’s faves along with Julio Cesar Dominguez from Cruz Azul and Leandro Augusto from Pumas.

    Rogers seems to lack a bit of confidence when wearing the national team shirt but with time that should pass and he should be able to show his true quality.

    It’ll be interesting to see how Bradley manages his squad this summer with two important tournaments coming up.

    IMO, Convey is done on the national team, I think his knee injuries are catching up to him and with guys like Rogers and Torres waiting for their chance, I see it hard for Convey to be called up again unless he shows good form during the MLS season.

  8. Christian:

    Yeah you are right about Gio or Vela being the only guys that can replace Guardado. The only correlation between Guardado and Jager is that they play on the left. I am with you, I don’t see him as a replacement at all, but based on what I have seen of him he plays well on the left. I guess I was trying to see if he is a player that needs to be on the field. I didn’t think he looked bad against the USA or Bolivia (I know that this game isn’t necessarily the best to rate a player),but it seems like Erikson likes the guy. Yeah Chema Cardenas and Morales are also good players, but like I was just thinking Jager hasn’t done a bad job when given the opportunity.

    Robbie Rogers is coming along, but he hasn’t necessarily impressed with the time he has gotten at the national team. He might have disappointed a just because people might have had more expectations for him and he really needs the time to get the experience. If it all goes well I hope he can get that valuable time at Gold Cup. It would be nice to see Convey throw himself back in the mix because before all his injuries he was a complete strong player on the left.

  9. bubba:

    To be honest, the only player that can replace Guardado is Giovani or Vela.

    There are a couple guys in the local league (other than Jager) that I think would be better suited to replace Guardado, like Zurdo Morales from Pumas UNAM or even Chema Cardenas (Jose Francisco Torres’ teammate at Pachuca) who actually debuted against Bolivia and scored the last goal.

    Jager was the player that replaced Nery Castillo last month and failed to mark Donovan when he assisted Bradley for the first goal.

    Good player, lots of heart and dedication but against good teams like the US he goes missing.

    Just to compare, who do you think can replace Beasley on the wing for the US? Robbie Rogers looks great in the league (like Jager) but hasn’t really shown that same form on the national team.

  10. Small talk aside, I got a quick question for you Christian. Jager Martinez has put in a strong campaign at left midfield, he off course won’t beat out Guardado, but you see him on the field or as a mere backup? I have been kicking that around the last couple of weeks…

  11. I could care less if Ives writes an article on Dempsey diving last month, it’s just funny to see how people apply double standards around here.

    I will continue to visit this site because it’s still one of go-to places for info on American soccer, regardless of my nationality.

    It’s fun to see how Ives opinion sways the masses of naive soccer fans who only follow the teams their players play for and if they don’t play, we get 80+ comments about how the Xerez manager is racist and ridiculous conspiracy theories.

    It’s like a car crash, can’t help but look.

    If my comments annoy you, you can simply ignore them.

  12. I don’t think Bayern can win without Klose. Yes Ribery is magic, but he needs an outlet and Klose is pure class. Bayern sinks from here on out.

    Question Ives. Since L.D. is on the Bayern roster for the rest of the year and the Champions league, seems the market price might have just ticked up…

  13. I like Landon right here in the MLS. Hey guys, lets start finding a little pride on our little futbal league. We’ve been able to attract a lot of new players who will improve the performance on most of the teams in MLS. I for one am glad to keep LD on the Galaxy, see some balanced improvement, and soon surpass the Bundesleague as in talent!

  14. Podolski is on great form? Outside of scoring some meaningless goals in the final leg of CL tie that was already decided? Outside of that game he has been poor…

    I hope Xerez gets some of this coming there way…

  15. Christian are you still waiting for Ives to write the article about Clint Dempsey’s diving after the Mexico game??? You are ridiculous, but in case you missed it open your eyes a bit. Look what it says at the top of every page on this web site below “Soccer By Ives”, what does it say? Let me help you, it says “The World of Soccer with an American Voice.” The next time you look for the next thing to get on here and complain about don’t forget to look at the top of the page.

