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Special 1 TV: Jose and the Imposter


In the wake of Inter Milan's loss to Manchester United in the UEFA Champions League you just knew this week's edition of Special 1 TV would give us something to laugh at.

You won't be disappointed.

The Special 1 himself doesn't make an appearance this week, but he certainly contributes to the episode as Sven and The Boy try to pick up the slack.



  1. i think this episode shows us two things
    a) the dude is a great voice talent. to pull of an impersonation is one thing, to pull off an impersonation of an impersonation is a different class altogether. his bit about jose talking like wenger was pure talent
    b) he needs a writer. his jokes are starting to get a little bit stale

  2. I wondered how Jose was going to do this show. Great idea, well executed, totally punking Sven from the phone lines.

  3. did I misread, or wasn’t Jose involved in hitting a fan after the match? Thought for sure that would be the center of this next episode.

  4. That episode wasn’t the funniest, but damn–Mario Rosenstock is talented. He voices all the characters. Not only does he do a great Jose, Arsene, Alex, and Rafa, but he’s able to do a convincing version of Jose doing Arsene, doing Alex, and doing Rafa. That is some real voice acting talent.

  5. Not one of their better episodes, but it wasn’t terrible.

    Jamie is right – they can’t all be the “Battle for Berba”

  6. yeah that episode was like watching the UEFA cup or masturbation.

    Sure it is fun but you don’t want to admit to anyone about doing it.

  7. I’m actually disappointed with this episode. I suppose they can’t all be “The Battle For Berba.”

    I still liked Ronaldo/Scholes bit.


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