    In relation to the article… I couldn’t help but think about Landon Donovan when I read the article on Klose on ESPN this morning. It is just crazy the turn of events that as much as you try and prepare and have depth, sometimes you are left with such limited at the position towards the end of the season. Don’t worry Ives many of us understood what you actually meant with the caption. We don’t wish evil on other teams it is just looking at the turn of events for Bayern Munich you can’t help but wonder.

  16. Christian, if you don’t like the site then get the hell out. All you are is a Mexican national team fanboy who comes on here and trolls about USA stuff and talks trash. Why do you even bother coming here? Isn’t there a Mexican site you can go annoy people on?

  17. The bad karma came from destroying Sporting 12-1 over two games in the CL, bringing in Lando on loan for a spot that was never there, not so much.

  18. and how does letting Landon go back to MLS got anything to do with bad karma. He should be thanking his lucky stars that a team like Bayern let him train with them nevermind play in actual games…MLS is weak anyhow..he belongs there

  19. Thomas Muller is a better option than Landon D. How can people even think that Landon could have any impact on Bayerns Champions League success? get serious

  20. “Maybe if LA had made a reasonable offer. $10 million is not a reasonable offer.”

    MLS pays Bayern $10 million to take Donovan? Sounds fair to me.

    Sorry John, I knew what you meant. I just couldn’t resist. Perhaps I’m suffering from a slight case of schandefreude. Other posters will assure you that Karmas will take a bite out of my ass for making said comment. ; – )

  21. I think LD is great but I don’t get the “…he was never given a chance to start at BM…” comments. If he had earned a starting role, he would have started. Simple as that. No coach is going to sit a player at that level that makes his team better.

  22. Whoever said Bayern would make the CL final is very misguided… Their defense is, and has been, atrocious.

    I’m definitely laughing at this. Lando Commando could have been had for a relatively small fee. He was scoring for fun in the winter tune-ups and didn’t get a single start to prove himself afterward. His best chance was against Hertha and that only happened because Toni left with an injury. Unfortunately, by that time Munich were already down and were packing it in.

    Without Klose, an on-form Poldi, and a consistently healthy Luca Toni, Bayern are the 3rd best team in the Bundesliga. They had a need for forwards even with a healthy Klose AND Toni.

  23. if anything people should have thanked Bayern for letting LD play there on the MLS loan.. not many teams are going to take a flier on a loan that only lasts 1/4 of a season..

  24. This blog is really starting to look more like a USMNT fanboy club as opposed to what it used to be. A place where one could get up to date news on MLS and other interesting soccer news.

    I’m starting to understand why so many on the American online soccer community bring up ridiculous conspiracy theories regarding players who aren’t ready to play in Europe.

    Let me ask you this Ives, how is it “bad karma” on Bayern’s part that Klose is injured and they let Donovan go?

    I’d expect those sorts of claims from a fan, not from a journalist.

    I guess it’s all about racking up hits for the site.

  25. @ BCC, did you ever watch Bayern or was it not when Donovan showed up you became a fan of the team and paid for GOLTV? What do you know about Bayern?
    Altintop has and will always be WAY better than Donovan. Hitfeld got him from Schalke 04 for a reason, free transfer or not. Did you watch Bayern play last season? Altintop garbage really? LOL, LMAO, rotfl, that was comedic.
    Donovan’s offers will come from League one and Championship teams, not mid table EPL or LA Liga clubs; too small and bigger defenders will knock him off the ball like we saw during his Bayern spell. He might as well stay in MLS, no one across the pond is impressed, cos if they were why didn’t teams go after him instead of Klinsmann who he has a relationship with? If he is so good some team would have knocked down doors to sign him. Last time I checked Fulham still went after Eddie Johnson midseason last year.

  26. Kizz — Altintop is garbage and Podolski is gone. Funny that they have to play a guy who is not committed to the team. They will continue to slide down the table as Klose is the only consistent striker they had.

    Donovan might get some nice offers from smaller teams this summer. Would still like to see him play in La Liga at some point. Dempsey, too.

  27. LOL @ this blog entry and all the so called karma talk at Bayern. This is not an MLS club that has no replacement. Obviously most of you started watching Munich when Donovan went there. Why make an offer to a player who didn’t do anything after mid season friendlies? Podolski starts up top and Klinsmann plays either Hamit Altintop or Franck Ribery behind him. Ottmar Hitzfeld had played Altintop and Ribery in different positions in the past, so that allows Jose Sosa, Bastian Schweinsteiger on the wings. Then you also have Ze Roberto, Tim Borowski and Mark Van Bommel in the middle of the pack. Though Toni and Klose are out, they will be fine. Bayern is the best team in Bundesliga and have won 7 of last 9 league titles.

  28. I don’t see the big deal. The entire world now knows Donovan can hack it in Europe, and you can’t blame a team who (at the time) was completely stacked with strikers for not signing another striker.

    I can’t think of a single scenario where I blame Bayern for this; if anything Donovan has them to thank for giving him a global audition for European soccer.

  29. Why do people have such a hard time wrapping their minds around the fact that Donovan *did* get significant chances to impress, and failed to do so? There seems to be this misconception that he only got garbage time at the butt-end of matches. That’s factually not true. That’s what happened in a couple of matches, yes. In another, he traded halves with Podolski; and in another, he got 65 minutes. In league play, he *never* impressed.

    If Klose’s injury had come a month ago, maybe BM would have made a move for Donovan, given that Donovan hadn’t yet shown his ineffectiveness so clearly there; but they’d have been even better off if they tried to make a deal for someone else.

    This is not a slam on Donovan; he’s certainly beaten up on my MLS team too many times for me to suggest he’s a bad player. But the fact is, he had the chance to impress in Munich and failed to do so. People can debate the reason for that, but not that that’s what happened.

  30. Now I’m interested in whether Klinsmann survives at BM beyond the end of the season. Since the beginning of the loan, there has been a public but mostly civil debate between Klinsmann and the executives (Rummenigge and especially Hoeness), with Beckenbauer occasionally adding fuel to the fire.

    Look back at Hoeness’s comments about Donovan: that with three strikers established already, and with Podolski’s replacement (Olic) already set to arrive in Fall, they want a very young striker with a big upside. That statement either (a) indicates the incorrect assumption that their existing strikers would be healthy for the rest of the season, or (b) indicates that he has a longer time horizon than just this season.

    Donovan would have provided insurance, both at forward and as a right midfielder (where Altintop has looked pretty poor recently). As a coach who has already been undercut, Klinsmann probably really wanted that insurance. Now if the team gets bounced from Champion’s League and doesn’t win the Bundesliga, who do you blame?

  31. Last time I checked bayern won the game 3-0 and bayern posted better result everytime Landon did not play, not to mention that they have bastian, ribery, and altintop available, I don’t think you’ll find any bayern fans wishing they still had Landon

  32. Mercurious, not sure that we disagree. I didn’t say LA wouldn’t have listened, I said they might not have listened and considering they just lost Beckham for the first half of the season I think it would have been difficult for LA to justify letting Donovan leave too. It would have taken $10 million to get LA to consider a Donovan deal. Now we’ll never know if Bayern would have ponied up that much for him given Klose’s injury. It might have been a gamble worth taking considering what they stand to lose (missing out on the Champions League would be devastating financially).

    And I would agree that you always consider a GOOD transfer offer. Some transfer offers aren’t even worth considering.

  33. I hate to disagree with Ives, but when you are a MLS club you always consider a transfer offer. And we know that is especially true for LA, since making money seems at least equally important as winning on the field. If Bayern could have made an offer large enough to interest LA, or even if they had any spare cash and salary room available to bring in Donovan is another issue, and I suspect that they wouldn’t have been able or willing to meet LA’s price.

    I feel bad for Landon now also. He wasn’t really ever given a chance to win a permanent move to Bayern, but the “What if” game starts now. If Bayern somehow had bought Landon, and he helps them win a title in Germany, or wins a Champions League tie for them, that really puts Landon, MLS, and US Soccer on the map globally.

  34. Big trouble for Bayern. You win with players and no matter how great Klinsmann is it will be very tough for Bayern to get to the Champions League.


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